Day Trip From Fethiye – Springtime On Ölüdeniz Beach

Hooray, the sun came out in Fethiye yesterday and as we’ve got a friend out at the moment who loves beaches and sunbathing, we thought it only right to have a beach day at the beautiful Ölüdeniz. May is the best time for us to go there because neither me nor Barry are particularly great when it comes to lying in hot sun so yesterday was very bearable – well for an hour at least. We got bored after that and went to the Sea Horse Restaurant for a drink while Charlotte continued to soak up the rays.

Yesterday was the first outing of the year for the bikini – but it was purely for sunbathing purposes. I had no intention of getting it wet! Barry was determined to have his first swim of the year and described the water temperature as ‘refreshing’ (otherwise known as freezing) so that confirmed what I suspected. It is not swimming weather yet. Charlotte had a swim too and as it took her a good few minutes to get into the water, my mind was definitely made up to stay toastie under the sun.

oludeniz Turkey belcekiz beach

Yes, it might be touristy but there’s no denying Ölüdeniz is beautiful!

Apart from the acceptable May temperatures, we also love Ölüdeniz at this time of year because it’s low season so Belcekiz Beach (the main beach you can see in the photo) isn’t completely covered in sunbeds. You can still see the natural beauty of the area and the sea is clear and an amazing turquoise colour.

Once the sun started to go down, we went to we went to Kumsal Restaurant for some tea on the sea front. We’ve mentioned Kumsal in the past – home of the bowling alley. This photo is of the rooftop restaurant area with views of the hills and lush greenery in the background. The view to the left is through the trees and out to sea – an amazing setting for a bit of the famous Turkish pide (like a long thin pizza). I’ve got to say, it was fantastic.

Oludeniz Belcekiz Beach Kumsal

The beautiful roof terrace of Kumsal Pide

We ordered mezes (ezme, hummus and sigara böreği – cheese rolls) and then three medium pides. We always go for kuşbaşılı pide (tiny cubes of beef or lamb) so we got one of those. Charlotte’s vegetarian so she got a cheese, pepper, onion and tomato one and then we got a cheese and spinach one too. The cheese and spinach pide was a revelation. Loved it. Rather than being open so so you could see all the topping like on a normal pide, it was completely folded over.

Wherever we go to eat out, we always ask for a plate of chillies to go with our meal. Pide just isn’t pide without chilli flakes so the waiter brought us some and issued a warning that these particular chilli flakes were scorchers. He was right, too! They were amazing so we asked him where we could buy them from. Another plus point to the restaurant for us – these flakes are not bought in. They’re from the chillies grown in the owner’s garden. They’re then dried and chopped with a little oil. If you like spicy and if you ever get the chance to go to Kumsal Restaurant, ask for the chilli flakes.

Of course, what we should have done is take a photo of all this fantastic food but we were on the last slice of pide when it crossed our mind so it was all a bit too late by then. I’m sure we’ll be going there again very soon though so we’ll take some photos then.

(The pides come in three sizes and we weren’t sure what size to order so plumped for the middle ground and got medium. We’d had the mezes so the medium was more than big enough…might have to skip the mezes and go large next time though. The diet can wait.)

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  1. that is my kind of day- sun, sea and Turkish pide. I would have jumped in the water if I were there, getting way to hot where I am.

  2. Oooh it sounds like a wonderful day! I’ve never had pide.. must try! And the weather so gorgeous, getting very envious:)

  3. Mad Dog McClane says

    Great blog!

  4. Getting very hot here Sarah but went in the sea the other day and that is yet to heat up!

    Margit, pide is a fantastic cheap snack. Posting on it soon.

    Mad Dog Mclane, thanks 🙂

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