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A Flyer Of An August

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Wow, it feels like we always say the previous month passed us by so quickly – but August; seriously, it feels like a week ago that we did our July roundup of our Fethiye news.

And here we are in September; summer’s twilight days.

We do love September and we’re looking forward to the month ahead. But, first of all, let’s just stop for one moment and look back on August.

I think August passes us by so quickly because we have friends out from the UK for the last ten days or so of the month.

They come at the same time every year, and, as they don’t use social media, we miss out on their daily lives in England so it’s always a big catch up session.

The time disappears too quickly. But, lots has been happening, too, so let’s make a start…

Şehit Fethi Bey Parkı

Şehit Fethi Bey Park Play Area
Lots for the kids to do

It’s not all been plain sailing for our new, all singing all dancing park, but, slowly slowly, Şehit Fethi Bey Parkı is settling into its skin.

There are still problems; signs on the hammocks tell you not to use them if you are above 90 kilos in weight.

This seems to bypass some people, three adults on one hammock – and a couple of the hammocks are no more.

On the children’s park, a couple of the seesaw roundabouts have broken; adults playing on apparatus designed for small children.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The upkeep of the gardens is constant and the areas designed for the teenage kids – basketball courts and the half pipes – are being really well used.

Well done to the youth of Fethiye, we say! There’s some talent there, too. Somersaulting roller bladers and the like.

The outdoor gym areas are busy every morning and we’re making full use of the running track. The colourful fountains at night are a winner, too.

We’ll see how things develop in the future…


Fethiyespor’s season kicks off this weekend and yesterday saw a flurry of new signings.

Even the club described it as ‘yoğun’ (busy and intense) on their Facebook page.

The first match is away to Şanlıurfa so we have another week’s grace before we’re plodding on up to the stadium.

Fethiyespor v Hacettepespor
Fethiyespor team hug

The start of the season has meant we’ve been busy updating our Fethiyespor club information.

Summer Beach Life

A nine day Kurban Bayramı holiday (Feast of the Sacrifice) meant Fethiye’s beaches were pretty much rammed during that time in August so we knew better and avoided them.

Well, we do have the luxury of going to a beach whenever we feel like it.

Aroma Beach Club, Çalış
Wonder Beach, Fethiye

The number of links on our Fethiye Beaches page has continued to grow, however, despite a nine day beach avoidance.

We returned to Şövalye Adası Restaurant and Beach and have updated that post as we had some food there last time we went.

Our friends’ son loved his day on the island. Not sure if he loved the island itself or if it was the fact that he got to (help) steer the boat there and back!

Eating Out

This August, there was a special anniversary for us. 25 years together. Wow!

Are we old enough for that? Yeah, we must be.

We’re hoping to get away in September, perhaps, but on the actual day, we wanted a special meal that we both knew we would enjoy.

So a good old favourite. Off we went to Çarıklı Et for a juicy steak!

As usual, we left full to the brim.

Çarıklı Et Steak
Entrecote steak at Çarıklı Et

Fillet steak in pepper sauce for me and a slab of entrecote for Barry. In our meze selection – that always must contain roasted garlic, beetroot and spicy pickled aubergine – we also ordered brain.

Well, we did say in our original article about this restaurant that it was everything but the moo and the baa.

Whilst our friends have been out here on holiday, we couldn’t not take them to the consistently fantastic Babzen Kebab in Çalış.

As we arrived via the rear entrance, the chef was just placing a huge tray full of freshly cooked lamb shanks on the kitchen counter. That was us decided, then.

Absolutely delicious!

One of our group was vegetarian so she ordered vegetable güveç. Topped with the same baked lavaş topping as our lamb shanks, she loved it.

Great idea for a lid, chef!

Eating In

It’s been a summer of salads and cold meze but we’ve also managed a few (light) hot dishes, too.

With regards to salads and cold meze, we added a new recipe to our page of Turkish recipes. Melon salad has been a favourite during these hot summer days; both galia melon and watermelon.

Galia Melon Salad
Galia melon and blue cheese salad, garnished with cashew nuts and fresh mint

Barbunya beans are in their prime so the old favourite, barbunya pilaki, has made an appearance or two on the dining table throughout August.

And more beans, too, in the form of taze fasulye (green beans in olive oil).

Also, cauliflower and broccoli have made an appearance on Fethiye market and Çalış Market, too.

We usually associate these vegetables with winter so we’re not sure where they’ve popped up from. We shall find out.

Anyway, we love our cauliflower and broccoli. We reshared our healthy, light cauliflower stew recipe in August.

Turkish Musakka Serving
Yummy Turkish musakka

And a long overdue update to a recipe we added to the blog way back in 2010. (As well as adding new recipes, we’re still working through old recipes to improve them.)

We’ve eaten a good dose of Turkish musakka throughout August so our Turkish musakka recipe got the update treatment.

August Fethiye Weather

Ohh, we actually had a titchy bit of variation in our weather for the month of August. A bit of rain was forecast in the last week of the month.

August Fethiye Weather
The weather that was

It was nothing more than a bit of cloud build up here in Fethiye centre but our friends were staying in Ovacık and they said they got a few spots of rain up there.

Nothing too distressing, though.

If you want to see the forecast for when you’re visiting Fethiye, don’t forget you can keep yourself up to date with our Fethiye Weather page.

Instagram Photo Favourite

Quite surprised by this month’s most liked Fethiye photo on Instagram. It was taken on one of our beachy days earlier in the month.

We were at Koca Çalış and the simit seller was walking up and down plying his trade.

Guess people liked the scene of the simits on his head against the coastal backdrop.

And that just about wraps up August 2018. For September, momentum is growing for this year’s Yaşam İçin Yarış (Race For Life) in Fethiye.

It’s not until mid October but registration and other events will take place throughout September.

As well as it being a great cause (proceeds go towards cancer services in town), we love that there’s a run we can take part in, in Fethiye.

You can keep up with all the latest news and info on the Yaşam İçin Yarış Facebook group.

And as for us, we’re looking forward to a slightly calmer, quieter month and some cooler weather. Bring on those September breezes!

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Joy @MyTravelingJoys

Friday 7th of September 2018

I'll swap your beach life with my London life anytime guys! ;) But seriously, since experiencing such a hot summer here but working full-time meant we missed out on having an actual beach trip this year. I was hoping for some kinda cheap flight tix for this month or Oct, but alas, it is not to be. Maybe next year?

Turkey's For Life

Friday 14th of September 2018

Hi Joy, yeah flight prices to Turkey this October have been super high. My dad can't make it this year because of the prices. Lots of people complianing - but Turkey is also back on the map. It's been a good season. :) Hope you get a beach break soon.


Sunday 2nd of September 2018

September already? Surely not. Where did summer go?

Turkey's For Life

Monday 3rd of September 2018

That's exactly what we were thinking, BackToBodrum...although we are ready for some cooler weather, it's got to be said. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.