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Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye – Speciality Coffees And More

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Kahve Dünyası (Coffee World) is Turkey’s addition to the world of international coffee shop chains.

And when Fethiye’s first shopping centre, Erasta AVM, was built a Kahve Dünyası branch was included in the list of stores.

It’s proved to be a popular choice.

Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye

During the early ’90s (and possibly the ’80s – depending on where you lived) a phenomenon hit Britain: the coffee shop.

Places to go and sit and drink coffee.

But they weren’t just any old coffees; there was a whole menu of confusion as the world of coffee developed its own vocabulary, understood only by those who were coffee drinkers and who frequented such places.

Learning Coffee

As a tea drinker, this whole coffee lifestyle happened around me.

If you fired a list of coffees at me, once you’d passed instant, cappuccino and latte, you would be looking at my glazed-over blank face.

I didn’t have a clue.

Living in Turkey, I made a concerted effort to learn to love Turkish coffee.

Barry’s a coffee drinker and a big fan of the Turkish version, so he coaxed me into the coffee world by learning how to make Turkish coffee.

And, these days, I’m also more comfortable browsing the menu in places like Kahve Dünyası.

I’ve for more of an idea of the type of drink that might be placed in front of me after I’ve ordered.

Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye Shopping Centre
Kahve Dünyası, Erasta Shopping Centre

When we first moved to Fethiye, nowhere could you order speciality coffees such as cappuccino or latte. It was instant or it was Turkish.

These days, most independent businesses have decent quality coffee making facilities.

And there’s also a whole host of specialist places where you can while away a bit of time, sipping a latte or iced coffee and munching your way through a slice of homemade cake.

In the world of chain stores, Kahve Dünyası is right up there amongst Turkey’s most famous.

They’ve even branched out to other countries.

Erasta Shopping Centre, Fethiye
Water features outside Kahve Dünyası

It’s only over the last few short years that chains, both international and Turkish, have been stretching their tentacles as far as Fethiye. And they do good business!

A Shopping Treat

We’re very much fans of supporting small, privately owned businesses.

And you can’t beat an individually designed cafe with the owner’s stamp on it. If we’re around the shopping centre, however, Kahve Dünyası is our go to.

And it’s not a second best.

Kahve Dünyası Chocolates, Fethiye Shopping Centre
Complementary chocolates

We can deal with Kahve Dünyası.

You get to sit down at a table and look through the (large) menu in your own time and work out roughly what each drink is.

There’s even the odd photo here and there for complete coffee novices.

Sometimes, you get little bonus treats. The first time we went, we were given the menu. We browsed.

The waiter came out and placed a small ramekin dish on the table. It was filled with chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Mmmm, nice.

Up Selling Tempters

Kahve Dünyası branded chocolates are sold in the store and really tasty.

We guess the free treats are little tempters to try and persuade you to buy some before you leave.

What to order from the Kahve Dünyası menu?

On that first visit, the automatic cappuccino choice all of a sudden felt a bit boring. It was a hot day, too.

Then I spotted, ‘Soğuk Türk Kahvesi.’ Cold Turkish coffee.

Let’s be adventurous and go for that. Barry did the same and our friends ordered frappe.

The waiter disappeared and came back with a small plate, again with chocolates.

This time, we had sour cherries covered in dark chocolate and rosehip covered in a fruity, coloured chocolate.

Soğuk Türk Kahvesi, Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye Shopping Centre
Soğuk Türk Kahvesi

Turkish coffee, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce – we’re really not sure what the ingredients were – but it was just lovely!

A perfect treat before we headed off to the hills for our overnight stay in Kabak.

Winter Warmers At Kahve Dünyası

Kahve Dünyası has a such a variety of iced coffees, frappes, smoothies, milk shakes and fruit juices.

These are all indulgent and refreshing tasty treats on a hot summer’s day.

But of course, the hot drink is also a speciality at Kahve Dünyası and there’s lots to comfort the taste buds on a winter’s day.

Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye
Kahve Dünyası has a warming interior for cold days

Christmas shopping at the shopping centre is made much more pleasant when you know you can go and sit down for a while in Kahve Dünyası and enjoy the warmth, the coffee aromas, a hot drink and maybe a sweet or savoury snack.

Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye, Mocha
Love the presentation on this mocha coffee

A coffee mocha.

Not just the quality coffee but also that little added chocolate boost.

Now, we could be accused of falling for gimmicks here but coffees with patterns on top – don’t they always just look so tempting, so aesthetically pleasing.

This was Barry’s order. A mocha, served with a little truffle on the side.

Kahve Dünyası, Fethiye, Hot Chocolate
Itr had to be hot chocolate for me

And sometimes, why bother with the coffee bit.

old and rainy outside, going a bit dark, Christmas tree twinkling in the background; what else are you going to order but a comforting, frothy hot chocolate, eh?

Hot Drinks Are Hot

And it came with the added bonus of being steaming hot!

Yes, this is something that perhaps shouldn’t have to be mentioned. But how many speciality coffee places have you been to where your hot drink is actually only a slightly warm drink.

To date, we have not had this situation at Kahve Dünyası.

And what else do you notice in the photos of the drinks? Everything is served in a real glass or a real cup.

No plastic. That always gets our vote!

Kahve Dünyası Fethiye – Useful Information

  • Kahve Dünyası is on the ground floor of Erasta AVM in Fethiye.
  • As well as a wide range of coffees and teas, they also serve other soft drinks and snacks.
  • Erasta is on Ölüdeniz Caddesi next to Fethiye otogar (the main intercity bus station).
  • From the centre of Fethiye, you can get there on the Karagözler-Taşyaka dolmuş. From Olüdeniz, Hisarönü and Ovacık, you can get there on the Ölüdeniz-Fethiye dolmuş. Both will drop you off right outside.
  • For other ideas of where to eat and drink around the Fethiye area, check out our restaurants and bars page.

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Backto Bodrum

Sunday 14th of December 2014

We treat ourselves to a Kahve Dunyası visit occasionally. There is one in the marina in Bodrum and in Piccadilly in London.

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 16th of December 2014

Ohh, didn't know they'd branched out outside of Turkey. Nice. :) Kahve Dünyası is new to Fethiye and it's a good addition.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.