Day Trip From Fethiye – Rhodes

“Rhodes, Every Day From Fethiye…”

If you know the Fethiye region either from living here or coming for your holidays, you will have seen advertising hoardings on the roadsides, displaying that phrase and a picture of the Flying Poseidon shooting across the sea. It always makes us chuckle when we see it because of the ‘every day.’

Fethiye To Rhodes

Hydrofoils and catamaran take trippers between Fethiye and Rhodes

The first time we used the Flying Poseidon hydrofoil from Fethiye was about three years ago. We needed to go to renew our visa so we took ourselves off to one of the travel agents in the centre of Fethiye to arrange the booking.

‘We’d like to book on the hydrofoil to Rhodes please.’
‘Okay. Which day would you like to go?’
‘Which days does it run?’
‘Every day.’
‘Okay, can we go on Sunday please?’
‘No, not Sunday.’
‘Why not? Is it fully booked?’
‘It doesn’t run on Sundays.’
‘So it doesn’t run every day then?’
‘Yes, it runs every day.’
‘But we can’t go on Sunday so it doesn’t run every day.’
‘Yes. It runs every day – except Sundays.’

And so that was the conversation and we ended up going one day in the week. Throughout July and August, the Flying Poseidon is highly likely to be running every day (assuming that that is with the exception Sundays of course).

Early and late season, it leaves a few days a week taking you for a lovely little outing to the Greek island of Rhodes – specifically, Rhodes Town. And if you fancy this little outing, we’re sure the islanders of Rhodes will be very pleased to see any visitors they can get this year.

We hope to be visiting one day – not Sunday – this season as we haven’t been for a while. We normally use our little Greek trips from Fethiye as a pork fix. You can get amazing gyros in Rhodes which is basically a döner kebab but with pork instead of beef, lamb or chicken and they put a few chips on it too.

However, we have had a great pork fix this lunchtime as my dad is out visiting at the moment. He never comes empty handed so lunch was a bacon half bread with HP sauce. Mm Mm Mmmm. Our mention of the bacon butty also got a good few comments on our Facebook Page.

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  1. I was in Rhodes last November but all the tourist traffic stopped. Wouldn’t that have been nice? To speedboat over for a visit.

  2. Would have been great Sarah. You never know, you might make it here one day 🙂

  3. Hi, Im going to stay in Fethiye in August for three weeks and im very interested in this trip, Could you tell me a little bit more about it such as: How much does it cost? how long do you get to spend in Rhodes and more importantly, would you recommend it?

    Any infomation would be much appreciated

    Thank You 🙂

  4. Hi, at the moment, the hydrofoil is going to Rhodes three times a week. Tues, Thurs, Fri. It could well be going more often by the time you come in august. There is a new catamaran that is going to start at some point but we’re not sure when. We did a post on it here.

    The last time we asked, the price was 58 Euros return per person. The hydrofoil leaves Fethiye at 9am and leaves Rhodes at around 4:30pm. It takes 90 minutes to cross, giving you 6 hours in Rhodes. The hydrofoil docks right outside the walls of the beautiful Rhodes Old Town. Loads to see just in that area if you like to walk around and explore.

    If you’re interested, go into one of the travel agents in Fethiye along the Karagozler (the Karagozler is the coast road that runs past the marina in Fethiye. We have a map here. ) the day before to book because they’ll need to take a copy of your passport 24 hours before you go.

    We’ve always really enjoyed the trip in the past. We haven’t been for 2 years but will maybe go in September.

    Hope that was of some help to you.

  5. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated 🙂

    Really looking forward to my holiday, Turkey is such a beautiful place!

  6. Does anybody know what days this operates in May. I have 2 weddings to attend, one in turkey and one in rhodes, hoping to combine both in one trip. Both the weddings are on a Thurs and are planning to stay for the whole holidays in Turkey, just going over to Rhodes for the wedding.

  7. Hi Karen, hope you see this message. May is a bit of an odd one because it’s early in the season and sometimes, it takes a while for the Rhodes crossing to get underway.
    The new catamaran may well be going earlier as it’s been fully up and running for a while now. It’s run by Yeşil Dalyan (maybe they have a website) and if the catamaran isn’t running, they run a transfer and ticket to Marmamris to get the catamaran from there as that runs every day, all year round so you’ll definitely be able to get across to Rhodes somehow.
    If we find any more info over winter, we’ll let you know and do a post on it too.

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