Book Review: Mezze – Small Plates To Share By Ghillie Başan

The best food should always carry with it stories and happy memories of life events, travels, chance meetings, making new friends or spending quality time with old friends and family. 'Mezze - Small Plates To Share,' is a book packed with recipes by award winning, Cordon Bleu trained cookery writer, … [Read more...]

The Tale Of Kayaköy Roots Music Festival 2016

It was definitely ambitious; a 2-day music festival in Kayaköy with performances from six well known Turkish bands and musicians. Some of them internationally famous. A festival where you could buy tickets for just one day or for both days - and there was camping, too. On 13th and 14th September, … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas With A Flavour Of Turkey – It’s That Time Of Year

Turkish Christmas gifts make wonderful presents which show you've put a bit of thought into it this year. So, are we all feeling festive yet? We're going to be putting our Christmas tree up over the next couple of days to get ourselves really into the spirit - but we've already made the mince for … [Read more...]

Baba Zula Play Roots In Kayaköy

Hmm, I think we can well and truly say, Fethiye is definitely on the music map of Turkey, these days. Past blog posts in years gone by have seen us sulking a tad because none of our favourite Turkish bands - even non-favourite Turkish bands for that matter - ever had Fethiye as part of their tour … [Read more...]

Turkey Street – Perking The Pansies Sequel Is Here

If you're wondering what book to read next, let us make a suggestion for you... Yes, what seems like many many moons ago, we wrote a gushing book review of Jack Scott's debut book, Perking The Pansies; Jack and Liam Move To Turkey. We loved it! If you're not familiar with Jack Scott, he's a … [Read more...]

(Mis)Adventures In Muğla – Duman & Otogars

"Hi, I'm in India. Duman in Muğla in March. Any interest?" Random short messages from random places in the world sent to us by friend and fellow blogger FoXnoMad do pop up in our inbox occasionally. We follow the Duman Facebook page but this date had escaped us. Fortunately, it hadn't escaped … [Read more...]

Book Review: Ayşe’s Trail By Atulya K. Bingham

"Hi Barry and Julia. Apologies for the slow reply. We had a terrible forest fire in Adrasan over the weekend and I was helping friends out..." And life's like that. The author of the book we'd been invited to review couldn't reply to us because she was helping friends in a clean up operation … [Read more...]

Duman At The Jolly Joker Concert Hall In Antalya – Realising A Dream!

Food, music, sport - a big part of our lives. And, it's got to be said, very easy to indulge our love for them in Turkey. When we first moved to Fethiye ten years ago, we started to get to know of different Turkish bands and, as soon as Duman blasted into our ears one night in Deep Blue, we were … [Read more...]

The Fairytale Of Fethiye & James Bond

Long ago, in a faraway corner of Southwest Turkey, the residents of Fethiye were going about their daily business as usual, when, all of a sudden, from out of the blue, some startling news appeared before them.... Oh, how excited the Fethiye folks became when they heard that the new James Bond … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Sultan’s Kitchen by Özcan Ozan

Yesterday's post was an introduction to our Turkish Food & Recipes Feature Week where we outlined what was going to be in store over the coming days. We've hit the kitchen to showcase three different Turkish recipes and all three of them have been chosen from the cookery book, The Sultan's … [Read more...]