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Our Fethiye News Round Up For May 2016

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So, yet another month over with in Fethiye – and, as with April, it’s just flown by. Much has happened and we’ve done lots ourselves, too.

So, as usual, there’s all sorts to catch up with on the blog.

For now, though, let’s have a little summary of what’s been going on around the area – a recap and, depending on whether you follow us anywhere else online, some little bits of Fethiye news for May that you might not know about.

Fethiye International Culture & Arts Festival

One of our favourite events on the local Fethiye events calendar is the International Culture & Arts Festival, mainly because of the World Music Festival that’s a part of it.

This year, the festival ran from 9th-15th May – but actually, it kind of passed us by, this time.

The stage was set up in Fethiye so we thought we’d catch one of the nights. Hmm, friends over from the UK and a little bit of bad weather thrown in on the last night…and before we knew it, the whole thing was done and dusted.

For the last couple of years, we’ve been up to Kayaköy for part of the festival and this year was no different…except it was a bit different because we were just sweltering hot (not very summery clothing on what turned out to be a particularly hot day).

So, after a few tunes and songs from festival regular, Scott Jeffers, an air-conditioned dolmuş back to Fethiye held overriding appeal.

Ahh, well, there’s always next year…

If you’re around town in July (and possibly August) by the way, Scott Jeffers is hoping to be back in Fethiye to do some performances so keep an eye out for those…

Welcome Return Of The Fethiye Umbrellas

Ohhh, that moment when an average Fethiye shopping street suddenly becomes a tourist attraction.

Çarşı 95 Sokak features on one of our posts from way back when, when we championed the delights of high street shopping in Fethiye.

Fethiye Umbrellas 95 Sokak
A great place to do your high street shopping

Home to Cafe Cafe, Kukina Caferia, jewellery shops, fashion stores and quality sports shops, Çarşı 95 Sokak is now also the place where you bring your camera to take a photo of the long, regimental lines of multicoloured umbrellas stretching out ahead of you.

What a great area to sit and have a speciality coffee or just wander along in the shade doing your window shopping, eh?

The umbrellas were a big hit last year – and this year, there are sooo many more (this is just a section of them, in the photo).

They’re protected by a fabric cover, too, so they shouldn’t fade or get battered and bruised too quickly should a summer storm decide to come along and play havoc.

A Revamped Fethiye Weather Page

And writing of umbrellas and storms, Barry’s been hard at work this month (completely unintentionally – he just got caught up with it) revamping a page on the blog.

So bookmark this page or find it in the dropdowns under the Fethiye section if you want to see the Fethiye weather right now, as well as a forecast for the week ahead.

A Day At Karaot Beach

May was the month where we took ourselves off to Karaot Beach with friends for the day.

It was an organised picnic and kids’ kite festival which aimed to highlight the beach’s special environmental status.

If you remember that post, Karaot Beach has been earmarked as the new location of the boat yard.

Karaot Beach, Fethiye
Beautiful, untouched Karaot Beach

We, and many other people, are hoping we can continue to enjoy the untouched beauty of Karaot – and, hopefully, an alternative location can be decided upon for the boatyard.

We’ll definitely be there again one day soon…

Eating & Drinking Fethiye

Fethiye Fish Market

Fethiye Fish Market Restaurants
The restaurants are all around the edge of the fish market

We’ve not eaten here recently, but we certainly shop here often enough, so that prompted us to do our gigantic guide to Fethiye fish market and the shops and stalls surrounding it.

Well, you’ve just got to love the fish market, haven’t you?

This month, we also needed to visit Erasta shopping centre again – so, as usual, that was a perfect excuse for another not-very-little lunch near Fethiye Otogar.

But we’ve also been out and about elsewhere, too, and we’ve now got a queue of three other places to tell you about so we can add them to our collection of Fethiye eateries and watering holes.

By the time we do our Fethiye news round up in June, we’ll hopefully have those posts done and dusted.

That’s the intention, anyway…

In The Kitchen

Homemade Chicken Schnitzel Recipe
We’re making our own chicken schnitzel

We’re forever saying that we are continuing to work on improving and building upon our Turkish recipes on the blog.

Well, May was a little bit different because we improved a recipe from our International Recipes category due to the fact that we’ve been eating rather a lot of it recently.

If you missed it, here’s how to make your own chicken schnitzel. So yummy with a simple salad on a hot day.

Seasonal sightings on Fethiye’s Tuesday market and also the Sunday market in Çalış mean we have also had the pleasure of our fridge being home to a big bowl of seasonal barbunya pilaki and a Turkish potato salad made from baby new potatoes.

Mmmm, love May!

Fethiye Mayor, Behçet Saatçi, Speaks To Britain

Well, we can’t ignore this, can we?

BBC Radio 5 Live did a short series about the situation for tourism in Turkey for 2016. Fethiye mayor, Behçet Saatçi, was interviewed and told listeners, “This is the year to come to Turkey.”

It’s only a short 2 and a half minute clip. Give it a listen.Fethiye Facebook Photo Favourite

And last, but not least, if you like our page on Facebook, you’ll know we’re always sharing photos on there that are pretty much what we’re all about; Fethiye, Slow Travel and Turkish Food.

Each month, we keep a note of the Fethiye photo that got the most likes so that we can share it in our monthly Fethiye news posts.

Well, the photo of the umbrellas that you can see above absolutely rocketed through 1,000 likes!

And, that just about wraps up our month of May in Fethiye.

Let’s see what June 2016 brings…

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Sunday 5th of June 2016

I'm almost out of breath from trying to catch up with your monthly round up. You've certainly been busy. And the chicken schnitzel looks delicious.

Turkey's For Life

Monday 6th of June 2016

Yeah, for such a small area, we certainly seem to be able to rack up a lot of Fethiye news each month, Mette! :) We love a schnitzel. ;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.