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Best Turkish Aubergine (Eggplant) Recipes

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Market day in any area of Turkey always means stalls piled high with fruits and vegetables. ‘Patlıcan‘ in Turkish; the aubergine or eggplant is one such vegetable. And Turkish aubergine recipes are hugely popular.

Here we are bringing you some of the best Turkish aubergine recipes that we love to cook.

Aubergine Recipes
The temptation of aubergines on the market

There’s something for everyone.

Aubergine recipes for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Comforting aubergine recipes for colder weather and lighter dishes for the hot summer months.

Living in Turkey means we are constantly learning about new aubergine dishes to try. And new eggplant recipes to make.

There are lots of other classic Turkish aubergine recipes out there that we are yet to make.

As soon as we do, we’ll be sure to add them to this list. And also to our collection of Turkish recipes.

A glass oval-shaped bowl filled with cooked long green peppers and sliced aubergine in a tomato sauce
Fried Aubergines & Peppers In Tomato Sauce
'Kızartma' means 'fried.' You can use different vegetables for this dish but the aubergine is a staple ingredient.
This easy aubergine recipe also contains green peppers and a tomato sauce.
Once more, this is a recipe that can be enjoyed by your vegan friends and family.
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Minced meat on a bed of yoghurt and aubergine and topped with chopped green herbs. A long red pepper lies across the edge of the dish.
Ali Nazik Kebab
For pure aubergine appreciation, we do love karnıyarık.
However, for that subtle smoky aubergine flavour, the famous Ali Nazik is another of our favourite Turkish aubergine recipes.
Mixed with yoghurt and used as a bed for either minced or cubed meat, this is a hearty dish that can be enjoyed year round.
It's a perfect combination of flavours.
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Vegetable stuffed aubergine with a serving of bulgur wheat pilaf and yoghurt. Purple basil leaves are on the side.
Imam Bayıldı
Arguably the most famous of Turkish aubergine recipes, Imam Bayıldı is a tasty stuffed aubergine dish that can also be enjoyed by vegans.
This is one of the aubergine recipes that we love to make in the warmer months. It is best enjoyed at room temperature.
Serve with a tomato bulgur pilaf side and/or a bowl of natural yoghurt.
Imam Bayılıdı is also suitable for vegans (without the yoghurt serving, of course).
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Baked stuffed aubergines in a shallow terracotta oven dish.
Another classic amongst the list of Turkish aubergine recipes, karnıyarık is again a stuffed eggplant dish.
This time, however, we're using minced lamb or beef for the filling with the result being a much more a hearty meal.
Karnıyarık is very popular in Turkey. It is oft to be seen on display in the bain marie of lokantas around the country.
For us, this is one of our favourite Turkish aubergine recipes and is made more filling with the addition of a side serving of Turkish rice.
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A serving of baba ganoush yoghurt and aubergine salad. Jalapeno and black olives are on the side.
Baba Ganoush
Is there anything better than the smoky aroma of roasted aubergines?
Fill your kitchen with this smoky aroma when you make this aubergine recipe; baba ganoush with yoghurt.
Just one of long list of yoghurt-based Turkish meze dishes that will be a very welcome addition to any dinner table.
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A bowl of Turkish saşkşuka. Chopped aubergine, potato, peppers and tomatoes. Topped with freshly chopped parsley.
Not to be confused with the Middle Eastern şakşuka dish, this is another of our favourite Turkish aubergine recipes.
The addition of potatoes makes our şakşuka a more substantial side dish that goes well with şiş kebabs. Or grills such as köfte.
Again, şakşuka is a worthy addition to your meze table that can also be enjoyed by your vegan dinner guests.
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Close up of aubergine salad on top of a slice of toast
Turkish Aubergine Salad
As if the aromas of roasted aubergine weren't enough, this easy aubergine salad recipe (patlıcan salatası) also allows us to indulge in the aromas of sweet roasted red pepper.
This is one of the Turkish aubergine recipes that we love to eat in the hot summer months.
If you have vegan friends and family who also enjoy aubergine recipes, they'll love you for this one.
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A stew in a white bowl, topped with fresh shopped green herbs. Onions and tomatoes are visible.
Ekşili Patlıcan (Sour Aubergine)
'Ekşili' (meaning 'with sour' flavour) dishes are popular in Turkey.
This simple Turkish aubergine recipe, ekşili patlıcan, makes for a light aubergine stew, perfect on a hot summer's day.
Eat on its own or with rice. (Suitable for vegans).
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Pieces of lamb in a tomato sauce on a bed of bechamel. The dish is topped with chopped fresh green herbs.
Hünkar Beğendi
Pure indulgence! Hünkar Beğendi is a Turkish aubergine recipe that originated in the Ottoman kitchens.
A rich aubergine béchamel sauce serves as a bed for comforting lamb stew. It's a dream combination.
'Hünkar beğendi' means 'the Sultan enjoyed it.' If this aubergine recipe was good enough for the Sultan, it's good enough for us.
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Clay pot with musakka and fresh, chopped green herbs
Turkish Musakka
Another of the popular Turkish aubergine recipes that regularly appears in the bain marie of lokantas, Turkish musakka is a delicious mix of minced lamb or beef with slices of aubergine.
A different dish to Greek moussaka, this is a quick and easy aubergine recipe that makes for a great weeknight dish.
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Chickpeas, aubergine chunks and crispy fried onion top a bed of rice in a white bowl.
Spicy Aubergine & Chickpea Stew
The Turkish version of this aubergine recipe is called patlıcanlı nohut yemeği – chickpea stew with aubergines.
The addition of spices and crispy garnish give this stew a more Mediterranean flavour.
Suitable for your vegan friends and family.
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A cast iron oval bowl with cooked vegetable casserole inside. Potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms are topped with melted cheese and chopped fresh herbs.
Vegetable Güveç
Who doesn't love this traditional way of Turkish cooking?

In this vegetable güveç recipe, the aubergine is the star of the show.

We love to make it in springtime when the new baby aubergines appear on the local markets. They're firm and meaty and add great flavour to this vegetarian dish.
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