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The End Of May – It’s Fethiye Random Roundup Time

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Yes, it’s very early in the summer 2015 season. And already, we’re meeting ourselves coming backwards.

Due to general busyness and, also, because, well, we’re not the most organised people in the world.

Any current goings on out of the general routine (which has been a gentle winter routine up until now) and we’re wondering what’s hit us.

We’ll tell you about that at the end of the post, though…

The Fethiye Harbour Series – Season 7

For now, let’s have a look at some random Fethiye happenings over the last month.

We’re no news agency, as you know, so these goings on are just a few things we notice as we amble around town or it’s a few things we’ve done.

Whatever comes to mind.

And guess what; the never ending story that is Fethiye harbour is what pops up first.

Fethiye Harbour, Turkey
Much clearing of land in preparation for…

Season 7?

Well, that’s what we call a series of episodes these days, isn’t it?

And ‘season number 7’ because my geeky photo album of ‘developments’ along Fethiye harbour was started in 2008, 7 years ago.

Yes, we’re still going strong with this series. And, along Phase 3, the area heading towards the big state hospital, it’s a hive of activity at the moment.

There are diggers and dumper trucks flattening and clearing all of the former-seabed which had been dug out of the sea and piled there in order to create Phase 2 a few years ago.

And if you know Phase 3 of Fethiye harbour and have walked along it, by the seaside, you’ll be all too familiar with the gaps in the promenade where the canals run into the sea.

It was walk-detour-walk-detour-walk-detour.

Fancy bollards were eventually placed as a barrier…lest walkers, runners, cyclists happened to lose concentration and suddenly find themselves spluttering in the shallow sea below.

At the point the barriers were placed, we gave up hope of any bridges and chuntered about loving the harbour.

But having to detour was just a tad annoying.

Fethiye Harbour's New Bridges
So simple yet so effective – we all need bridges in our lives

Well, if you were like us on that one, you’ll be as excited as us to see girders and concrete going down to make bridges.

Yes, we shall be able to stroll all along the harbour.

Well, we already do – the paving stones will arrive when they arrive…

Fethiye International Culture & Arts Festival

This event is just getting bigger and bigger, year on year, and we absolutely love it!

There’s so much potential to push this right up there on the whole of Turkey’s calendar of events.

But, for now, we’ll relish in enjoying the Fethiye Festival as residents of Fethiye. The rest of the world can come later…

Final Day At Fethiye Festival
Scott Jeffers giving moral support to young Turkish rock band, Fusion, at the final fay of the Fethiye Festival

Of course, musicians of the world know about Fethiye Festival – and the World Music Festival line up is just fantastic…and free to those that watch!

This year, we headed to Kayaköy for live Kaya Fest performances by Scott Jeffers (USA), Los Vagabundos (Ibiza-based) and Ahmet Erarslan (Turkey).

We saw some of the first night at Beşkaza Meydanı, we wandered around the stalls and we also went to some of the final day’s performances by local kids.

So much to do, so little time.

We put some Fethiye Festival photos on Flickr and we’ve also got a foodie blog post coming up, too, from the festival.

Drinking Fethiye

We can’t tell you how many blog posts we’ve got lined up – as usual, they just need to be written, photos edited, videos uploaded, published, etc etc…

When new Fethiye bars and restaurants are popping up on a regular basis, there’s only so much you can keep up with, with individual blog posts…despite our own explorations.

What sticks in our heads for May, though, is our little visit to The Shield Irish Pub that we mentioned in last month’s Fethiye update.

We had a Guinness!

Neither of us are Guinness drinkers. But we thought we’d try one for novelty’s sake…and it was okay!

We’ve got a friend who was here on holiday last month; he’s a Guinness drinker and he said it was a good pint…

Fethiye And Turkey Drinks
There’s a mixture of liquids we’ve sampled in May

For Fethiye beer lovers who, much as they love an Efes or a Tuborg, fancy something a bit different, The Shield also has Leffe, too.

Not for me – a bit fruity for my liking – but Barry’s a fan, as was the smattering of Turkish customers in there who all seemed to be drinking it.

Oh, and the weather’s heating up now, too, so it’s not all alcohol, alcohol, alcohol.

Ayran is high on our agendaç. And we really love an açık ayran when we have gözleme at the market.

Frothy, yoghurty goodness, as you can see in the photo above.

And Our News…

Yeah, you know when you’ve had something planned for ages?

And it feels like ages till it’s going to happen? And even though you now it’s coming up, all of sudden, it’s upon you and you’re not organised for it?

Story of our lives. And hence why we’re meeting ourselves coming backwards.

Just after Christmas, we booked flights to Italy to go and stay with friends.

These are the same friends and the same place in Italy where we went to last time.

Well, it was Christmas, and early summer seemed like a distant don’t-think-about-it-yet future.

And now the future is here.

Our next blog post is more than likely going to be a (digital) postcard from their house in Italy.

We’ll be updating on our Facebook page some of the time but more regular updates will probably be on Twitter and Instagram.

Whenever we’re out of Fethiye for a time, we use a hashtag so you can follow our updates, if you like.

Very original: #TFLin(insert place).

This hashtag will be #TFLinItaly. Well, it does what it says on the tin.

Why complicate life?

And, you never know, we might even be able to catch up with some of our blog posts while we’re there…

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.