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Saffron Milk Cap Mushroom & Spinach Börek Recipe

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This post is a continuation of the celebration of the lactarius deliciosus , the saffron milk cap mushroom, the çintar.

This time, we’re going to be doing a traditional Turkish börek recipe and teaming this tasty mushroom up with spinach.

Spinach and mushroom is always a dream combination.

Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms Çintar Kanlıca
Saffron Milk Cap Mushrooms for sale on the market

Since we’ve been writing this blog, we’ve become much more aware of Southwest Turkish seasonal food and so we’ve realised that this year, the autumn and winter Fethiye weather hasn’t been ideal for mushroom growth.

The çıntar mushroom appeared at the beginning of December (as it should) and you might remember we mixed them with spinach to produce this wonderfully oozy mushroom risotto.

We actually made it again the other night and guess what?

If you make too much – like we did – it’s really nice eaten cold the day after.

Or, even better, you can make Italy’s famous rice balls, arancini.

Anyway, after the initial batch of çıntar mushrooms appeared, the weather returned to unseasonal warmer temperatures and the rain stayed away.

The çıntar consequently disappeared from Fethiye market.

We thought that was it for the year, until we took our friends back to Dalaman Airport on a dull, rainy January 2nd.

As we passed through the pine forests, we noticed cars parked along the roadside in random positions and people foraging around the pine trees.

Then, further along the way, people were dangling bags, packed with çıntar mushrooms, at the passing vehicles. They’re growing again!

A visit to Fethiye market on Tuesday confirmed the fact.

Perhaps understandably, the mushrooms are more expensive than they were last season (there are nowhere near as many) but they’re still always worth a purchase as a treat.

We’d only made the spinach and mushroom risotto this winter.

We wanted one more little celebration of this meaty morsel so I decided to do a börek recipe using another of our favourite ingredients; yufka.

I made a spinach and çintar mushroom börek. It’s a winner, so here’s the recipe.

Spinach & Mushroom Börek Recipe

We’re using the seasonal pine mushrooms for this but you can use any mushrooms you like.

Spinach And Mushroom Börek Recipe
Spinach and mushrooms are perfect partners
  • Finely chop one onion and a handful of chillies and fry them lightly.
  • Chop around 200 grams of çintar mushrooms into small chunks and once your onions are sweating, add the mushrooms to the pan. (You can use any type of ‘meaty’ mushroom.)
  • At this point, I added some red chilli powder to the mixture, partly for colour and partly for a different type of extra heat. Çintar mushrooms can stand extra heat and spinach and we think chillies are a perfect combination.
  • Once everything is fried to your liking, add about 250 grams of chopped spinach and stir it in until it has wilted.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and add some strong, crumbled cheese. We used tulum – the hard cheese often served with walnuts and lavaş bread. Parmesan would be a good alternative.
Spinach And Mushroom Börek
Make loose parcels

Time to add the mixture to the yufka. No fancy shapes this time, unlike the (self-proclaimed) masterpiece that was the cheese and spinach kol börek. This time, we’re having the simple paçanga shape.

I used three sheets of yufka and cut each one in half.

  • Lay a half slice of yufka – curved edge away from you – on a flat surface and brush with a mixture of raw egg and olive oil. (Photo 1 above)
  • Use a wooden spoon and take 2 spoonfuls of mixture from the frying pan and arrange it along the flat edge of the yufka, leaving a couple of inches space at the bottom and at each edge. (Photo 2 above)
  • Fold the bottom, flat edge over the mixture and then fold the sides over. (Photo 3 above)
  • Roll the yufka to make a long, sausage-roll shape. Think tortilla wrap. Your mixture will fill the 6 halves of yufka.
  • Brush the wraps with your egg mixture and place on a baking tray. (Photo 4 above)
Spinach And Mushroom Börek
Time to eat
  • Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius and bake the spinach, cheese and mushroom börek for about 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Once it’s golden, let it cool a little and eat it all up. Perfect party food because it’s just as good once it’s gone cold, too.

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Caz Makepeace

Sunday 16th of January 2011

Delcious. Will have to try this one

Turkey's For Life

Monday 10th of January 2011

@ Corinne: Mushrooms with garlic - perfect every time, especially if you;re drinking a glass of wine too! :)

@ Amy: They were very nice, if I do say so myself! :)


Monday 10th of January 2011

I've read a few food posts today but this one makes my mouth water. What could be better than spinach, mushrooms and pastry. Yum!

Corinne @ Degustinations

Monday 10th of January 2011

Those mushrooms look divine. I'd be tempted to sauté in a little butter and garlic and enjoy with a glass of vine.

I'm not a huge fan of filo pastry but I'd certainly tuck into these!

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 9th of January 2011

And which mushrooms would those be Jim? :)I'm not brave with mushrooms really. There's another type here that just look awful and I can't bring myself to try them.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.