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Erasta AVM – Fethiye’s Shopping Centre

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Turkey – particularly the bigger cities – has way more than its fair share of shopping centres (alışveriş merkezi – AVM). But, for those of us living in Fethiye, if we did want to go to a nearby shopping centre, it meant a trip to Antalya or Bodrum. All that changed in 2014 with the opening of Erasta, we had our very own shopping centre!

Fethiye Shopping Centre – Erasta AVM

We’ll hold our hands up and admit we’re not big fans of shopping centres – outdoors and high street shopping all the way for us – but they can be useful places. A roof on a rainy day; air conditioning on a hot summer’s day; a few different shops to wander.

So, whilst Erasta AVM Fethiye shopping centre is not a regular outing for us, we do appreciate its uses and advantages – when the time suits.

Erasta Shopping Centre, Fethiye
Fethiye’s shopping centre, Erasta

We are suckers for a fine piece of architecture – something that peaks the interest – and, whoever designed the look of the Erasta building, well, it gets our vote anyway.

It’s no blot on the Fethiye landscape as far as we’re concerned. It’s also on the dolmuş / bus route, it’s air conditioned and there are a few different shops to what’s on offer in the centre of Fethiye.

Erasta Fethiye
Erasta seating areas

The practicalities of this seating area – we have no idea, but we like this bit, too. And what about inside the shopping centre? Those are the bits we don’t usually like too much – packed with people, a world within a world. But, thankfully, Erasta AVM is a bit different.

This is Fethiye. Its population is not huge and, at least if you visit on a weekday in the morning you can have the place almost to yourself.

Erasta Interior Fethiye
It’s a bright and airy shopping centre

Despite there being two floors, it still feels low level – it doesn’t feel too high, narrow or claustrophobic because it’s a large open space in the centre with plants and water features.

Glass Ceiling

In fact, the glass ceiling gives the whole shopping area a bright, airy feel. Some shopping centres can feel overwhelming by their maze-like design or by the sheer number of shops. If you love these types of huge shopping centres, you might be a bit disappointed by Erasta in Fethiye. It’s enough for us, however.

When Erasta first opened, I commented on the shopping centre on my Facebook profile. That prompted friends to comment underneath and it’s those comments that influence this post in some way. Always good to take onboard other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Erasta AVM, Fethiye
Erasta AVM

Because we do prefer local markets and high street shopping. But we’ve not got kids – so it was nice to get an opinion from someone with a toddler. Someone who does her shopping with toddler in pram.

She loves Erasta because it’s so easy for her to get around the shops – smooth marbled floors, wide doorways. Yeah, we can see her point. And then a Turkish friend of ours who had just had twins posted a photo to Facebook. There she was in Erasta with double pram and a big grin on her face. Guess she likes it, too.

On Erasta’s first floor, up the escalators, there are more shops but it’s also where you go to eat and where you go to entertain yourself.

Erasta Shopping Centre, Fethiye
Lots to do at Erasta Shopping Centre

Picture the scene. You’ve come on holiday to Fethiye, wall to wall sunshine…and then the skies darken and the rain starts to pour. And Fethiye does do a good downpour if the mood so takes it.

Don’t Mind Doing It For The Kids

The kids are getting bored. What to do to keep everyone happy?

Well, Erasta is probably going to come into its own on those very days. Ten pin bowling is on offer by way of Bowlingo.

Erasta Play Area, Fethiye
Colourful entertainment at Erasta Shopping Centre

Bowlingo is full of bright colours, as you can see. And it’s not just bowling. There’s all sorts of little attractions for the real kids…and no doubt for the adults who are releasing their inner kid, too.

And then there’s the cinema. Another rainy day activity. Sometimes, English-language films are shown with Turkish subtitles, while others may be dubbed.

Erasta AVM, Fethiye
Erasta is set out over two floors

As for feeding and watering holes, well you’re probably not going to be surprised to learn there are famous international burger and chicken fast food places.

Fast Food

And it’s a food court with Turkish chains, too.

Tavuk Dünyası (Chicken World), a Turkish grill place, kebabs and köfte. All the seating is in the centre – so if there’s a few of you, you can all order from different places but still sit together.

If food courts are not your thing, downstairs, on the ground floor, there’s Kahve Dünyası and other famous coffee shop chains. There’s Turkish coffee on offer but also speciality coffees and types of frappe you might be more familiar with.

Erasta Shopping Centre, Fethiye
Enjoy a coffee or snack outdoors at Erasta shopping centre in Fethiye

They have a food menu, too and there’s often not a table to be had. Along this stretch, there’s also a simit place and another eatery / coffee place. You can sit outdoors by the water feature at these places.

But what if you just get fed up of the whole shopping centre thing and ‘chainstore eateries’?

There’s another little bonus for Turkish food lovers because Erasta is perfectly situated across the road from a row of traditional Turkish lokantas serving all manner of lovely Turkish dishes at reasonable prices. And we’ve got to say, we do love us a good no-nonsense lokanta!

Erasta AVM (Fethiye Shopping Centre) – Useful Information

  • Erasta Fethiye is on Ölüdeniz Caddesi, next to Fethiye otogar (the intercity bus station).
  • The Taşyaka – Karagözler dolmuş passes there for those staying in Fethiye.
  • For those staying in Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü and Ovacık, the Fethiye dolmuş will drop you off outside the doors.
  • The shopping centre is open daily til 11pm.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.