Shopping in Fethiye – Kipa Has Arrived!

We’ve only gone and done it! We’ve caved in to our own curiosity and just had to go to Kipa Fethiye to see what the excitement was all about. People reading this blog in other parts of Turkey such as Izmir and Istanbul will probably know all about Kipa but for those of you who are wondering what we’re going on about, Kipa is Tesco (the massive British supermarket chain) and they have finally seen fit to build a store in Fethiye.

For us, this is a bit like the Fethiye McDonald’s posts. Loads of people are really pleased that Kipa is finally in Fethiye. We’re not fans of supermarkets at all – this photo says so much – but let’s not go there in this post.

Fethiye Turkey supermarkets Kipa

Kipa supermarket, Fethiye

Okay, our first ever Kipa experience. It felt like walking round a British supermarket (well, it is Tesco under a pseudonym) and this was authenticated by a British couple having a good tetchy moment with each other at one of the checkouts. It sells a few different sauces that Brits are familiar with such as Lea n Perrins sauces and Bisto and the like. Some items are cheaper than the other supermarkets and some are more expensive.

Kipa is not in our immediate locality but a big plus for us is that in the winter months (we know we’re in the midst of summer), we’ll be able to stroll up there at the weekends for a bottle of wine. They are selling the really good quality Turkish wines and some Chilean wines for between 15 and 20 lira so that’s going to be a winter weekend treat.

The other thing that’s going to be a weekend treat – and this is one of the only things I’ve missed about Britain – I’m easy pleased – is they sell the cheap bunches of flowers from the buckets. I’ve now got a great bunch of flowers in a vase on the table and they cost a grand total of 1 lira, reduced from 3 lira. I’m a sucker for a bargain. At 1 lira, they’ll probably be dead tomorrow…but they were 1 lira. What can you do?

So our future Fethiye shopping habits may well change. We’re predicting :

  • Wine, flowers, Kipa tuna (it’s good and reasonably priced) from Kipa Fethiye.
  • General essential shopping such as washing powder, toothpaste and the like from Tansaş supermarket. Tansaş is closer to our house.
  • Bread – ALWAYS from the local bakery or the little markets nearby.
  • Fruit and veg – ALWAYS from Fethiye and Çalış markets.
  • Fresh meat – ALWAYS from the butchers.
  • Fresh fish – ALWAYS from Fethiye fish market or from the guys selling it on the harbour early in the mornings.

We’ve put ‘ALWAYS’ in capital letters because this is what we tell ourselves, constantly. It’s our ideal. We have been known to get the odd bit of fish or meat from the supermarket purely for convenience and for this reason, it’s good that supermarkets are around in Fethiye. Nothing will beat the markets and independent traders for us though…and hopefully a lot of other people feel the same way.

A 2013 Update:

  • The bunches of flowers and cheaper wines were short-lived and Kipa is…well, it’s a supermarket. We look for offers!
  • Fethiye now has two medium-sized Kipa stores (the new one is not far from Cafe Pazar, on the same street along with four – yes four – other supermarkets). Çalış market is also on this road (Yerguzlar Caddesi) and, happily, is still as busy as it always was.

For all of the latest updates from the area, keep an eye on our Fethiye news section.

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  1. Judith van Praag says

    Picked the post subject from the contents bar in the margin. Not expecting you were going to write about a Brit grocery store chain, I thought you’d show us some shops where skull caps are sold.

  2. I knew I recognised that word from somewhere Judith. I used to teach about Judaism as a primary teacher. I know the spelling is different but how odd Tesco should choose that name.

  3. The store chain was already named KİPA when Tesco bought it,. The name is probably an anacronym.

  4. Fiona Williams says

    We have seen the store from the bus but not visited yet. Do they sell Oxo cubes? If yes we will visit tomorrow.

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