Çalış Beach Sunset – An April Photo And A Meeting

Each Friday, readers visiting this blog have come to expect a photo of a scene from the Fethiye region. Well, things have gone a little bit skew-whiff throughout April. One Friday, we completely forgot it was Friday but at least we posted a photo tour of Xanthos – a few photos for the price of one. This week, we did remember it was Friday and we did intend to post a photo but circumstances – running around preparing for our trip to Italy – meant it wasn’t possible to get it done.

So, this week’s Friday photo is a Saturday snap! On Wednesday, just about the whole of Turkey was sitting underneath a storm, and high winds and rain caused disruption to flights – and we had the usual scenario of the electricity flickering on and off. But storms and heavy skies always make for a good sunset…

Calis Beach Sunset

A stormy sunset over Çalış

We’ve had photos of the Çalış Beach sunset in the past but no two are the same. This was the scene on Thursday and, as you can see, the storm clouds were once again rolling in. (Thankfully, they didn’t amount to much.)

We’d gone to Çalış on Thursday evening to meet someone. When you run a blog, you come into contact with other blogs and bloggers. We’ve been following a blog called Life In The Expat Lane for quite a while now and the lady who writes it (Miss Footloose) is currently living in Moldova. She and her husband had wanted to visit Turkey for a while and on reading Turkey’s For Life, decided to head to this region. There’s pressure!

Well after nearly missing them because I got the time wrong (you should be getting a good picture of our haphazard lifestyle by now), we managed to catch them and enjoy a couple of drinks together while watching the sun go down. Miss Footloose and her husband have now left Fethiye but we’re happy (and relieved) to report that they enjoyed their time here and she’s already written a post about their break to Fethiye.

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  1. Very little beats a gorgeous sunset!

  2. It’s always a huge relief when we Turkey bloggers encourage people to visit our fosterland and, when they do, they actually like it! We’ve had one or two who didn’t. You feel so responsible.

  3. Julia, that’s my photo 😉 Okay, not really, but I have one just exactly like that. Probably since we were sitting at the same table having a drink and snapping away at the very same sunset. It was amazing!

    You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place, and I’m glad we had a chance to see it too.

  4. @ Belinda: Very true. I keep telling myself I won’t photograph any more Çalış sunsets but then I can’t resist when I see them. 🙂

    @ Jack Scott: That’s the issue isn’t it? We were actually nervous when she said she was coming to this part of Turkey. 🙂

  5. @ Miss Footloose: Great to meet you and I’m sure you have got a VERY similar photo. 🙂 Glad you found Fethiye beautiful, too. What a relief. 🙂

  6. Don’t forget which day it is when it’s time to catch your flight back to Turkey. I don’t forget which day it is but haven’t a clue what time it is most of the day.

  7. @ BacktoBodrum: It’s a very real possibility. We seem to wander through life in a daze. 🙂

  8. You have a knack of taking amazing photos !!!!

  9. @ Anonymous: Wow, thank you very much. What a lovely comment to wake up to this morning. 🙂

  10. Beautiful picture, I never get tired of sunsets by the sea!

  11. I so hear you on this one. I do that too, mean to have something posted and then realize it was meant to be yesterday. We enjoy the posts, whenever they arrive.

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