Gulf of Gökova – Photo Favourite

Gökova Bay View

Fluffy animal anyone? Gökova Bay View

I came across this photo whilst rearranging my filing system yesterday and decided to post it today because it’s one of my favourites.

The D400 highway is a magical road that spans the whole of the South coast of Turkey. It’s my ambition to do a tour and drive the full length of the D400 one day, but for now, we’ll have to be content with the stretches we’ve had the pleasure to traverse.

Set off from Fethiye and take a left onto the D400, heading in the direction of Muğla. After passing the turn-off for Marmaris, the road climbs upwards overlooking the lovely town of Akyaka. It winds very steeply up the side of Sakara Tepe (Sakara Hill) and just as you reach the summit of the hill, you’re rewarded with this amazing view…and if you want, you can stop your car, get out and buy a fluffy lamb, camel or donkey. It makes me chuckle every time we pass this spot. I’ve never seen anyone making a purchase. Well, would you be brave enough to go to the edge and pick up one of the bigger donkeys at the back?

Gökova bay was once chosen as the site for the development of a huge power plant. Thankfully, and not surprisingly, as soon as the information was made public, there was an outcry and the site was built elsewhere.

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  1. what a view! I took a walk around my neighborhood and it is just not as photogenic as your corner of the world.

  2. Amazing isn’t it, Sarah? Yes, it’s very easy to wander around these parts with camera in hand and not have to search for inspiration.

  3. What a great photo!!

  4. @ Belinda: Thanks. I think the view helps a bit!:)

  5. Hey I saw this ‘animal farm’ a couple of years ago and couldn’t understand why it was set up on that edge.If they sold something different from these cute animals such as food, they could make money. At least, I would buy! However, the view is absolutely FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing this photo. Travelling along the South coast sounds amazing! Seeing your posts, I am so tempted to visit there again.

  6. Well at least they have a nice view while waiting to be sold. I’d be tempted to buy one!

  7. Very pretty,I see that I must come visit sooner rather than later.

  8. Wow, this photo says a lot and offers an incredible view. Well done 🙂

  9. @ Zerrin: Yeah, maybe a köfte stand would be a better idea. I could sit up there eating my köfte ekmeği! 🙂

    @ Laurel: I’m thinking I’d quite like one, too.

    @ Inka: Well, you know where we are, although we really must do some more exploring around your neck of the woods too.

    @ Lachlan: Yes, the view is fantastic. Thanks. 🙂

  10. Those things seem everywhere, I even got a picture of one in Iraq! The only reason they popped up is because there’s one in a Turkish comedy I watch and it caught my eye. Strangely enough, every time I’ve been past this little corner I’ve been tempted to buy one…good thing I don’t have the room 🙂

    …just got back (my how time flies) and it was in front of the Arbil Citadel. I’ll show you a picture next time of it, these guys get around!

  11. This is really an inspired photo! And it encapsulates all that is Turkey: the sheer beauty of so many places here, and then the funny, totally unexpected things that you find too!

    I have lived here for about 30 years and still find it exotic and different.

    Claudia in Istanbul

  12. @ Anil: I’m thinking about buying one just as a bit of retro chic. 🙂 It appears traders the world over seem to find these lambs attractive. One day, they’ll realise they’re not and stop selling them. If we buy one they might become valuable commodities! 🙂

    @ Claudia: It is a funny one isn’t it. Favourite, beautiful view – fluffy lambs, camels, donkeys being sold at nobody in particular! 🙂

  13. Very interesting art installation!
    The background is terrific.

  14. What a good view. And yes, I’ll buy one of those in the back.

  15. Nisrine|Dinners and Dreams says

    I’m glad such a site was spared. It is breathtaking.

  16. @ London Caller: Yes, a most interesting one isn’t it!? 🙂

    @ Steve: Well, you’re braver than me. It’s quite a bog drop on the other side, as you can see. 🙂

    @ Nisrine: Yes, us too! I can’t believe anyone would even think to do something like that, there.

  17. Love how the rays are casted in the sky. Beautiful picture. Plus, the little lambs are cute!

  18. So glad you posted this — it’s terrific! What a gorgeous setting for this very amusing display.

  19. This is cute and stunning at the same time. I love the rays of light through the light. I expect the donkeys to start moving!

  20. If you take the turning off to Bodrum you will see the same fluffy animals hanging from the trees and pots of honey and nut flavoured honey, just before you hit Milas.

    Like you in all the years I have been here, I have never seen anyone stop and buy!!

    BTW love your blogs, thank you for all the positive things you say. I have been here 23 years and it is so refreshing to see positive things from people living here, rather than the negativity seen so much in the ex-pat community these days.

  21. @ Norbert: Yeah, I was quite impressed with myself for catching the rays! 🙂 It had been a rainy day the day before.

    @ Cathy: And I don’t think the fluffy lamb sellerseven think about how amusing it looks.

    @ Corinne: That’s what I always think when I see this site.

    @ Jane: We’ve driven down that road a few times, including recently, and never seen that. Probably completely missed it. I’m not the most observant person when I’m driving. The trees would make a great photo! 🙂

    Re the blog: Thanks for saying that. Before we started, we decided we would only ever cover positive things on this blog. It’s easy for us because we’re very happy here.

    The way we see it is we’re here because we want to be and are lucky to be in a situation where we have choices. We shouldn’t take things like this for granted! 🙂

  22. what an amazing view! and to have the stuffed animals in the foreground is so surreal- like something out of a david lynch film. love it 🙂

  23. This randomness is one of the things I love about Turkey! Nice photo Julia.

  24. @ Lorna: Ha ha, that takes us back a bit. I can just see a scene like this popping up in Twin Peaks! 🙂

    @ Liv: Yeah, it doesn’t matter how long you stick around in Turkey, there’s always something like this that’s going to jump out at you and surprise you. 🙂

  25. Tee hee, how sweet, love it!

  26. @ Jools: We find these tacky animals quite cute and sweet. After all these comments, I think we’re going to have to buy a lamb next time we’re around Gökova.

  27. super sweet! 🙂

  28. @ Angela: Lovely isn’t it? 🙂 Everyone should be able to enjoy this.

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