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Hotel Unique, Fethiye – An Urban Hideaway

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Hotel Unique, Fethiye is an architectural delight!

Throughout the winter of 2013/14, we watched a hotel being built in an impossibly small space, in a cliff face, right in the middle of Fethiye.

During that time, our opinions went from the ‘What the…?’ end of the spectrum to the ‘Well, just wow,’ end of the spectrum.

Hotel Unique, Fethiye, Turkey
Hotel Unique from the roadside

Hotel Unique, Fethiye

Meet Hotel Unique!

19 spacious rooms, terrace swimming pool overlooking the neighbourhood below, bar and cosy restaurant all cleverly terraced onto a vertical space.

Once it was all finished and they’d opened for business, well, we just had to pop inside and ask if we could have a look around.

These things have got to be done!

As with many hotels in Fethiye, the Hotel Unique staff were only too happy to show us around the place and let us take some photos.

Sister Hotels In Fethiye

We knew Hotel Unique was being built by the same owners as Yacht Boheme and Yacht Classic.

So if the decor and design was anything to go by from those two hotels, we knew it was going to be pretty special.

Oh, and we weren’t disappointed. What a treat!

They’ve really gone to town with this one.

Hotel Unique, Fethiye
a view across the bay from the top terrace of Hotel Unique

A member of staff showed us around and took us straight to the suite room, via two lifts.

The second lift has two sets of doors, one to enter and one to exit, because of the building’s design.

Like we said, clever architecture.

Hotel Unique Suite

The suite has a spacious terrace with sun loungers and jacuzzi (the jacuzzi is just to the right of this shot) and overlooks Fethiye bay and the marina.

The centre of Fethiye is our favourite area, so these views really do it for us.

Inside, the rooms are rustic chic with bathrooms that we just…well, we just wanted to jump under the showers and try out the hamam-style steam area.

We took photos of all this and you can see them in the short slideshow below. (As usual, we took too many photos to fit into one post.)

Hotel Unique Grounds, Fethiye
We took the pedestrian route back down to ground level

But back to the hotel grounds for now.

From the top floor, you can go back down to reception via the two lifts if you like.

If you prefer, you can use the steps that wind through the landscaped gardens with views across the rooftops of Fethiye and over to the sea.

Rustic Luxury

It’s the rustic look and the timber-framed balconies and terraces that make Hotel Unique such an aesthetically pleasing building.

And, just down these steps and past the little building with the terracotta pots is the bar/restaurant and swimming pool area.

Swimming Pool, Fethiye
The swimming pool and the Karagözler beyond

Hotel Unique is not a hideaway in the middle of nowhere.

You really are right in the heart of Fethiye (as you can see from the pool, high above the road that runs along the Karagözler and the marinas).

The clever use of space means rooms are in the side street with views of the bay or the pool.

Urban Hideaway

And Hotel Unique is being marketed as that – almost an urban hideaway.

The first time we came to Fethiye on holiday, we stayed high on the hill above this area at Pırlanta Hotel.

Maybe we love Unique so much because it’s in the neighbourhood that made us fall in love with Fethiye.

Small is beautiful – In October 2016, Hotel Unique, Fethiye, was awarded Best Luxury Design Hotel in Europe at the 10th World Luxury Hotel Awards in Doha.

Whatever the case, Hotel Unique has won us over big time.

It’s definitely one of our favourite Fethiye hotels as far as architecture and design is concerned.

Now, let’s get back to those rooms and bathrooms…

Like we said, luxurious, rustic chic, if you can get the picture.

The Hotel Unique restaurant, bar and swimming pool are open to non-residents and since the hotel opened, we’ve enjoyed a few meals there.

We’ve had breakfast, lunch and evening meals because friends stay here, sometimes.

The menu isn’t huge but the food served is great.

The atmosphere in the restaurant on winter evenings is cosy and welcoming.

Hotel Unique, Fethiye – Useful Information

  • Hotel Unique is on 30 Sokak, right in the heart of Fethiye in the Karagözler area (see map below).
  • 30 Sokak is the high side street that runs parallel to the main road between Telmessos Theatre and Yacht Boheme Hotel.
  • Please note that the hotel is an adult-only hotel.

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Julia Bayne

Monday 7th of November 2016

This place looks great! And such an achievement to win 'Best Luxury Design Hotel in Europe' at Doha. I really hope to get there one day: meet you there for a drink with a view!

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 8th of November 2016

Would be great to see you and Tarkan in Fethiye, Julia. :) And yeah, we could definitely meet at Hotel Unique for a ;)


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

. . it's really nice when owners/architects get it right - such a rarity in these days of uniformity.

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 8th of November 2016

We were told Hotel Unique's architect is female - a woman from Istanbul. She definitely got this one right. It's probably our favourite building in Fethiye. :)


Monday 4th of August 2014

I have booked in for a week in September thanks to your blog, beside myself with excitement to check this place out!!

Turkey's For Life

Monday 4th of August 2014

Oh wow. Hope you like it, now. :) Are you Ranee's friend?

Backto Bodrum

Thursday 29th of May 2014

I hope they give you a complementary room and board for at least one night so you can tell us what the breakfast is like.

Turkey's For Life

Friday 30th of May 2014

Ha ha, well you'd hear about it on here in the (unlikely) event that happens ;)

Anne Mackle

Wednesday 28th of May 2014

This looks lovely. I didn't think we would make Turkey this year as we're selling our house but if it sells quickly we may manage a week in Sept. We're thinking of staying in Fethiye this time and I've been scrolling through your blog. I like the Yacht Boutique hotel. I wanted somewhere close to Paspatur as that's where we will go at night and I don't want a long walk back to hotel,is this hotel anywhere near it?

Turkey's For Life

Friday 30th of May 2014

This hotel is closest to Paspatur but only by a smidge. Yacht Classic is the furthest away - but still very close - and then Yacht Boutique and Unique are virtually across the road from each other. Alesta Yacht is also nice and that's closer still. Has a pool on the roof.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.