Fethiye Terrace Bars: Cafe Park Teras – A True Terrace Bar Experience

Is Cafe Park Teras our favourite terrace bar in Fethiye? Hmm, quite possibly. This bar has been around for a few years now and, oddly, a few evenings ago was the first time we’ve been up there this summer. As we said in our Göcek boat trip post, where has the summer gone? Looks like we need to start making up for lost time…

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye

You’ve got to look up to spot Cafe Park Teras

Cafe Park Teras is an out and out terrace bar. Unlike other terrace bars in Fethiye, it sits atop a building that’s home to a pharmacy and offices, and is reached by a lift inside the building. Enter the lift in the foyer and exit into another world where you can look down on Fethiye, below.

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye

A different world above Fethiye

The bar has improved year on year and we barely recognised the place when we went up there last week. When we first came up here a few years back, we were sharing the space with a fully occupied pigeon coop. Yes, you read that right. You see, this space is family-owned. Their house is here – and the family are pigeon fanciers.

We asked Tayfun, the owner, where the pigeons were and, naturally, they’ve been placed in alternative accommodation for the time being…things were getting a tad whiffy in the hotter months. Not ideal for customers of a terrace bar. The pigeons are missed, though, and ideas are afoot as to how customers and pigeons can co-exist on a roof in Fethiye. Maybe all will be revealed in summer 2013…

Fethiye Harbour View From Cafe Park Teras

View of Fethiye bay from Cafe Park Teras

But it’s the views that terrace bars offer that make them come into their own – and Cafe Park Teras, situated right on the corner of the harbour, commands some of the best views in town. Look out over the bay and what will soon be the new Fethiye town square from one side of the bar…

Fethiye Views From Cafe Park Teras

View of Fethiye from the bar

…or look down the palm-lined harbour and out over town, towards the mountains beyond. (For a bit of perspective, the boat in the corner is the fantastic Popeye’s Boat and the green-roofed seating area jutting out into the sea is Hello Büfe.)

Sitting in the rooftop world of Cafe Park Teras, listening to the beeping horns of the Fethiye traffic below, looking out over the bay, watching people come and go, eating popcorn and sipping an Efes Pilsen (we should mention that this place does a pretty mean cocktail, too, according to friends), it’s a true terrace bar experience.

View Cafe Park Teras On Our Map Of Fethiye.

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