Bodrum To Datça By Ferry – Slow Travelling Aegean-Style

If you read this blog a lot, you'll know most of our travels around Turkey are done via public transport of the non-flying variety. Getting around is so easy. We've used Muğla mini buses, smaller buses to Antalya, the intercity bus from Fethiye to Istanbul and other cities. We've used the high speed … [Read more...]

Driving Southwest Turkey: A 5 Day, 4 Night Road Trip

It all got kick started with a wedding invite. We'd been talking through summer about maybe taking off for a few days at the beginning of October - some vague plans of hiring a car, taking in some archaeological sites and having a wander; a bit like our East Turkey road trip. An invite to a wedding … [Read more...]

Eminönü To Kadıköy – Europe to Asia On An Istanbul Ferry

Over the years, most of our posts about our various jaunts have covered our exploits around the European shores of Istanbul. But, Istanbul also has an Asian side - well you know it's that famous place in the world (we refuse to type out any of any of those clichés) where you can be on one continent, … [Read more...]

Antalya To Fethiye By Car – A D400 Coastal Road Trip

Antalya: to drive or not to drive; that is the question. Well, we're big fans of public transport in Turkey and Fethiye to Antalya by bus  (and vice versa) is a perfectly simple (and cheap) exercise. But when we went to Antalya in March we decided to take a hire car with us so we could drive back … [Read more...]

How To Get From Fethiye To Dalyan By Bus

For lots of visitors to the Fethiye area, Dalyan has always been that place where you go on an organised day trip from Fethiye. A transfer from Fethiye to Dalyan, before getting in a boat and sailing along the river to look at the Lycian ruins and going on to the sulphur mud baths before caking … [Read more...]

An East Turkey Road Trip – Are You Ready?

We're taking you on an East Turkey road trip from Patnos, Ağrı and back to Patnos again, over three days and two nights. It's around 500 miles in total with not a motorway in sight (nice!) and this is the trip we made in May 2013 with friends. So, the map below is the route we took.  You can zoom … [Read more...]

East Turkey Adventures On The Road – 10 Driving Tips For A Road Trip

"Have you brought your driving license?" "Yeah, why?" "Good. We're going on a road trip. You're driving." We'd just got off the bus from Erzurum, which was immediately preceded by 20 hours or so on the Doğu Express train from Ankara. Time delays meant we'd decided to stay with our friend for … [Read more...]

Ankara To Erzurum On The Doğu Express – The Train Journey In Photos

Rail travel in Turkey - it really should be top of everybody's agenda. This is our photographic journey of the Doğu Express (Doğu Ekspresi) overnight train from Turkey's capital, Ankara to the city of Kars. We were alighting in Erzurum. Let us set the scene... It's May 2013 and, so far on our … [Read more...]

Eskişehir To Ankara By Yüksek Hızlı Tren – Yeah, We’d Do That Again!

We're big advocates of Turkey's intercity buses and travel on them all the time - hopefully, we'll be on this Fethiye to Istanbul bus in November - but we've got to say, if there's a train on offer, we're there! We love us a bit of a train journey and we were excited when we found out we could … [Read more...]

Getting Around Turkey – Fethiye To Eskişehir By Intercity Bus

As you'll know if you read this blog a lot, we love to get around Turkey by intercity bus and, where possible, by train. Many of our friends prefer to make use of Turkey's budget airlines, particularly as these are increasing their flight network all the time, flying to more and more of Turkey's … [Read more...]