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BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen – A Burst Of Sunshine In Central Fethiye

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We say ‘burst of sunshine’ because BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen sits on 96 Sokak right in the centre of Fethiye.

In 2020, in a bid to smarten things up a little and attract more shoppers to the street, the belediye (local council) brought 96 Sokak right into the 2020s with colour scheme to match.

The black and grey look. And it does look smart; there’s no denying.

BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen, Fethiye

But, give me bright, happy colours any day. They lift the spirits.

So, also in 2020, BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen was born. It sits on the very smart 96 Sokak and it looks like this.

BüyükEv Pub And Kitchen, Fethiye
BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen brightens up a town centre street

It’s yellow! Bright, unapologetic, sunny, vibrant yellow! We love it!

BüyükEv Pub And Kitchen also has a bright, sunny atmosphere, too.

It’s new and young. The owners are young and the team of staff is young. It’s a place full of energy.

Büyük Ev Pub And Kitchen
Here’s a bit more yellow for you

The English translation of ‘büyük ev’ is ‘big house’ or ‘big home.’

As you can see in the photo above, BüyükEv Pub and Kitchen does indeed look like a big house.

And, as for the ‘home’ bit, well it’s definitely a place where you feel comfortable and it’s already a local for a few of the people of Fethiye.

We’re certainly no strangers to a drink or two and a snack, there.

Outside, just to the right of the steps in the photo is a good-sized grassy area.

During the summer evenings, big floor cushions are scattered (they’re yellow, of course) across the grass for people to sit on and while away the time.

It’s not all about lounging around, though. Table tennis is a pastime here, too.

Büyük Ev Pub And Kitchen Seating
Covered outdoor seating at BüyükEv

To the opposite side of the grassy space is our little area of choice. Still sat outdoors but undercover, too.

As well as the seaside cafes and restaurants, Fethiye is full of great bars now that all have their own individual feel to them.

As soon as we walked in BüyükEv for the first time, we both said, “Eskişehir.”

Eskişehir is a student city and you can take your pick of pubs and cafes along the lively Vural Sokak. Travelers Cafe, along the Porsuk River was also a place where we felt comfortable.

They all feel more like pubs than bars.

And they all have a customer base that is predominantly made up of young university students with a sprinkling of Eskişehir locals too.

Büyük Ev Pub And Kitchen Inside
BüyükEv has a flavour of Eskişehir

And that’s the feel with BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen. The interior – also bright yellow – has a central bar area, packed with liquid stock.

Tables and chairs line the large windows.

Büyük Ev, Fethiye
A cosy seating area at BüyükEv

And we love this cosy seating area at the back of the pub.

Maybe that Eskişehir pub feeling is no accident. Two of the partners in the business know the city well: one is from Eskişehir and the other went to university there.

They started out their Fethiye career at El Camino and then went on to open Minimal (also with a burst of yellow).

With all of that in mind, we just have to have the feeling that BüyükEv is going to be around on the Fethiye eating and drinking scene for some time to come.

Did we just say ‘eating and drinking?’ Of course, we’ve sampled some of the wide range of beverages and we’ve also eaten, too.

BüyükEv Drinks
Tipple of choice for Barry

There’s a good-sized drinks menu that has a list of local Gara Guzu beer and ale varieties as well as the regular beers.

And there’s also the Bavarian cloudy wheat beer, Weihenstephaner, on draught. This is Barry’s tipple of choice when we’re at BüyükEv.

You do get the full 50cl – it’s just that Barry’s always thirsty so catching a photo of a full drink is tricky!

The food menu is more about quality pub food – burgers, salads, pasta dishes, menemen, ‘beer plate’ (of course) and a few other extras, too.

Don’t go in to BüyükEv expecting a full restaurant menu. It’s a compact listing but choices are tempting.

And, if you like to see what’s going on in a kitchen when you’re eating out, you’ll be pleased to know it’s an open kitchen at BüyükEv.

BüyükEv Burger, Fethiye
The BüyükEv burger is a joy not to be missed

When we browsed the burger options on the menu, we both plumped for the ‘house special.’ The BüyükEv burger.

A homemade burger, cheese, mushrooms, caramelised red onion, topped with pastırma and all brought together in a red hot toasted bun.

Paprika and herb seasoned fries, a tomato relish and a mint honey mustard dip.

That burger! After we’d finished a Turkish friend came in and came over to chat to us. He’d come in to order the very same burger.

Have you tried one, he asked us. Just finished, said we. Best burger in Fethiye?

We all mused. It’s difficult to get a bad burger in Fethiye, these days.

And everyone looks for something different in their perfect burger criteria. But that BüyükEv burger – it’s up there, it’s up there…

BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen – Useful Info

  • BüyükEv Pub & Kitchen is on the pedestrianised 96 Sokak in the Paspatur Çarşısı area of Fethiye.
  • The pub and kitchen are open daily til late.
  • They’re not very active on social media but you can follow them on Instagram.
  • You can find BüyükEv and other bars and eateries in the ‘Çarşı Caddesi’ section of our Fethiye eating and drinking guide.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.