Turkish Food – Gözleme

We absolutely love Turkish food (well, we just love food actually) so we’ve decided to write about different food every so often. I’ve got absolutely no idea why Turkish cuisine isn’t more famous around the world – it’s amazingly varied and most importantly, it’s absolutely delicious.


Our favourite: Meat and potato-filled gözleme served with pickles

Anyway, gözleme or saç böreği is first on the list for the simple reason that it’s really cheap, we eat a lot of it and we had one of the best gözleme we’ve ever had on the Friday market in Fethiye yesterday and I’m still thinking about it. It’s bit misleading to call them pancakes because, if you’ve seen one being made, you’ll know that it’s a pastry dough that’s rolled out very thinly into a big circle and then your chosen topping is sprinkled on top. It’s then folded in half and cooked on a huge, metal plate. Watching this process is also part of the fun of eating gözleme. It’s a skilled job.

Our favourite fillings are minced meat and potato but other traditional fillings include white cheese and spinach. Some people like all of these mixed together in the one pancake but you can’t beat good old meat and potato for us.

In the Fethiye area, gözleme is available at all the markets and is very popular. Most of the stands now do sweet fillings as well but if you choose a sweet one it means you miss out on a good side serving of lovely, tangy pickled red cabbage, pickled chillies or pickled mixed veg. The Turks love their pickles. None of this bought-in nonsense. You make your own. Massive jars of them.

If you’re not a ‘market person’, gözleme is also found in little roadside cafes (it’s usually advertised outside) and villages. In the Fethiye area, Bülent’in Yeri in Kayaköy and the nomad tents at the end of Çalıs Beach do a mean gözleme.

In other news, our blog is two weeks old today and you may already be noticing a pattern. We love markets and bars! As it’s the weekend, we shall be frequenting Deep Blue Bar again tonight. It’s a friend’s birthday so I’m suspecting tomorrow might be a write-off.

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  1. This I looooooove… wonderful foood :o)) x

  2. Most of the Balkan countries have versions of Turkish cuisine which they all claim to be uniquely theirs. However on travelling around, one can clearly see the origins of a lot of Balkan dishes which makes sense after studying the history 🙂

  3. We’ve noticed this a lot Donna 🙂

  4. can not wait to make these. as well as the pickles!

  5. @Jaz@Octoberfarm: We’ve never made our own gözleme. Would lover to give it a go. As for pickles though, we make those all the time. We love them! 🙂

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