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It’s The Fethiye Newsletter – February 2018

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Yes, it’s time for the (almost) monthly news from Fethiye – daily life and random goings on around town.

A deluge of rain, construction along the harbour, new bars, more sporting misery – you know, the usual. But let’s start off with the annual, rather than the monthly, usual…

Fethi Bey Commemorations

As some of you may know, the town of Fethiye is named after Pilot Fethi Bey who was killed during a flight in 1914.

27th February is when his death is commemorated with gatherings around his statue.

This year’s commemoration was slightly different. More of a buzz around it because the Fethi Bey statue has now been moved to its new home in the new Recreation Area.

Fethi Bey Commemoration
The crowds gathered despite more impending rain

His new position is far more fitting – a real monument of the town rather than being tucked away in his previous hiding place behind the old Iskele Restaurant in Fethiye.

He’s even got an aeroplane next to him on his plinth.


THK (Türk Hava Kurumu – the Turkish Aeronautical Association) paramotors performed a display with Fethi Bey, Atatürk and Turkish flags flying below them.

Local students and youngsters from the youth wing of the THK did readings. And, two days in a row, three Turkish Air Force fighter jets did a fly over.

The noise was immense – impressive stuff. We can only see this annual commemoration growing now there’s such a big gathering area here.

You can see more photos from the commemoration in this set on our Facebook page.

Fethiye Recreation Area Sneak Peek

Which leads us nicely on to the new recreation area where Fethi Bey is now living. This is still a hard hat area and off limits.

The harbour pathway towards the gathering area had been opened specially, just for that day.

So, despite the rubbish weather, we suspect some people (like us) were there for more than reason – a chance to have little scan around at developments.

The New Fethiye Recreation Area
We took the opportunity to have a little scan around the area

From the perimeter fencing, apart from the obvious protrusions of the windmills and the skateboard half pipes, it’s difficult to see much apart from piles of sludge.

As well as palm trees, numerous other trees have been planted.

Judging from their current appearance, they’re most definitely deciduous trees and look like they’re going to be offering lots of natural shade in summer as they mature.

On Schedule?

As you can see in the collage above, walkways and waterways and bridges are really starting to shape the project.

Up close and personal, like this, progress is swifter than we thought it had been. Exciting times!

Midsummer is the projected completion time and then we’ll be able to walk from Fethiye as far as Duck Island without touching the main road.

Think this park will definitely feature on our list of Fethiye must sees and dos when all is finished.

Duck Island, Fethiye
It won’t be long before we can walk to Duck Island all along the harbour

Cycle Paths

Elsewhere along the harbour, those of you who like to wander around by means of two wheels and pedals will be happy to learn that safer cycle paths are currently being laid along Fethiye harbour.

This takes you away from the main road in certain sections.

Eating Fethiye

So busy have we been experimenting in the kitchen over the last few weeks, we’ve not been out and about for food too much.

Balık Ekmek At Kırçiçeği Cafe
Balık ekmek – a perfect pre-match snack

En route to watch Fethiyespor at the beginning of the month, we stopped off at Mezgit Cafe to get a balık ekmek.

Well, it’s a yummy and filling pre-match snack and helps to dampen the pain of Fethiyespor’s not-so-great results! Mezgit Cafe has been added to our list of places to eat and drink in Fethiye.

Aside from that, we did succumb to a ‘fish and chip Friday’ urge and take ourselves off to Charcoal Palace in Çalış for one of the monster portions served up there.

My birthday on the last day of the month was also another treat day – meze and steak at Çarıklı Et Restaurant. Never disappoints.

Fethiyespor – Win, Draw, Loss

If you look at the scores throughout February, you’ll see a mixed bag. 2 losses, 2 draws and one win.

As you might expect, that’s not done much good for the league table position. Crucial home match this weekend that supporter groups are attempting the rally the masses for. Fethiyespor play top of the table, Altay…and we’re away, taking part in Runtalya.

Sure they’ll manage without us…

(Monday Morning Update: Manage they did, with a 1-1 draw yesterday)

In The Kitchen

Potato Salad Recipe With Egg
Some Turkish potato salad recipes contain egg

February is the month where Spring starts to give us clues that it’s not too far away from us.

Almond blossom on the trees and, as we were shopping at the fish market recently, we spotted lots of baby new potatoes. A few of those were bagged up to take home and make potato salad.

Lavaş bread has also been on our menu this month, as has our alternative to homemade hummus – our recipe for fasulye ezmesi.

White Bean Dip Or Fasulye Ezmesi
Fasulye Ezmesi is a tasty white bean dip

We’ve got lots of other new recipes to add to the blog over the coming weeks, too – we’ve been playing with hamsi and also another favourite; sucuk.

Some are traditionally Turkish recipes and others are Middle Eastern experiments.

On The Blog

We’re always doing lots of work on the blog; often behind the scenes stuff that isn’t necessarily a new blog post.

A couple of our categories have been spruced up to make them more useful and a tad more aesthetically pleasing.

Our Istanbul Category was first to get the treatment. And then we did this very category that you’re reading a part of now; our Fethiye News. More to come in the future.

This month, was also the month of the longest, most photo-filled article on the whole blog. We took you on a journey through Ephesus ancient city.

Ephesus Library Of Celsus
Ephesus is our biggest article on the blog

It’s one of the most visited sites in Turkey and it’s also a World Heritage Site.

Completing this post meant we could also bring our list of Turkey’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites right up to date. We’ve still got a few we need to visit!

Instagram Fethiye Photo Favourite

We might have had a really wet Fethiye weather for February but that’s not meant we’ve not been able to get out there during rain gaps for a little walk.

It’s not surprising that this month’s most liked Fethiye photo from our Instagram account is from a wet day along the harbour.

Whilst we’ve loved some of the photo opportunities during the wet weather, a sunnier March will be much appreciated.

Let’s see what happens…

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Wednesday 4th of April 2018

I am looking for yoga classes or retreat around Fethiye/Calis. Can anyone help?

Turkey's For Life

Sunday 8th of April 2018

Hi Janet. There are yoga classes taught in English that are held in Çalış along the seafront. Not sure of the days but they're a couple of times a week. Our friend goes so we can find out if you like. There are also yoga retreats at different places around Fethiye. We know there's one in Kabak at the Olive Garden.


Tuesday 6th of March 2018

Thanks for the transferwise link. I've always been dubious of these companies but if you have tried and tested it , I will use your link next time.

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 7th of March 2018

You're welcome, BacktoBodrum. Like we said in the post, we've been using this method for a while now. It's really quick and easy. Thanks a lot. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.