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YakaPark Restaurant – A Chillout Day In Yaka Village

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Ahh, the lovely YakaPark. No day trip from Fethiye to either Saklıkent Gorge or the ancient city of Tlos is complete without a visit to YakaPark Restaurant.

When we first came to Fethiye for our holidays in 1998, we met a couple of friends who took us up here on a hot afternoon and we’ve been going there ever since.

YakaPark Restaurant

A mountain backdrop frames green hillsides viewed from Tlos
The mountain road from Tlos to YakaPark Restaurant

The area that it’s in, the hillside village of Yaka Köy (Yaka Village), is simply breathtaking.

We’re in the foothills of the Akdağlar mountain range which are the western point of the Taurus mountains.

When friends come out to visit us, it’s obligatory for them to come up here because you just know they’re going to be amazed by it.

Always nice to send people home with a ‘wow factor’ in their heads. And this is definitely one of them.

Travel Tip: To avoid the crowds, a mid to late afternoon visit on a weekday is the best time to visit. This gives you the best chance of missing the jeep safari tours. Sundays are very popular with local people.

This is an area where icy cold spring water forms natural waterfalls that tumble from the mountains in lush forested lands.

And when you go to YakaPark restaurant, this water has been channelled around the terraced restaurant grounds so that visitors can cool themselves in the shade and feel the cold spray from the many waterfalls.

That, coupled with the vibrant green foliage of ancient trees means a significant, blissful temperature drop. Natural air conditioning.

Perfect to enjoy these green areas if you’ve been clambering around the rock tombs of Tlos in the hot summer sun!

Colourful Entrance

Multiple coloured wooden signs with place names mark the entrance to Yakapark
YakaPark tapped into Instagram

Of course, since that first visit in 1998, things have a changed at YakaPark. Quite a lot, in fact.

We entered the 21st century and a growth in the Turkish tourism industry coincided with the arrival of social media.

These days, YakaPark is far from hidden or secret.

Local tour companies from the likes of Fethiye and Kaş run daily tours either by way of jeep safari groups or small coaches.

After visits to the gorge and the ruins, YakaPark or nearby similar restaurants are often the next stop.

On Sundays, local Turkish families and domestic tourists flock here to enjoy the cooling shade.

And lots of those who do drop into YakaPark can’t wait to get those Instagram shots.

That means the entrance is now a wash of vibrant colour. Painted wooden signs labelled with towns and cities around Turkey.

Dine & Chill

Over the years, the seating areas have changed, too. Take your pick of köşk seating areas set amongst the trees and flowing waters.

Köşk seating over a pond. Trees shade the area.
Lots of köşk seating at Yakapark

Don’t worry about waiters not being able to see you. Press the button by your köşk and they’ll come to serve you.

The menu used to be very simple: a lunch of fresh trout from their trout farm, grilled köfte, chicken şiş kebab and gözleme with various fillings.

These days, if none of those are to your taste, there’s a larger menu with a good selection of traditional Turkish food, including some vegetarian options and, of course, a Turkish breakfast.

Note that this will be washed down with an icy cold ayran, soft drink or hot drink such as çay or Turkish coffee. YakaPark doesn’t serve alcohol.

Tickled Trout

Small trout swim along a channel in the bar at Yakapark
You can tickle the trout that swim along the bar at YakaPark

Some things never change, though.

On that first visit all those years ago, trout swam up and down a channel in the bar area. That still happens and you can sit on bar stools and watch them go by.

If you’ve got kids with you, this is just one of the aspects of YakaPark Restaurant that will keep them entertained for a while.

The YakaPark Pool Challenge

A freshwater pool is shaded by trees at Yakapark
Would you do the pool challenge?

And there’s also the famous YakaPark Restaurant pool challenge. Would you try it?

Make sure you have your swimming gear if you’re giving this one a go.

The sole person you can see in the pool is our friend. She goes cold water swimming in the UK and loves to just get into the water really quickly.

As with everything else watery around this area, however, the YakaPark pool is constantly filling with icy cold mountain spring water.

The challenge is to let the barman know you’re getting in the pool. He will then time you.

5 minutes gets you a free drink. 15 minutes gets you a free drink and a meal.

Our friend lasted only a couple of minutes.

Chasing Waterfalls

Waterfall from a tree trunk
Waterfalls tumble from ancient trees at YakaPark

Away from pool shenanigans, YakaPark is also a place to explore. And this is where it really comes into its own on quieter days.

A couple of the trees are over 500 years old. Waterfalls tumble from the barks and branches of other trees.

Climb the stone steps under the shade of the canopy of foliage that climbs skywards and shields you from the hot sun.

Large stepping stones cross the water whilst a waterfall tumbles in the distance
Explore the water gardens of YakaPark

At the top of the steps you can walk along the stepping stones of the water garden and swing on the decorated wooden swing (remember – all things Instagram, these days).

Social media aside, our most recent visit with friends and their son was lovely.

We did take photos of the swing but none will see the light of day on social media.

They were taken for the family album – their son used the swing for its original purpose and had a great time.

And, as for us; of course we use social media.

We made this short Instagram Reel combining a few photos and videos of some of the waterfalls around Yakapark.

YakaPark Restaurant – Useful Info

Turkish flag and a sign reading Yakapark sit on top of a cliff
Just in case you miss it
  • YakaPark Restaurant is in the village of Yakaköy along the steep winding road from the ancient Lycian city of Tlos (see map below).
  • The restaurant used to be called ‘Original YakaPark’ after other restaurants with similar names opened a little further down the hill.
  • They have now reverted back to the simple ‘YakaPark’ and now have a huge sign on top of the rocky outcrop at the side of the car park.
  • As you drive up the hill, you will see numerous signposts for YakaPark and various other restaurants. Keep climbing the hill beyond these places and you will see the restaurant and trout farm on the right.
  • There is a full food menu, hot drinks and soft drinks available.
  • YakaPark is a popular day trip from Fethiye and is often combined with a visit to the ruins of Tlos, Saklıkent Canyon and Gizlikent.

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Martin Wood

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

We love it there too. We went in Feb once and though they were not officially open we were welcomed. They also caught 3 fish for us and got salad and potatoes from the garden for some chips.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.