Fethiye in Winter – Gemiler Bay

Whenever we have friends out to visit, we usually try to go out and about so that they can visit places they haven’t yet seen. Winter is no exception. We had a few hours in Göcek on the way to Dalaman Airport but one of the places they really wanted to see was Gemiler Bay. It was perfect winter weather in Fethiye the week they were here – sunny and clear – so our friends got to see Gemiler Bay at its beautiful best.

Gemiler Bay

View of Gemiler Bay from the mountain road

In the centre of Kayaköy, there’s a signpost for Gemiler Adası (Gemiler Island). Follow this road sign and you’ll be taken on a short journey out of Kayaköy, through the pretty village of Kınalı and on through a forest road. All of a sudden, you will be faced with this beautiful view of Gemiler Bay with the island just opposite.

We talk about this a lot as there are so many beaches and bays in this area of Turkey, but I’m going to go out on a limb and state here, in black and white: Gemiler is our favourite! There, I’ve said it. You can hold me to that if / when I forget and declare favouritism for another of Fethiye’s bays in a future post.

Cafe Bar At Gemiler Beach

Terraced snack bar at Gemiler Bay

Zigzag your way down the hillside road and you’ll reach the only evidence of civilisation in the form of this snack bar – amazingly, open all year! One member of staff and the hum of a generator. Thanks to the generator, we were able to sit at the raised waterside tables, enjoy the warm winter sunshine…and enjoy a cold can of the Turkish beer, Efes Pilsen. Just one of those unexpected perfect moments where all is well with the world.

The Sea at Gemiler Beach

Ducks enjoying the warm sea at Gemiler Bay

In summer, when the sea isn’t quite so high, this little area has a few sunbeds and the beach bar receives a decent sprinkling of customers. If you’re like me and not very brave in the crashing waves of Belcekiz Beach at Ölüdeniz, then Gemiler is a perfect place to swim and snorkel. It was so warm when we were there a couple of weeks ago, one of our friends had a paddle with beer in hand.

In the summer season, the Fethiye to Kayaköy dolmuş comes all the way down to Gemiler bay, every few hours.

As it’s winter, there was no entrance charge but in summer, there is a small charge to park your car and use the sunbeds. If you arrive on foot or by dolmuş and are only visiting the snack bar, it’s worth mentioning this to the guy on the gate and you may get in for free.

Gemiler Island (St. Nicholas Island) is one of the stop-off points on the Ölüdeniz boat trip if you’re interested in the Byzantine ruins there.

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  1. Looks beautiful. I really have to make it to Turkey…

  2. wow it’s so pretty! love the paddling with the beer- those are some good holiday priorities! 🙂

  3. @ Robin: Definitely a favourite with us. Really peaceful.

    @ Lorna: Very pretty. And of course paddling with a beer is always good fun! 🙂

  4. I must make my way there sooner rather than later. Turkey in winter, especially when the sun is out, is really beautiful.

  5. We prefer winter to summer Inka just because the scenery is so clear and the sea stays calm (except on the stormy days of course!)

  6. So gorgeous..

  7. I had no idea that there were so many beaches in Turkey and I had never thought about snorkeling in Turkey!

  8. @ Angela: Beautiful, isn’t it. And so peaceful – even with the generator! 🙂

    @ Expat in Germany: You need to make it a mission to come to Turkey! Loads of snorkelling places and scuba diving areas (not that I’ve ever been – worst nightmare!) and the best beaches ever! 🙂 Think that might be our bias coming out again.

  9. The beautiful beaches are one of the first things that drew my attention to visiting Turkey. I realize there is much more to this country, but I am a sucker for turquoise waters. I hope I get to see this bay when I visit Turkey!

  10. Hi Julia. Reminds me of our trip up the Bosphorus and some of the little bays we visited there.
    BTW can you help here- http://wateringhole.gapadventures.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=15906&p=67888#p67888

  11. @ Christy: Turquoise waters certainly help don’t they? Especially when you’ve been off exploring the inland areas – a dip in the sea is perfect! 🙂

    @ Jim: There are some beautiful bays along the Bosphorus aren’t there? I was really surprised.
    As for the question – we know loads of companies running gulets from Fethiye but we’ve never used any of them so we wouldn’t be able to recommend any in particular. They’re all pretty established though.

  12. Kaya Koyu Walker says

    Don’t forget while you’re out that way that, as well as the trip out to Gemiler, there’s also a great walk out to Af Kule Monastery. It’s strenuous but well worth the effort for the views.

  13. @ Kaya Koyu Walker: Reading our minds. We’re going to do a post on Af Kule soon – when we next get out there. I’m not a fan of the sheer drops when you get there but we both love the place itself.

  14. What a gorgeous spot!

  15. @ Nancie: Perfect spot. Even in summer, Gemiler never gets too busy.

  16. I am in Dalyan 2 nights, Kas 10 nights, Fethiye 2 nights in Sept/Oct. I will definitely be visiting some of these bays near Fethiye and big pebble beach Kas (wonderful place). The walk from Marina Vista (where we are staying) sounds great to.

    • Yeah Tom, Big Pebble Beach in Kaş is so lovely, especially out of season. The walks around the Fethiye area are more way marked now so there’s ‘slightly’ less chance of going wrong. 😉 Most of them are easy enough to follow. 🙂

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