Trekking in Fethiye – A Hike Around Fethiye’s Peninsula

We love this walk (it’s actually more of a hike) because it’s circular and there are constant views of the sea. It’s 8 miles (just under 13 km) round with a start and finish at the Marina Boutique Hotel in Fethiye. Although it’s a road walk, the road isn’t heavily used and you’ll only be passed by a vehicle every 20 minutes or so. And besides, the tarmac makes it very easy underfoot so you can concentrate on enjoying – and taking photographs of – the beautiful scenery of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast and the Gulf of Fethiye.

Marina Vista Hotel, Fethiye

Marina Boutique Hotel – your start and finish point

A Hike Around The Fethiye Peninsula

So, outside Marina Boutique Fethiye, you’ll see a road sign pointing left to Hillside and right to the Club Letoonia resort. As it’s a circular road, it doesn’t matter which way you go but we always take the road to the right and walk round in an anti-clockwise direction. We do this because it means we can drop down to the Marina Boutique Hotel at the end – fantastic views over Fethiye Marina and the boat yard and a lovely cold bottle of Efes Pilsen waiting for you at the seaside bar.

Fethiye marina view

Views of Fethiye along the trek

The road rises and falls, initially giving fantastic views back over the Karagözler and the rest of Fethiye. After 15 minutes or so, you will pass the first of Fethiye’s small bays, Aksazlar Koyu. The road climbs up past this bay and on towards Club Letoonia.

Once you’ve passed the Letoonia hotel resort, your views open out across the whole of the gulf. We sometimes sit at the side of the road here, legs dangling over the side, and have a snack and drink break. Şövalye Island and Red Island with its distinctive lighthouse are either side of you and the mountain road towards Dalaman is opposite.

Fethiye gulf views

View of the gulf of Fethiye

You can’t get lost on this walk because you’re just following the road and taking in the scenery. We don’t recommend it in the height of summer because there’s very little shade but if you do this walk in the early or late summer months, there are four different bays were you can stop for a swim if you feel the urge. Each bay has a little snack bar as well. (NB: The snack bars are usually only open in the summer season).

Fethiye Peninsula Road

Take the road to the left towards Fethiye

Just as your legs are getting really tired and you feel like you can’t go any further, you will come to this crossroads. Recognise it? It’s the same crossroads you come to on the walk from Fethiye to Kayaköy. Of course, if you’re feeling spritely, you can hike straight on up the track to Kayaköy but this crossroads is always a welcome sight for me. We’re taking the road to the left and dropping straight down to Marina Boutique Hotel for that ice cold bottle of Efes beer we told you about.

Trekking Fethiye Peninsula: Useful Info

  • You can get to the Marina Boutique Hotel by jumping on the Taşyaka – Karagözler dolmuş (its frontage is orange) in Fethiye or you can walk along the Karagözler and marinas as part of your walk.
  • Comfortable shoes will do the trick for this trek. Hiking boots are not necessary.
  • Take water with you because it’s a good ‘leg stretch’ and as we said, there’s little shade.
  • Should you decide to take a swim stop and then feel the need to laze around on the beach rather than continuing the walk, the Taşyaka Karagözler dolmuş does drop-offs at the bays in summer. Check the boards by the bay entrance for times.
  • You can find lots more strolls in this area of Turkey on our page of walks in and around the Fethiye area.

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  1. Marlee Davidson says

    I thoroughly enjoyed this hike, it’s almost 13km with spectacular views, and some very nice swimming spots. I chose to swim in one of the spots that didn’t require payment, it was full of Turkish locals which was about halfway mark. The hike involves walking on the road so I would recommend small groups, I did it on my own and loved it. Not once did I feel unsafe just have to be aware of the trucks. It took me 5 hours with multiple stops so it is possible to do in 3 hours. I would highly recommend it if your keen to walk up some decent hills and embrace the beautiful nature Turkey has to offer

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, Marlee. About half way round the Fethiye Peninsula (Yarımada to the locals) is Büyük Boncuklu bay. We would guess that’s where you stopped to swim. So glad you enjoyed the walk. It’s a great leg stretch, isn’t it with fantastic scenery. Good to know you felt safe walking it alone, too. 🙂
      Lots of great beaches around the Fethiye Peninsula now so guess we’d better update this post, soon. 🙂

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