Antalya: A Harbour View – Photo Story

Antalya Harbour & Kaleiçi

A view of historic Antalya from Yuvam Çay Bahçesi

This is the view of Antalya harbour, the castle walls and Kaleiçi (Antalya old city) from Yuvam Çay Bahçesi (Yuvam Tea Garden). We’ve chosen this photo today because it’s one of our favourite views in the centre of Antalya and we spent a good few hours in this tea garden over the 4 days we were in the city at the beginning of this month.

Antalya is filled with higher-end hotels and restaurants, all aimed at the more wealthy of this world and a good tip for anyone attempting survival on a budget in this city is to head straight for these tea gardens. There are quite a few along the coast, going towards the fantastic Antalya museum and most of them are situated in these fantastic elevated positions, giving beautiful views along Konyaaltı Beach, over the Mediterranean and, as in this case, the harbour and Kaleiçi.

Quite often, when you come across a tea garden in Turkey, they serve hot drinks, limited soft drinks and basic snacks. However, in Western Turkey, tea gardens along the coast quite often serve an icy cold Efes Pilsen as well – and it is highly likely to be cheaper than elsewhere, as are other non-alcoholic drinks. This particular tea garden also had a decent food menu with very reasonable prices.

When in Antalya, what could be better than spending an afternoon sipping a cheaper-than-everywhere-else-we-found Efes Pilsen, in the sunshine, overlooking the sea, an old city nestling within the castle walls, and a historic Mediterranean harbour? For us, not much!

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  1. Wish we had tea gardens here – love the simple pleasure of light snacks and good tea!

  2. @ Belinda: No shortage of tea gardens in Turkey. They’re all over the place. They’re great!

  3. What a lovely photo – the harbour doesn’t look to have changed at all since our honeymoon there in 1998. Good times 🙂

  4. Oh I can see myself on a yacht sipping a dirty martini and being served hors d’œuvre

  5. @ Lilli: Glad the photo has brought back happy memories. 🙂

    @ Grace: Interesting. Think you have a slightly more expensive taste than we do. 🙂

  6. What a lovely place!
    The old city wall is stunning.
    Must be very expensive to live in Antalya?!

  7. gorgeous! i may have to scrap this whole road trip deal and come visit 😉 wonderful to picture you enjoying that!

  8. @ London Caller: Definitely expensive to live in the centre although still cheaper than many other places in Europe.

    @ Lorna: It’s a great view isn’t it. We’re looking forward to reading about this road trip so you’re not allowed to scrap it! 🙂

  9. This a great view of the harbor! The tea gardens and playing a game or two of backgammon is a fun leisurely afternoon 🙂

  10. @ Go Tour Turkey: Thanks. We enjoyed our time around the tea gardens.

  11. Great photo. It looks like a lovely place to spend the day!

  12. @ Laurel: Thanks. And yes, not a bad way to spend a few hours. 🙂

  13. It’s so pretty! A mix of old and new in what looks like a pristine spot!

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