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Not The Summer We Ordered – News From Life In Fethiye

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Late again with our July roundup of news from life in Fethiye – but late by design. Anyone reading this will know that Turkey is currently dealing with unprecedented wildfires.

Mediterranean and Aegean coastal areas have been particularly badly affected.

As I type, many of the fires have been extinguished and cooling and dampening is taking place. We continue to follow updates closely.

Slowly, with international help, progress is being made. And, mercifully, some areas in the Antalya Province even got a good downpour of rain a couple of days ago.

Forest Fire Skies In Fethiye
Smoke covered the skies of Fethiye for a few days

No such luck for us here in the Muğla Province. And the fires around Köyceğiz are proving troublesome because of the high terrain. But, fingers crossed, we’re getting there…

It’s all been so heartbreaking to see. But the actions of local communities have just been so humbling to witness, both online and in person here in Fethiye.

In Fethiye, how people have rallied and got on with the job in hand to make sure those in communities directly affected by the fires are getting the emergency help, equipment and people they need is just awe-inspiring.

No big fuss; just drop off points and social media communication, listing what’s needed.

With Fethiye being placed on High Alert, locals in forested villages stay awake through the night to keep watch on the hills.

It was this vigilance and fast work by locals, holidaymakers and fire crews that managed to control and extinguish the Ocakköy forest fire – a fire that was heading towards Kayaköy.

It’s these actions, and those of the people who have been on the frontline fighting the fires that inspire confidence that the whole of this area will, eventually overcome this.

People have lost their lives, homes, businesses. Ecosystems have been damaged. It’s going to take many years for forests to regenerate. But we will get there.

Whatever the causes of the forest fires, climate change means they are becoming more ferocious, damaging and deadly. We know Italy and Lebanon are fighting their forest fires, too, and it’s been so upsetting to see the horrendous scenes from Greece’s fires.

Once these fires are extinguished and the autumn rains arrive, we can’t just forget about this, go on with our daily lives and hope we don’t see similar again.

Around the Muğla Province, locals everywhere are organising clean-ups and litter picks. In Fethiye, the forestry department have put posters up warning of the dangers of discarding cigarettes and bottles.

A Warning Sign About Forest Fires In Fethiye
Don’t throw (cigarette) butts. #PreventFires

But it would be great to see a huge, countrywide campaign, more government investment. And, at international level, cooperation and pooling of resources and information between the Mediterranean countries.

Prevention first and foremost but then, if the cure is needed, the help and the resources would be there, ready to go.

In an ideal world…

İptal Etme, Destek Ol

When tourism plays such an important role in the economy of a local area like Fethiye and other resorts along the Mediterranean and Aegean coast, it’s devastating for the economy when Covid prevents some people from holidaying here.

The forest fires have served to compound this. And Southern Turkey – including Fethiye – now needs to attract more visitors.

Fethiye mayor, Alim Karaca, has used social media to put out a campaign message to would-be Turkish holidaymakers who might not want to come due to the fires: İptal Etme. Destek Ol. Don’t cancel. Support.

After the British government’s latest travel update that still leaves Turkey in the red list we really hope Turkish holidaymakers and those from countries where travel is allowed can give a little respite to the area’s tourism economy.

Daily Life Continues

Because daily life still goes on, too, doesn’t it?

Birthday Meal

In July, we had Barry’s birthday; celebrated with a meze and lamb meal at Motif Restaurant. Lamb şiş for me and this time, Barry went for the lamb tandır (slow cooked lamb). All perfect as usual!

Çalış Promenade Development

There was a break in proceedings during the extended Kurban Bayramı holiday but work once again continues along Çalış Beach promenade.

Çalış Beach Promenade Development
Construction of new seating areas along the promenade at Çalış Beach

At intervals along the full stretch of the beach, frames have been erected to make public seating areas. Not everyone wants to sit at a bar or a restaurant so this seating will give people somewhere pleasant to sit and watch the world go by.

Cooking & Blogging

In our last monthly update, we told you we had two new recipes that we were going top put on the blog. All went smoothly and the recipes were posted.

Homemade Falafel Recipe
Homemade falafel is guaranteed to satisfy

First up was our recipe for homemade falafel – it’s become a bit of a summer favourite in our house. When we’re trying to decide what we could eat in the heat, falafel has done the trick.

A Serving Of Turkish Sakşuka
Homemade Turkish şakşuka – Fethiye-style

As has our Turkish şakşuka. Take the time to make a big batch and you have a tasty treat waiting for you in the fridge for a few days.

It was interesting to get a comment under our şakşuka recipe that mentioned our use of potato. The guy was relieved because he said he always makes his with potato but he’s never seen any other recipes with it.

What do we have in common? We were both introduced to şakşuka meze in Fethiye! So we guess our recipe is şakşuka, Fethiye-style.

Travel & Blogging

We also told you in that last monthly update that we would be sharing an article with you from our recent break – our first break away since the beginning of the pandemic.

Scenic Selimiye Village
Selimiye – pretty and serene

That article is about our time in Selimiye on the Bozburun Peninsula. Photos edited, article written, ready for publishing – and then the forest fires started.

This area has been particularly badly hit by the fires so, obviously, it wasn’t appropriate to be posting the article.

We’ve waited and we will be sharing that article very soon because this is just one area that needs to get back on its feet…

So, that just about sums up life at the moment. This week, the Fethiye weather is giving us temperatures more akin to the usual summer temperatures rather than those in the 40s. Let’s hope that’s a starter for a bit more normality throughout the rest of August…

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Wednesday 11th of August 2021

So sad we cannot visit our favourite place Ovacik to see all our friends made over the 20 years we have stayed in our lovely hotel. Hopefully we will be back next year, devastating to watch the destruction of the fires, stay safe and god willing we.ll be back xxsa

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Thanks for your comment, Sandra. Hope the fires are out soon and hope you get to make your holiday here again soon. Take care.

Craig Wrightson

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Hi. Love your update. I'm travelling to fethiye on the 25th August for 2 weeks. I'm english but travelling from Azerbaijan where I live and work. Staying close to calis beach and can't wait

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Hi Craig, thanks a lot for your comment and hope you enjoy your time in Çalış. Turkey and Azerbaijan are close so if you speak the language, you will also understand a lot of Turkish, too. :)

Dave Palmer

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

I scuba dive Turkey with guys from Fethiye. I am prohibited from travel to Turkey as the pandemic hits all countries. So I am hoping next year wi be good for all English tourists. Miss you guys but stay safe. Diver Dave

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Thanks for your comment, Dave, and here's hoping you get go scuba diving again soon!


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

So sad to see what has happened to our beloved Turkey. We have booked several times to come. Due to red list restrictions was unable to fly to our holiday home. We wish all our Turkish friends well and have nothing but admiration for the efforts that have been made by all to get the horrendous fires under control... We will be there at the first available opportunity... Inshallah....

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Thanks a lot for your comment, Rog, and really hope you and others can get over to Turkey soon. Tough times but hopefully better times to come.

Philip & Eileen Wood

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Absolutely gutted not being able to get to Ovacik this year been going every year for twenty years and will really miss all our Turkish friends , we really feel for you after the last eighteen months and now the fires, we will be back and so will Turkey.

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Thanks for your comment, both. Yes, Turkey will be back. And hope you can get back soon, too.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.