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A Photographic Walk From Antalya Clock Tower To Konyaaltı

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We’re going for a little stroll along the Antalya city centre seafront in this blog post. And there’s no rush.

How long it takes you to complete this journey depends on how fast you walk, whether or not you want to detour off down to the old harbour (don’t worry, there’s a lift with views) to look at the day trip boats and restaurants.

And also how many of the ‘parks’ and tea gardens (also with great views) you want to take a break in.

It’s a historic walk from Antalya Clock Tower to Konyaaltı Beach.

A Seaside Walk From Antalya Clock Tower To Konyaaltı

The Historic Antalya Clock Tower
Antalya Saat Kulesi is an ideal meeting point as well as the starting point for our walk.

We’re starting at Antalya Clock Tower (Antalya Saat Kulesi) because it’s an ideal landmark as a meeting point.

It’s right on the edge of Kaleiçi (the historic old town) so you can explore the streets of Kaleiçi first and then emerge at the top, ready to walk along the seafront towards Konyaaltı.

And it’s also a piece of Antalya’s ancient history; a remnant of the old city walls that also include one of our favourite Roman sights in Antalya, Hadrian’s Gate.

Antalya Fluted Minaret
Antalya’s Yivli Minare is a symbol of the city

And no sooner have we turned our backs on Antalya clock tower and set off, we have another photo opportunity.

Antalya’s Yivli Minare (the fluted minaret) is a symbol of the city and just looks amazing with its backdrop of snow-capped mountains plunging into the sea.

This is a place where people come to sit and watch the world go by, eating simit and börek bought from the carts dotted about the area.

We didn’t book a breakfast at our hotel, so at least one of our breakfast times was spent sitting here in the warm sunshine munching on spinach-filled börek before we went off for the day.

It’s those little things isn’t it?

Travel in Turkey is made so much more pleasant by street food, the ability to buy a quick, delicious homemade snack for a few lira or less and then finding a spot to sit and take all in.

A Viewpoint Along Antalya Seafront
This is just one of the viewpoints that has been smartened up

But let’s press on…

We’re only walking along a flat road and we’re only a couple of hundred metres or so further away from Antalya Clock Tower before we come to a very famous viewing point.

Do any search on Antalya images and this is one that’s gonna crop up time and again. Well, it’s no wonder really, is it?

On one side of this gorge is one of those tea gardens with the dramatic view; on the other, a small park, both teetering right on the edge, a sheer drop into the sea below..

In years gone by, that was about it – but much work has taken place along this stretch of coastline even since we were in the city last year.

The water has been channelled – and, if you want, you can now also go down the wooden stairway (just to the right corner of this photo) and take in the views from a viewing platform.

Often, you can see the day trip boats, tiny specks in a vast sea, returning to the old harbour from here.

Tulips Along Antalya Seafront
Tulips are such a happy sign of spring

We were in Antalya in springtime, so our walk from Antalya clock tower to Konyaaltı Beach meant we had the added bonus of newly planted flowers.

And, as the winter has been mild, hundreds of tulips, all in full bloom.

Nothing on the scale of the Istanbul Tulip Festival, of course. But bright and cheery, all the same. And the loud shout out that a new season is upon us.

Photogenic Antalya
The fantastic views have always been there – now you can enjoy them from pleasant park spaces

Aside from the fact that the walk from Antalya Clock Tower to Konyaaltı is really easy and the views stupendous, we’re doing this little photographic stroll on the blog to also show how much Antalya is changing, too.

Old tower blocks on the opposite side of the road have either been refurbished or knocked down completely.

And the numerous small ‘parks’ that line the coast have all had a facelift; wooden seating and fencing that befits the whole scene before you.

Parks along Antalya seafront
Love this stairway leading your eye through the palm trees to the open sea

I remember our first couple of visits to Antalya a good few years ago and feeling a little tinge of sadness.

All of this dramatic cliff side scenery and yet some of the public spaces looked a little bit tired and neglected.

Each return visit, that changes. And, this year, all is looking great.

Be sure to make a detour here and there to any of these parks as you walk from Antalya Clock Tower to Konyaaltı.

Aside from the views across the Mediterranean, they’re full of little sculptures, topiary, fountains and other treats.

Antalya Seafront Fountain
Just enjoying a little more floral colour

We’re edging closer to Konyaaltı now…

But first, let’s not resist another time to stop and enjoy the floral scene around this fountain.

You can never have too much floral colour as we emerge from winter, can you?

Antalya is usually our first little jaunt of the year – early March for the Runtalya Marathon – and the slightly milder winter temperatures there usually give us an early burst of spring.

Ataturk Park Antalya Seafront
A simple row of palm trees mark the boundary of Atatürk Park

The largest of the parks along the walk from Antalya Clock Tower to Konyaaltı is Atatürk Park.

This is a sight all to itself – and we’ve never even been inside – but there’s a small fairground and a few places to eat.

Apparently, the views from this park are some of the best along this stretch so we will be exploring sometime…just not on this visit.

Because now we’re going to press on to our final destination…

Konyaaltı Beach View
First glimpses of Konyaaltı Beach from the tram terminus

At this point, we’ve reached the terminus for the Antalya historic tram, so we’ve made a little detour from the pathway and across the tram line to get views of the beach below.

Konyaaltı Beach View
There are some views that just make you go wow! Stand and admire…

I love the vastness of this scene.

For some idea of scale, look at the size of the guy standing on the cliff looking out to sea and the tiny dots in the shallow sea below – kids having perhaps their first swim of the year.

And that’s the end of our walk from Antalya Clock Tower to Konyaaltı.

You can either stand here and admire the view for a bit longer. Or, just behind you, there’s a tea garden with similar views, too.

Your other options are to follow the winding road down to the beach. Or, if you want a bit of culture, the excellent Antalya Archaeological Museum is just across the road.

And what about getting back?

Ahh, what better than trundling back along that seafront aboard Antalya’s historic tram.

We’ll tell you about that in another post…

Walk From Antalya Clock Tower To Konyaaltı – Useful Info

  • The walk from Antalya Clock Tower To Konyaaltı is approximately 2 km.
  • There are numerous shops, eateries and tea gardens along the route.
  • There are numerous parks where you can sit for a while to enjoy the scenery.
  • In summer, Konyaaltı Beach is very popular and has numerous lively bars at night – we’re always there out of season so have never seen them in full flow.
  • If you want to get to this end of town from Kaleiçi or Işıklar and you don’t want to walk, the historic tram runs the full route and is a fun way to get around. You will need an Antalya Kart for this (this is a public transport card available from shops and kiosks displaying the sign).

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Friday 15th of April 2016

. . enough to make this old 'country bumpkin' wander down from the mountains! A really nice posting.

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 20th of April 2016

Wow, never thought we'd see you write something like that, Alan. ;) The walk from Antalya Clock Tower along the seafront is very pretty, though. :)

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