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Fethiye In June – It’s Been A Bumper Month

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Every month on the blog, we do a little round up of random happenings in the Fethiye area.

Things that never get a blog post all to themselves (even though they ought to) purely for time reasons – and we also look back on a few Fethiye posts we did manage to do.

Well, we’ve got a lot to tell you about this month so let’s get cracking, shall we?

Ramazan In Fethiye

First things first, today is the first day of the holy month of Ramazan. Muslims in Fethiye will be observing Ramazan in various ways.

Back in 2011, we wrote a blog post about Ramazan falling in the hotter months over the next few years.

So, as far as Fethiye is concerned, click this link to see how Ramazan will affect your holiday in Fethiye.

We’re already looking forward to heading to the bakery before sunset to buy special Ramazan pide bread – look out for our upcoming jalfrezi recipe; yes we know it’s not Turkish, but jalfrezi and pide bread go so well together.

The Fethiye Harbour Project

A few years ago, Barry mused, “I wonder how long we’ll be writing about Fethiye harbour developments on the blog.”

Yeah, a few years ago, and here we are, still. Never a dull moment along here, we’ll tell you.

Fethiye Harbour 2014
The changing faces of Fethiye harbour

Phase 3 of the Fethiye harbour project, from Denizatı Restaurant to the new lighthouse area is now completely paved and we have street lights, too.

The lights are always a bonus because there are still no bridges over the gaps where the canals flow into the sea.

Walking along in darkness, gaps, sea below…you get the picture. Lights are good!

And, as for Phase 2, well that’s even more action-packed.

The great news is the huge curved construction that looked like it would forever remain empty – it looked good but not very practical – is now surrounded in mesh covering and things are happening there.

And the other curved area, right where the marina is, is now home to Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi.

They specialise in coffees but they also do snacks. It’s big and colourful with loads of shaded seating and a kiddies area.

This was another area that looked like it would forever remain empty, so good luck to them.

Fethiye Bay, Turkey
Early morning power walking with camera

June has been a month of photographing Fethiye, too, so we’re just throwing this picture in the mix – you can never have enough Fethiye photos.

This is an early morning photo and we don’t have too many of these because it’s rare I’m out early with my camera.


This is where we usually give you a little update about what’s going on at our local football club. Well we’re not doing that today.

Not because there’s nothing to tell you. Quite the opposite in fact.

It’s transfer season so there’s all sorts of real comings and goings and rumoured comings and goings and club meetings, and who Fethiyespor will play against in the 2014-15 season…and we’ll have to tell you all about it in a blog post of its own because it’s just too much for here.

What we will tell you is that the Fethiyespor store is continually being stocked with goodies – summer goodies at the moment – so give it a visit if you are in Fethiye anytime.

(The store is in the centre of Fethiye by the entrance to the main car park, opposite Garanti Bank.)

Paspatur – Fethiye Old Town

This month, away from Paspatur, Fethiye’s first shopping centre opened; Erasta.

We’re yet to visit (we’re not shopping centre people) but we’ll get there at some point.

It’s a great piece of architecture, though.

Anyway, all of this should have been big news – and it was big news – but something definitely stole the social media limelight…

Fethiye Umbrella Street
Umbrellas on Çarşı 95 Sokak

Yes, Paspatur and Çarşı 95 Sokak (the shopping street where Kukina Caferia is) have been invaded by colourful umbrellas suspended above our heads.

And it seems we all love them. Well, we all love photographing them anyway.

Photos are all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and its these that are getting the Fethiye name out there at the moment. Simple ideas…

Eating, Drinking & Cooking Fethiye

This month, we’ve written about the Surf Cafe at the Koca Çalış end of Çalış Beach: not just a place to eat and drink but also a place to laze on the beach…or even get active and do a bit of surfing.

We also went to Kardeşim Mantı Evi, just at the entrance to Paspatur.

Well, just while we’re at the Paspatur area, we’ll also tell you that Deep Blue Bar have a brand new snack menu, too. See, we told you it was all happening.

We’ve not tried the food yet, but we’ve seen it going out to others and it looks good to us.

Our Turkish recipes are a bit thin on the ground this month but we did manage another addition to the meze table with our baba ganoush recipe (yoghurt and aubergine salad) and we also did our quick mantı recipe.

Social Media

June has been a month for a couple of milestones. We went through 40,000 views on our YouTube channel of Fethiye & Turkey videos. Amazing.

We also blasted through 700 followers on Instagram and are heading towards 800. (We’re loving Instagram at the moment.)

On Facebook, we shared an old blog post that we think is a record number of likes for a link (rather than a photo) on our Facebook page.

Anyway, if you didn’t see it on Facebook, that post was about things to do & see in Dalyan.

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Backto Bodrum

Monday 30th of June 2014

You are almost making me consider a move ... Almost but not quite. I wonder when the umbrellas will arrive in Bodrum?

Turkey's For Life

Tuesday 1st of July 2014

Ha ha. Bodrum is sure to get these umbrellas, too. They've got them in Antalya and Eslişehir, a well as Fethiye, that we know of. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.