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Can Çekti, Fethiye – Flavours From Gaziantep

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Can Çekti is the subject of this review. A small – but packed with flavours – eatery nestled in a tight row of other unassuming foodie places.

Antep’ten Gelen Lezzetler,’ is their tagline. ‘Flavours From (Gazi)antep.’

But we’re not in Gaziantep. We’re in Fethiye.

Shop Frontage Of Can Çekti Kebab
Can Çekti is part of a row of eateries on Yerguzlar Caddesi

And we’re on the street that is becoming a bit of a known address for serving its local neighbourhood well – Yerguzlar Caddesi.

The Çalış Sunday Market sets up on the squares parallel to Yerguzlar Caddesi so this is area is particularly busy on that day.

Can Çekti – Yerguzlar Caddesi

And recently, before our weekly food shopping trip at the market, we’ve been filling up and fuelling ourselves at Can Çekti.

Eateries that specialise in regional foods – especially the famous kebabs and dishes of the southeast of the country – are a bit of a fashion in Fethiye, these days.

The gastronomy of both Gaziantep and Hatay Provinces are recognised by UNESCO Creative Cities Network. And, since the horrendous earthquakes of February 2023, this recognition is all the more important.

So for us, at the moment, it’s little places like this that keep these areas in the forefront of our minds.

Tasty Dishes

But, obviously, the food being served up has got to be decent!

Whilst we’ve (very sadly) never been to Gaziantep or Hatay, a fussy-eater Turkish friend has told us that the offerings at Can Çekti are indeed decent and authentic.

With any regional dishes produced outside of that area, a completely different geography and climate will mean some of the ingredients – including meat – will not taste quite the same.

We’d already said we’ve loved what we’ve eaten at Can Çekti – whether or not what we had eaten compared well to what is loved in Gaziantep was another matter.

But we’re happy with our friend’s confirmation, for now.

So, what of these Gaziantep foods that we love to enjoy along the main road of Yerguzlar Caddesi?

Course 2 – Lahmacun

First of all, the Gaziantep lahmacun.

How much Turkish lahmacun have we eaten over the years? Far more than we care to remember.

Two Pieces Of Gaziantep Lahmacun
Thin, crispy and packed with flavour

However, reviews for Can Çekti have raved over their lahmacun. So we had to give it a try. And we’ve been trying it since!

Lightly spiced meat topping, packed with flavour – and juicy, too.

An uber-thin dough base that is crispy, yet not too crisp that you can’t roll your lahmacun to eat it with your hands.

Rocket Leaves On Lahmacun
Add some fresh salad leaves and a squeeze of lemon before rolling

It’s served on a sheet of paper. A leafy salad on the table with fresh lemon wedges is there to accompany it.

A few crisp leaves, a squeeze of lemon. Roll the lahmacun and you’re good to go!

This has been washed down with a lovely ice cold carton of ayran yoghurt drink and has been the second course of our little outings to Can Çekti.

Course 1 – Beyran Çorbası

First course has been the famous Gaziantep beyran çorbası.

Can Çekti Beyran Çorbası
Straight from the hob – beyran çorbası

Until a few years ago, we’d only ever read about beyran çorbası – a soup made from the meat of lamb neck, lamb fat, stock and rice.

Famous in Gaziantep, it’s apparently eaten for breakfast.

Well, it’s more of a tasty lunch for us.

When your order it, you’ll be asked if you want it acılı (hot – of the spicy variety). Yes, we do!

Strips of pide bread, salad leaves and lemon wedges are brought to your table.

And then, a few minutes later, the waiter will very carefully head towards your table, carrying a steaming hot metal bowl of beyran soup.

Do NOT touch the bowl – unless you want to burn your fingers, that is. Your soup has been heated over the hob in this metal bowl.

Whilst your soup is still super hot, you can dip your strips of pide bread in to enjoy some of the flavours until it cools down a little.

I love to swirl my bread around, mixing in the zesty sumac that’s sprinkled over the top and bringing small chunks of lamb meat and rice to the surface.

And then, once your soup gets to eating temperature, it’s time to delve in with the spoon.

Beyan Soup At Can Çekti
Swirl your soup and scoop out the tasty lamb

It’s a real bowl of comfort. And it’s so easy to imagine how much Gaziantepli people must miss it when they’re away from home.

Other Offerings At Can Çekti

Can Çekti serve up other Gaziantep-style dishes such as Antep Tava and Antep-style kebabs. Pide is also on the menu, along with Adana Kebab and other types of lahmacun and soups.

Put simply, Can Çekti is a small roadside cafe with just a few tables.

It’s reasonably priced and a great place to just drop into for a lunch whilst you’re doing your shopping or other errands along that stretch.

It’s got competition. There are a few places we love to drop into for a snack or a meal along that road.

But, it’s doing its own thing of Gaziantep-style meaty treats. And it’s doing it well.

Long may they stick around!

Can Çekti – Useful Information

  • Can Çekti is along Yerguzlar Caddesi between Fethiye centre and Çalış. They’re just across the road from Gustorante (see map below).
  • It is open year round, daily, til late.
  • The salon is neighboured by a baklava and künefe cafe on one side (great for dessert) and a fishmonger on the other.
  • You can also eat at the fish place and this is the place where we buy our smoked fish for smoked trout pate.
  • Can Çekti is a small cafe serving quality food – alcohol is not served here.
  • They also have a delivery service.
  • Visit our page for other places where we like to eat and drink around Fethiye.

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Sandra Layton

Saturday 22nd of April 2023

Thank you for telling us about this place, we stay very near Gunlukbasi just after the wedding circle. Have been staying around there for many years, as we prefer it to the front! Our Turkish friends took us to Pasha Kebab last year and introduced us to the Lahmacun, which we loved. So this year when we get there will be trying out Can Cekti as the food looks lovely. Great read with plenty of information about the food they serve. Thank you very much.

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Hi Sandra, thanks a lot for your comment. Hope you enjoy Can Çekti when you go there. :)


Tuesday 18th of April 2023

Thank you so much for posting this! We love Turkey and real Turkish food, I am an avid follower of your blog and the recipes you post. We are hoping to come to the Fethiye area (not been for several years sadly) this year or next and I will certainly look this place up! Whilst there are many eateries in the area we really want the real taste of Turkey and it can be harder to find amongst the more touristic places (nothing wrong with them but not so much what we want!) Hopefully my sadly basic Turkish will be improved by this point also!

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 19th of April 2023

Hi Sarah, thanks a lot for your comment. :) Thankfully, there are lots of places in Fethiye where you can enjoy really good Turkish food. Can Çekti, being just one of them. It might not be a big restaurant but that doesn't take away frıom the quality of the food. Hope you manage to get to Fethiye soon. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.