Turkish Recipes: Kuzu Etli Nohut Yemeği (Lamb Stew With Chickpeas)

Last week, Fethiye, and lots of other places in Turkey, were stuck under a cold front with icy winds which sent temperatures tumbling into minus figures. This is very much a rarity in Fethiye - we were cold! Only one thing for it in weather like this and that's to hit the winter warming comfort … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Domates Soslu Misket Köfte

Ahh, our love of köfte once more makes itself known on this blog. I wonder how many times we've written about it now...recipes for Tekirdağ Köftesi and just good old barbecued köfte; stories of köfte appreciation in Eskişehir and easily the most distinctive version we've tried to date, Doğubeyazıt … [Read more...]

Deep Fried Anchovy Sandwich Recipe – Recreating Istanbul Hamsi Street Food At Home

Yes, that time of year is once more upon us where millions of little fish swim along the Black Sea coast and we all get the delight of hamsi (anchovy) season. Oh, how we love hamsi season - we particularly relish eating an anchovy sandwich in Istanbul, and, fortunately, the early days of hamsi … [Read more...]

Okyanus Muska Böreği – Filo Triangles With An Ocean Filling

There are many types of börek (pastry) recipes in Turkish cuisine from savoury to sweet. We're big fans of the savoury dishes - and have been known to enjoy the odd slice of sweet baklava on occasion, too - so, this week being a traditional week of festive indulgence, we've been experimenting with … [Read more...]

Hünkar Beğendi Recipe – Ottoman Cuisine At Its Best

There are those moments in life where you peruse the menu in a restaurant, plump for a dish, stick your fork into the food...and then you get that life-changing taste sensation. And that's not so much of an exaggeration; life changing in the sense that you know you've landed yourself a perfect meal … [Read more...]

Tekirdağ Köftesi Recipe – A Famous Regional Dish

It was 2005 and we were in transit from Alexandroupoli in Greece, heading back to Istanbul by bus. Traffic was bad and it had been a long journey, so, after crossing the border into Turkey, the bus driver pulled to the side of the road and gave us an hour's break to stretch our legs. View … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Hamsi Season Celebration

We're in the dying embers of hamsi season in Turkey; that time of the year when millions of shimmering, silver anchovies swim along the Black Sea coast and (most of them) straight into the nets of waiting Turkish fishermen. The last three times we've been up to Istanbul have been during the … [Read more...]

Turkish Food – Saturday Night Chicken Wings

This post has been waiting backstage for a long time to see the light of day. The idea behind it is that it's perfect Saturday-night-in-watching-TV food and so I wanted to do the post on a Saturday night. Except Saturdays in Fethiye came and went, and each time we remembered about it, it was never a … [Read more...]

Turkish Recipes: Kadın Budu Köfte (Lady Thigh Meatball)

Kadın Budu Köfte - Lady Thigh Meatball. Hmm, well, where does this name come from? Ladies, I can't help but think this particular type of köfte was named by a man who thought he was being humorous in declaring it resembled a woman's thigh to his male counterparts before having a good old … [Read more...]

Et Sote Recipe – A Turkish Beef Saute In Tomatoes

Turkish cuisine is made up of many different types of dishes and one of its most comforting foods is the sote dish. Because of this 'cosy comfort' feel, we usually eat Turkish sote dishes during the winter months. However, we do like to break with tradition on occasion. Recently, even in warmer … [Read more...]