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March In Fethiye – Spring Weather And A Birthday

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Wow, these monthly Fethiye updates seem to come round quickly. So it’s almost the end of March and Spring has definitely sprung.

Gardens are being planted up, bars and restaurants that have been closed for the winter are being cleaned and painted.

And the usual Fethiye sounds of March ring in your ears wherever you roam. That’s drills, sanders and angle grinders.

Add to that a coating of bright yellow-green pine pollen that settles over anything in its path and that’s Spring in Fethiye for you.

Fethiye Harbour Phase 3

March saw the official opening of the new marina where Fethiye’s new ‘lighthouse’ feature was on full display.

Fethiye News
Developments at Fethiye’s new marina

As with many ‘official openings’ in Turkey, of course, the area is still not finished and work has continued since then.

This marble-mounted anchor is the latest addition and the gardens around are being landscaped.

As for the lighthouse, amongst other plans, that’s displaying an artist’s impression of the recreation area for the land opposite the state hospital in Çalış.

More big changes to come.

Update 2020: The recreation area is now the Şehit Fethi Bey Parkı

Fethiye Harbour Phase 2 – Refurbishments

Well, not so much refurbishments as rebuilding.

Work on what was Shaka continues into the night on most days.

They seem to be going for a cosy brick wall look rather than the open glass look that was there previously and decking has been laid outside.

Fethiye Harbour Restaurant
Another new restaurant for the harbour

Fethiye in February update we posted a photo of the black mesh surrounding this place.

This is what was Kardelen, the restaurant between Shaka and Matisse.

Well, it looks like this now and we’re still none the wiser. It will no doubt be some type of eatery. But the shape and structure is intriguing us.

Sure we’ll find out what it’s going to be. All in good time…

Update 2020: The former Shaka restaurant became Mancero.

Çalış Canal Project

Well, no photo for this post because things look pretty much the same as they did in February.

We’re going down there later today because we’ve seen there’s a structure going up where the Çalış Water Taxi booking point was.

Their new building? We’ll see.

If you “Like” our Turkey’s For Life Facebook page, we’ll be posting photos on there as and when – so keep an eye out.

Obviously, we’ll update on here, too, when we get the chance.

Turkish Food And Recipes

Well, the temperatures are on an upward trend so we posted two meze recipes: our version of coleslaw – yummy in a jacket potato – and a tasty spinach stem salad.

We’re looking forward to posting more meze recipes soon.

And, as for eating Fethiye, March was the month we finally wrote about Şato Piliç at Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant. It’s a favourite for us on their menu.

We have lots of Turkish recipes on the blog and also lots of suggestions for where to eat and drink in Fethiye.

Fethiyespor’s 81st Birthday

Fethiyespor celebrated their 81st birthday this month on the 23rd.

Fethiyespor Birthday
Fethiyespor turns 81

There was a gathering in front of the Atatürk statue at Beşkaza Meydanı to commemorate it, but the first team were not present as they were playing away in Kahramanmaraş.

Thankfully, they celebrated their birthday with a much needed 3-1 win.

Fethiyespor’s next home match is tomorrow night (Friday) at 8pm and they’re playing league leaders, Istanbul BŞBS.

If you’re pondering whether to go along or not, then do go. They need big support for this one.

Local Elections In Turkey

Important local elections will take place all over Turkey on Sunday.

Just an FYI: usually, the clocks go forward one hour (as in the UK) on this day – but this year, the clocks will only go forward on Monday, instead.

Let’s see what next month has in store…

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Wednesday 9th of April 2014

Great post. I've always thought about a vacation in Turkey, and your coleslaw and spinach stem salad mentions made my tummy happy! I'm vegetarian and always worry about food abroad... Not now with regards Turkey! Um... the country... not the bird ;)

Btw I just followed you on Twitter - hope to connect sometime!

Selina @ MightyTravels


Tuesday 1st of April 2014

Czesc! Finally catching up a bit on some past blog posts. It's always amazing to see how much is going on or changing in Fethiye. Enjoy your spring weather too!

Turkey's For Life

Friday 4th of April 2014

I know, hard work isn't it. Yeah, always something going on in Fethiye, Joy :)

Backto Bodrum

Saturday 29th of March 2014

I hope whoever gets in on Sunday continues the good work.

Turkey's For Life

Friday 4th of April 2014

Well, the same mayor got in and we've seen the five year plan for Fethiye and around - we're going recreational. :)

Naci S.

Friday 28th of March 2014

Hey, super blog! I really miss Turkey and one of my favorite cities there. The wife and I named our son Kaya (now 7) after the Kaya Wine House just up the hill from Fethiye. Good looking photos of the harbor work, and Izmir Kokorec too. I'd kill for a bite. For now we wait out what's left of winter here in the Pacific Northwest.

Turkey's For Life

Saturday 29th of March 2014

Thanks very much. :) Lovely story about how your son got his name. Hope your Pacific Northwest winter isn't too long. :)


Thursday 27th of March 2014

much better organised than the Dalyan crowd who don't seem to start refurbishment until the first tourist flight lands at Dalaman!!

Turkey's For Life

Friday 28th of March 2014

Yeah, it can be like that in Çalış sometimes but I think because Fethiye is open all year round, the bars just generally want to be ready for a busier summer anyway.

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