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Meri Bar, Çalış – Part Of The Çalış Furniture

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Meri Bar. There are seafront bars and restaurants all along the beach in Çalış. A famous sunset to marvel over as you drink and dine.

So, really, when Meri Bar appeared on the scene all those years ago, people would’ve been forgiven for looking aghast and thinking, “Well, that’ll never work!”

Meri Bar Frontage
Today, Meri Bar attracts summer visitors with its pretty flower boxes

Situated on a main road terrace block a couple of minutes’ walk from those beachy scenes, the outdoor views from Meri Bar were not of sunsets but of passing traffic.

Or standing traffic, depending on the colour of the traffic lights.

The sounds from Meri Bar were not of crashing waves but of engines and beeping horns.

(In)Famous Meri

Inside, the original Meri Bar was tiny. Just three or four tables. Along with some seating round the bar.

The ladies loo was to be reached by a narrow passageway, lined on one side by crates and boxes of soft drinks piled high.

If you were on the larger side of small, you had to walk at a slight angle to get by.

In other times and other places, Meri Bar would never have worked. But it did work!

It became (in)famous, in fact. And in early 2018, the Meri moved a couple of doors up that same main road to bigger premises.

Meri Bar, Çalış

It’s not all about ‘location, location, location.’

A very decent landlord and one of the best stocked spirits bars in the Fethiye area means the Meri has had its stalwart regulars from the beginning.

We’re not for one minute going to pretend we were Meri regulars when it was in its old home. Many of those years were our Paspatur nights-out-in-Fethiye years.

But if we did venture in the Çalış direction, we’d often sit and have a drink there if we saw friends sat outside.

One For The Road

We’d also bob in for a drink if we were en route back home from Çalış and ‘one for the road’ was decided upon.

Ahhh, maybe ‘location, location, location’ does have a part to play, then.

And this is why we’ve described the Meri as (in)famous.

Because many is the time you will speak to someone and they’ll say, “Well, we ended up in Meri Bar for one on the way home.”

They don’t need to expand on that. If you’re in the know when it comes to Meri Bar, you’ll do a sharp intake of breath and an exhale of, “Ohhhh.”

‘One for the road’ at Meri Bar is always more than one. You just know those people had a late night/early morning.

Meri Bar's Bar
One of the best stocked bars in Fethiye

Meri Bar Features

Since their big move and revamp, there’s more room for manoeuvre.


It’s stylish. There’s comfortable indoor seating, outdoor seating area and a 50-50 area. This is an outdoor space with retractable roof and sliding glass windows for winter.

The good news about the 50-50 area is that it’s situated on the side of the building.

Still no sweeping seaside views – you’re looking at the side of a supermarket – but the road noise is a tad reduced.

Pub Games & TV

This is also the area where the pool and darts takes place. As far as those facilities go, Meri Bar is right up there as one of the best set ups with regards look and space.

Pool And Darts At Meri Bar
A great pool and darts set up

And if you’re looking to catch any live sports events that are taking place, there are three tv screens both indoors and outdoors.

The bar still has its very decent spirit collection. The bar seating still has its regulars occupying the same seats. But now they have a bit more room.

Live Music

And if you love a bit of live music, this happens regularly at Meri Bar.

Just keep an eye out locally for who is playing and when. We’ve linked to their social media accounts in the information below.

For The Coffee Enthusiasts

We’ve said Meri Bar has one of the best stocked bars in the area. But what about if you don’t want alcohol or the usual soft drinks?

Coffee Area
You can drink quality coffees at Meri

The good news is, there is now a separate coffee bar, Fratelli, within the set up. Coffee roasted on site. And a menu with various speciality coffees.

If it’s a hot sunny day, you can also choose from a selection of iced coffees.

And if you’re just passing by and you really fancy a coffee but you haven’t got time to sit and enjoy it at the bar? Yes, you can get yourself a takeaway.

Fratelli Coffee
Grab a coffee on the go if you’re passing

Sometimes, when we write about a place, we’ve been there once or twice and we tell you we’ll definitely be back again there another time.

We don’t need to do that with this place.

Well, we’re always back there, anyway.

Meri Bar, Çalış – Useful Information

  • Meri Bar is on Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı in Çalış, just before the main crossroads with the beach road, Barış Manço Bulvarı.
  • Meri Bar is open daily (except New Year’s Eve) from early afternoon until late.
  • If you are going to the bar especially to see a band, check first.
  • For more photos and updates, you can like Meri on Facebook and / or follow them on Instagram.
  • You’ll find Meri Bar in the Çalış section of our places to eat and drink around Fethiye.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.