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Christmas Party Food Ideas – Bring A Bit Of Turkey To Your Festive Table

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The festive season is upon us. And this is the time of year where many of us love to have gatherings where friends can come round for drinks and nibbles. We’ve got a list of Christmas party food ideas for you!

Of course, you can bring a bit of turkey, the bird, to your festive buffet table. But, for much of this list, we’re bringing a bit of Turkey, the country, to the table.

A few Christmas buffet ideas that may well be a talking point amongst your friends and family.

Some are well-known Turkish recipes. Some are decidedly international recipes. But all will come together to make a great Christmas buffet food table.

Festivities In Turkey

Where have our Christmas party food ideas come from?

Well, in many parts of western Turkey, at least, December is the time when Turkish people and foreigners alike will decorate their trees.

And dig out any other festive decorations that have been hidden away since the previous year.

In Fethiye, the Çalış Christmas Fair at the beginning of December attracts thousands of shoppers, both Turkish and international.

And we’re all there for our festive decorations and other treats.

Christmas Party Food Ideas
In Turkey, trees and decorations are put up for New Year

Christmas & New Year

In our house, we are doing all this in preparation for the main event on 25th December.

For our Turkish friends, they are doing this in preparation for the main event, New Year’s Eve.

Various local restaurants around Fethiye will advertise their Christmas menus. They’ll also advertise their Yılbaşı Menüsü – the New Year’s Eve menu.

This New Year’s Eve menu is often a set menu with a fixed price. And, amongst other courses, features an array of meze dishes for the table.

We’ve taken inspiration from the meze selection on these types of menu. And added some dishes that we would have on offer for friends, too.

Make Your Party Food Ahead Of Time

Most of the dishes can be made ahead of time.

So you can spend more time enjoying yourself with guests rather than rushing around in the kitchen.

Many are also dishes that go well with other foods such as şiş kebabs and cold meats – yes, turkey included.

And, of course, you can just add piles of fresh crusty bread to the table, too!

Christmas & New Year’s Eve Food Ideas

So, if you’re having a get together over the festive season and are looking for some Christmas party food ideas, here’s our list of suggestions…

Christmas Party Food Ideas With A Flavour Of Turkey

Bring a bit of Turkey to your Christmas buffet table. You can even add a bit of turkey to the mix, too, if you like.

As with our list of Turkish aubergine recipes, this list will grow and evolve in the future.

We have a few recipe ideas for our festive Turkish buffet table for this year that we haven’t made, yet.

We’re looking forward to experimenting and making this list bigger and better!

Afiyet Olsun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.