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Fethiye & Paspatur: Spotlight On Deep Blue Bar

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Over winter, the new area of Deep Blue Bar has really come into its own.

We’re always telling you about how new restaurants and bars are popping up in Fethiye, how existing places are being refurbished – or being knocked down and started all over again.

We do wander other areas of Fethiye, but our main haunt is Paspatur – and yet we never really write about Paspatur.

Well, not often, anyway.

It’s been a long time – and in that time things have changed, especially along Hamam Sokak, which might as well change its name to Bar Street these days.

Kum Saati fills up often. And who are Kum Saati’s next door neighbours?

Why, Deep Blue Bar of course. And things have changed a lot there, too.

If you know Deep Blue, you’re probably looking at the photo below and thinking everything still looks the same.

And, apart from a blue (what other colour was it going to be) repaint of the walls, you’d be right. Nothing new here.

Tables & chairs at Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye
The usual blue theme at Deep Blue Bar

And the outside looks pretty much the same, too…except Deep Blue Bar now also extends to the building opposite, too.

The building opposite was functioning last summer season, but it hadn’t really settled into its skin – and maybe that’s why we never wrote about it.

It’s now painted blue (hooray). The furniture has changed and is more in keeping with the Deep Blue furniture we’re familiar with.

There’s a soba (wood burning stove) for cold winter days and nights. And, most importantly, people use it.

A white cup filled to the brim with cappuccino and sprinkled with chocolate
You can get a decent coffee

In years gone by, we’ve said how Paspatur is a bit closed up, cold and damp in winter.

Well, Hamam Sokak has changed all that because some places have stayed open even in the daytime this past winter.

You can now sit inside by the fire and have a Lavazza cappuccino. They do other coffees, too, of course, it’s just that we always order a cappuccino.

And, as you can see, you even get the little sprinkles of chocolate on top – they were missing from our cappuccino at Sevinç in Izmir. Small things…

So if you are coming to Fethiye this summer for your holidays, or even if you live here and you don’t visit Paspatur too often, you’ll notice a change along Hamam Sokak; especially in Deep Blue Bar.

And more space inside means more space to sit outside, too, in the summer months.

A packed New Year's Eve outside Deep Blue Bar
Winter at Deep Blue – New Year’s Eve

Actually, these days, everyone sits outside in winter, too.

One long stream of chairs and tables line the street, and every weekend, they’re packed with people.

Hopefully, this summer, they’ll be packed with people every night.

Deep Blue Bar, Fethiye

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Backto Bodrum

Saturday 5th of April 2014

Due to your blog - I'm finding it very difficult to cling on to my long held vaguely negative feelings about Fethiye. Keep up the good work.

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 6th of April 2014

Ohh, you must come back here one day and we'll convince you even more. ;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.