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12 Reasons To Go High Street Shopping In Fethiye

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Shopping in Fethiye – and other areas of the country for that matter – sometimes conjures up images of haggling the price down in an attempt to get the best deal on fake designer goods such as leather bags and sportswear.

Bougainvillea trails from a steel frame above the exit onto a shopping street in central Fethiye.
High street shopping in Fethiye is also visually appealing

Yes, that’s an option for those of you looking for that type of souvenir to take home with you.

The Tuesday Fethiye Market can see you straight, there.

But there are so many other goodies to buy when you’re shopping in Fethiye.

In this article, we’re gonna look at what’s out there for purchase on the high street; from the famous, traditional Turkish souvenirs to some other treats you could also consider.

Fethiye is a great place for shopping because, despite the rapid growth of the town, the centre of Fethiye is compact.

It’s not an overwhelming experience, trying to work out where to begin.

A shopping trip into town is really quite pleasant.

Not least because, aside from all the high street shops, you can also take your pick from many of the local bars and eateries when you need a break.

And you can also tick off some of our list of top things to do in Fethiye.

Trust us when we say we’re not keen shoppers.

But that makes Fethiye ideal for us. A lot of choice. But not too much choice.

And no sprawling metropolis. It’s all there in the one place.

We’re not going to highlight any shops in particular; that’s down to your own preferences.

But let’s just have a little wander around the main shopping areas and see what’s out there to tempt anyone on a shopping spree…

The Paspatur bazaar is the old town and this is where you’ll find pretty, pedestrianised cobbled streets shaded by tangles of lush green vines and awnings.

A traditional Turkish shop with an outdoor display of fabrics including cushion covers and kilims.
Cushion covers and kilims for sale in Paspatur

Yes, this is a place of tourist shops but don’t be thinking it’s all about cheap tourist tat.

There is some of that. But a lot of the shops and gift shops in Paspatur old town are selling colourful Turkish carpets and kilims, high quality Turkish ceramics, handmade crafts, jewellery and leather goods.

Also, look out for the locally owned fashion boutiques selling handmade costume jewellery as well as clothing and other accessories.

If you’re looking for edible souvenirs like the famous exotic spices and Turkish delight, you’ll find these in the old town – but also look elsewhere, too.

The Fethiye Fish Market is home to various small stores around the perimeter.

A handful of these are stalls where you can pick up a mind boggling array of fragrant spices and herbal teas.

A Turkish spice stall with baskets and sacks arranged outside, filled with goods.
What a lovely way to do your shopping, eh?

And just follow your nose to find the local coffee stalls, roasting beans and selling Turkish coffee by weight.

If you’re someone who remembers your own local high street shopping area being a place where you could get just about anything you need, then Fethiye shopping will remind you of that.

Make sure to have a good wander around the outer perimeter of the fish market and the surrounding side streets.

This is the area where we like to do much of our town centre shopping.

And it’s one of the best ways to breathe in some of that local culture.

  • Bring your worn out shoes and leave them with the cobbler. They’ll usually be fixed on the same day for very reasonable prices. Barry has his running shoes mended here, too.
  • Watch the guy sitting on the pavement outside his knife store, sharpening knives for customers.
  • Get your watch repaired or pick up a new battery or strap for it from the saatçi (watch guy) in the wooden kiosk on the corner.
  • Pick up some traditional Turkish copperware. Our menemen pan was bought from one of the shops around here.
  • If hunting and fishing is your thing, then yes, of course there’s a shop here to supply you with all the equipment you need.
  • Stationery, bags and rucksacks, wool, fabrics, Christmas decorations (year round).

There’s a lot of gentrification and modernisation going on around Fethiye town centre, but this area is hanging on in there as a reminder of what much of Fethiye was like a few years ago. It has a vibrant atmosphere.

Clothing, footwear, accessories. It’s all here.

A historic Fethiye shopping street lined with Greek Ottoman buildings. A steep wooded rocky crag backs the street.
Çarşı Caddesi is one of the main Fethiye shopping streets

Wander along Atatürk Caddesi, Çarşı Caddesi and the pedestrianised streets off Çarşı Caddesi – including the famous Umbrella Street.

And for a bit more pedestrianised retail therapy, head to the shaded streets of the ever-evolving Dispanser area at behind the main town square.

As mentioned above, there’s no shortage of independent, locally-owned clothing boutiques in Fethiye.

If you love to browse small stores, you’re going to be occupied for some time, here.

Peruse at your own pace and spend at leisure.

And the great thing about shopping along Umbrella Street in summer is, all the cool air from the air conditioning in the shops spills out onto the street.

It’s like a mini outdoor shopping centre.

A pedestrianised street with shops either side. The street is shaded by lots of suspended colourful umbrellas.
Umbrella Street – 95 Sokak – is cool and shaded

These are also the streets where, if you’re looking for the real thing rather than fake designer and sports goods, you’ll find stores selling genuine high-end brands.

A lot of these shops are locally owned franchises so you can still support local even whilst buying famous brands.

A pedestrianised Fethiye street with shops, eateries and other buildings either side.
There’s also lots of shopping to be done in the Dispanser area

These are the household names; stores that you will see in various sizes and towns and cities all around the country.

You’ll find clothes of varying quality in these stores. And in the years since we’ve lived here, the choice and sizing selection has improved greatly.

If you’re conscious about your carbon footprint when you’re shopping, the Turkish textile industry is huge.

You’ll find that most, if not all of the goods that are sold in Turkish chain stores are made in the country rather than imported from abroad.

Whilst we do try to support the Fethiye high street shops and stores, we know lots of people prefer the indoor experience.

Just next to the otogar (the main bus station) is the Erasta AVM.

This is the Fethiye shopping centre experience.

But this article is a celebration of high street shopping. You can read more here about Erasta shopping centre.

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Wednesday 8th of May 2024

Thanks for the suggestion about getting old shoes fixed at the cobblers. Is there one that you would recommend?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.