Goings On In June In Fethiye – Busy!

Here we are again; 3rd July 2015 and another monthly Fethiye roundup that's a few days late. Well, it's summer, we've got friends out at the moment, there's lots to do and enjoy on top of daily life...and, if you remember from our May 2015 Fethiye roundup, we told you we were off to Italy. We had a … [Read more...]

The End Of May – It’s Fethiye Random Roundup Time

Yes, it's very early in the summer 2015 season and already, we're meeting ourselves coming back - due to general busyness and, also, because, well, we're not the most organised people in the world. Any current goings on out of the general routine (which has been a gentle winter routine up until now) … [Read more...]

April 2015 in Fethiye – Where Did You Go?

Yes, another month has been and gone, and, once more, it's happened in a complete whirl. All of a sudden, May is upon us! We've purposefully delayed our Fethiye update for April because yesterday was Fethiyespor's final - and immensely crucial - match of the season. We were waiting for the … [Read more...]

The Month In Fethiye – Okay, Two Months

If you read Turkey's For Life a lot, you'll know that since January 2014, we've been doing little monthly roundups of random news from Fethiye. Not so much news as things we've been up to, and little happenings around town that might not otherwise make their own blog post. Anyway, February's roundup … [Read more...]

Life In Fethiye In January 2015 – A Roundup

Already, it's the end of the first month of 2015 and, as with last year, we're going to continue with our monthly Fethiye news roundups. These will be a little recap of what we've been up to throughout the month - but they'll also include little bits and bobs of goings on that otherwise might not … [Read more...]

November December In Fethiye – Two Months In One

Hmm, we're a tad late with our November roundup of what's been happening in Fethiye - and as December is...well, it's December isn't it and anything can happen. Planning for Christmas and New Year, doing normal life in between; December is always a month where anything goes, really, and we just fly … [Read more...]

October In Fethiye – It’s Been Another Busy One

Wow, the end of yet another month! Where does the time go? We probably start off these monthly updates in much the same way...but the days do pass so quickly at the moment. We thought, at the end of our September Fethiye roundup, that things would slow down a little in October but that was proved … [Read more...]

September in Fethiye – That Was The Month That Was…Apparently

Really? September 2014 has been and gone? And now we're going to look back on our month in Fethiye and tell you all about it are we? Wow, what a whirlwind. Let me be completely honest here; I've just sat for the last hour or so going through photos from this month just to jog some memories and - … [Read more...]

Fethiye In September – It’s All Happening Here

It's strange how often this happens, but as soon as September hits Fethiye, it's like the weather gods suddenly jump up and reach for the 'weather change' button. We're still basking but the temperatures are more comfortable. The pleasing September breezes kick in and, all of a sudden, everyone … [Read more...]

Summer In Fethiye – A July & August Roundup

And this is what summer is all about. Every month on the blog, we try to do a roundup of bits and bobs of happenings in Fethiye; what we've been up to and a little bit about what's going on around the neighbourhood. Well, that didn't happen in July. We didn't forget; it's just that our whole month … [Read more...]