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8 Reasons To Go High Street Shopping In Fethiye

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Until recently, shopping for clothes in Fethiye was very difficult for me.

I gave up in the end and started to do rushed catch-up shopping whenever we were back in England.

The reason it was difficult is because there wasn’t a lot of choice in the shop department. And also, I haven’t got the figure of Twiggy.

I mean, I’m no sumo wrestler either. But it seemed that everything I picked up, even if it was ‘Extra Large’, was tiny.

Fethiye High Street Shopping
High street shopping is a relatively chilled out affair

Joy of joys, all that has changed and there are now more high street shops; some of them selling normal-sized (for me) clothing.

So this is my little plug for high street clothes shopping in Fethiye.

A lot of people who come here miss out, I think, because the big Fethiye Market is so famous. Everyone just heads there for the fake designer t-shirts, bags, jeans, trainers.

I’ve never been a ‘designer names person’ so all that does absolutely nothing for me.

I’m also the worst haggler ever, so I’d end up paying a lot more than I ought to do.

High Street Shopping, Fethiye
The high street is also pretty

Enter the high street shop…

Some are chain stores. Others are smaller, independent shops where you can find something a little bit different.

So, here are our 8 reasons to try out a bit of high street shopping in Fethiye:

  • The shops are grouped together in the town centre near the sea, bars, restaurants and the cooling shade of Paspatur (the old town) where you can also buy your souvenirs.
  • Many of the shops are selling good quality fashionable clothing at reasonable prices – sometimes very cheap.
  • If you’re into designer brands, many familiar names (the real thing) are present in the shopping area – Tommy Hilfiger, Polo and the like.
  • If you’re like me and haggling is your worst nightmare (some of us Brits just haven’t got it in us!), well, high street shopping in Fethiye is for you because the clothes have got price tags on them. Woo hoo!
  • If you’re shopping in summer, you get the chance to cool off under the air conditioning and you can try your clothes on in the changing rooms.
  • Even when the sales are on you don’t need to fight your way through a rugby scrum and you can get some real bargains. I’ve just bought a winter coat in the end of season sales. It’s been 22 degrees here today so it felt odd buying a cosy, warm jacket – but Istanbul will be cold next week. I’ll wear it there and then I can put the coat away for next winter. It was reduced from 120 lira to 30 lira – much cheaper than the market I might add. So if you’re in Fethiye during the sales, get shopping!
  • Feel good about yourself for going green. Most of the clothes in the high street shops are made here in Turkey so your carbon footprint is baby-sized and you’re supporting the local economy. There, you’ve done your bit for humankind.
  • And last but not least…I said it before but I’ll just remind you. You’re right near Fethiye’s bars – so when you’ve bought all your goodies, it’s not far to go for an ice-cold Efes Pilsen.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.