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Turkish Food – Mücver Recipe

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Mücver (courgette / zucchini fritters) is absolutely gorgeous and the recipe is something I’ve been playing about with since we moved into this house.

It’s still not how we want it but it’s getting there.

The quantities are something you just have to play with so that you can get your mücver exactly right for you.

Whenever I made it in the past it was either too eggy, too floury, too oily…the list goes on and so fırında mücver filled the gap for a while.

But, not to be defeated, I’ve soldiered on and the ones I made the other day were the best attempt yet.

A Turkish Recipe For Mücver (Courgette Fritters)

  • Grate 2 or 3 courgettes (depending on size and how ‘courgettey’ you want your mücver to be) into a mixing bowl. Some people salt them to get rid of the excess moisture but I can’t really taste any difference so I don’t bother anymore.
  • Add 2 eggs.
  • Time for the herbs and spices. A good sprinkling of paprika, dried mint, chilli flakes, salt, pepper and some fresh, chopped dill. I find dill can be overpowering so go easy with it if you are using it.
  • At this point, you can add some optional extras – parsley, a little grated carrot or some crumbled Turkish white cheese (feta, if you’re not in Turkey) but we had none of these ingredients in the house when I made my mücver so they’re not in this recipe).
Ingredients For Making Mücver
A colourful mix of mücver ingredients
  • Give everything a good stir to bring all your ingredients together into a mixture.
  • This is where you need to start adding your flour. I sieve mine into the bowl gradually just to make it easier to mix in.
  • As a very rough guide, you need to add about half to three quarters of a tea mug full of flour. Keep stirring to to get a good consistency and stop adding the flour when you’re happy with it. You need a cross between not too stodgy but not too eggy.
Turkish Mücver
Fry your mücver until golden brown on both sides
  • Add a little oil to a non-stick frying pan, heat on a medium heat and place a heaped dessert spoonful of your mixture in the pan and flatten it out a little.
  • Fry them for a few minutes on one side until they’re set and golden brown and then use a spatula to flip them over.
  • Fry them in batches until you’ve used all your mixture (my mixture made 14) and let them cool down and drain on kitchen roll.
Süzme Turkish Yoghurt
Mücver goes really well with süzme yoghurt

As we said in our previous post, mücver is very good friends with a dollop of Turkish süzme yoghurt.

If you can’t get Turkish yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is very similar. If you like garlic (we do), grate some into your yoghurt for some extra flavour.

We ate the first, lukewarm batch as a meal and then we let the rest of the mücver cool down and ate it as a snack, straight from the fridge the day after.

Afiyet Olsun!

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Turkey's For Life

Sunday 16th of September 2012

@ Linda: Glad the recipe worked out for you so you could get the consistency you wanted for your mücver. To be honest, we've had loads recently with different fillings so I think Turkish cuisine is getting to be more experimental. :)


Sunday 16th of September 2012

Just tried these, didn't have any type of herbs, but put some grated carrot and spring onion in.Not bad at all, so much nicer than the recipe I tried before as came out much too floury.Your picture showing expected gloopiness was a great helpThank you! Linda

Turkey's For Life

Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

Thanks Aurelio.

We'll leave the Scottish/Turkish fusion dish to you then, Purest Green. What would you come up with? :)


Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

Oh my! These look amazing. I love your use of courgettey measurements. Lovely blog. I am sure there is a Scottish/Turkish fusion dish just waiting to be made. :)

Aurelio Barattini

Monday 20th of September 2010

Very Good Recipe!!! Thank you about your comment on my blog. Enjoy

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.