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Nefis Pide Kordon – Seaside Dining At Side Street Prices

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It’s always a comfort to know that places like Nefis Pide Kordon are still holding their own amongst the vast number of eateries around the Fethiye area.

We love the more upmarket dedicated seafood restaurants like Girida Port and Çalış Balıkçısı. And steak houses like Çarıklı Et Restaurant.

They’re our special occasion places.

And we love going to the town centre bars that are serving up dishes which are in the current demand of the younger Turkish population: think gourmet burgers, pad thai, pasta dishes, ‘beer plates’ and the like.

If this is your wont, head to places like Büyük Ev, Cafe Park Teras and El Camino.

The outside area of Nefis Pide Kordon, shaded by trees and wooden roof terrace.
There’s no big sign to tell you where you are at Nefis Pide Kordon

It’s a wonder that the older eateries serving up traditional Turkish foods like homemade pide and döner kebab survive amongst this modernity.

But survive they do – many even thrive!

Because sometimes, you just need that no nonsense familiarity.

A Turkish staple where you know exactly what you’re getting – and you know it’s not going to disappoint.

Nefis Pide Kordon is one of those places.

Nefis Pide Kordon – True To Its Name

Those of you who know Fethiye will know that Nefis Pide has been sat tucked alongside the old mosque in the old town of Paspatur for many years.

Its seaside version – Nefis Pide Kordon – however, is relatively new to the scene.

There’s no big bold sign to announce its presence, either. Look out for the shaded roof terrace and the board outside.

Customers sit at wooden tables with benches.
There’s now a little bar area at Nefis Kordon where you can also eat

A more recent addition to this great little restaurant is a bar area that makes for a more cosy feel. You can eat here, too, as well as at the existing tables.

What Is Nefis?

The Turkish word ‘nefis’ means more than just ‘tasty.’

It describes those foodie moments where, when that food hits your tastebuds, your eyes close and you savour those flavours.

‘Nefis’ is ‘exquisite,’ rather than simply, ‘good.’

Of course, you’re not going to give your restaurant a name that gives customers the impression your food isn’t up to much but in the case of Nefis Pide Kordon, we’re not going to counter their claim that their pide is indeed nefis!

Ever since it opened, we’d been meaning to go to Nefis Kordon, and, as always seems to be the case with us, it took us some time before we actually got round to making the visit.

Back In The Day

It piqued our interest because that top end of the kordon (harbour promenade) has traditionally been home to tea gardens and cafes serving more simple dishes.

Despite the fact you were sitting harbourside, drinks and snacks were pleasingly reasonable in price.

Older guys would sit for hours playing okey , tavla (backgammon) and sipping their glasses of çay (Turkish tea).

When the previous çay bahçesi (tea garden), Palmiye, closed its doors, we thought it might be the beginning of the end for that sort of vibe.

Perhaps a new, high end restaurant would replace it. Prime setting and all that.


So when Nefis Kordon came along, it was a relief.

Boats along Fethiye harbour viewed from a shaded roof terrace
Sit on the shaded wooden roof terrace and peer down over the harbour

Yes, the restaurant site smartened up a little – there’s a great roof terrace – but we’re a long way from the description of upmarket restaurant, here.

Nefis Kordon is an unpretentious restaurant serving up some staple Turkish dishes – and those dishes are still priced at the reasonable end of the scale.

At the time of writing, we’ve been to Nefis a few times.

Sunny Winter Setting

A mild winter has meant sitting outside along the harbour on a sunny afternoon has been one of Fethiye life’s pleasures.

Sitting along the harbour on a sunny day with a cold beer and a kuşbaşılı pide – even better!

The second time we went, I was intent on ordering something different.

Partly for the purposes of being able to tell you more about the food on offer in this here article.

Partly because, well, it’s nice to have something different occasionally.

We always go for a kuşbaşılı (small cubes of beef) pide.

But if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

As soon as we sat down and looked at the small menu, my tastebuds were already remembering our previous visit.

Kuşbaşılı Pide At Nefis Kordon Fethiye
Generously topped with meat, peppers & tomato

The classic topping of meat, tomato and peppers, all perfectly proportioned.

The crisp base that didn’t need the accompanying knife and fork.

And the bowl of salad that was served with our pide – equally fresh and crisp. And amply dressed with lemon, olive oil and nar ekşisi (pomegranate molasses).

So we ordered the same again! And the second time, it came with a griddled green pepper on top, as you can see in the photo. Bonus!

A lady sat on another table had ordered some meze plates, one of which was sigara böreği (cheese rolls). She nibbled on those leisurely as she worked on her laptop.

As you’d expect from this type of restuarant, the meze dishes all looked the part. The kitchen here has Turkish cooks who know their Turkish foods!

Another lady ordered a güveç – we couldn’t see what type.

If you like your ‘Turkish casseroles’ served piping hot throughout, we can tell you it was a good few minutes before she dared touch the food with her fork – the casserole dish sat bubbling and sizzling and steaming for quite some time.

The menu at Nefis Pide Kordon is compact. Pide, lahmacun, güveç, Iskender kebab and a few other Turkish staples.

And perhaps with summer evening custom in mind, there’s also fish dishes, pasta and salads.

Harbourside Seating At Nefis Kordon
A harbourside setting for a leisure lunch washed down with a cold beer

A perfect place for a leisurely seaside lunch while you’re shopping or, in summer, a reasonably priced tasty evening meal when ‘high end’ is not on the agenda. There’s even a roof terrace for you to enjoy.

And what of those guys who used to sit outside the old place with their çay, okey and tavla?

The old faithful Fethiye is still hanging on in there – they’re still there, just around the side of the restaurant.

In a town where pad thai dishes, beer plates and gourmet burgers abound, we’re also grateful that places like Nefis Pide Kordon are still part of the Fethiye centre food scene.

Nefis Pide Kordon – Useful Information

  • Nefis Pide Kordon is at the top end of Fethiye harbour in the centre of Fethiye – see map below.
  • The restaurant is open year round and there is a roof terrace, popular in the summer season.
  • Prices are comparatively reasonable at Nefis Kordon. And whilst the menu is compact, there is a good choice of dishes.

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Tuesday 7th of February 2023

Do you remember how much the Pide you had was?


Thursday 9th of February 2023

Update. I managed to find the one in Paspatur


Tuesday 24th of January 2023

Nefis Pide Fethiye - do they do a gluten free menu as well? Go to fethiye every year, this year taking family, 2 are celiac total gluten free.

Turkey's For Life

Thursday 26th of January 2023

Hi Linda, we didn't see anything written on the Nefis Kordon menu about gluten free. The problem for somewhere like a pide or pizza place would be cross contact. They would need different pide ovens and work surfaces and it's only a smallish place. We've seen Meeting Point in Çalış advertising gluten free foods but we've never eaten there so can't recommend or not.

Estyn Hughes

Tuesday 24th of January 2023

Discovered Nefis Pide last May, had such excellent value food, we ate there a few times, and again in September it was our first go to eating place. Excellent food, service and hospitality. Will be there again when on our May 2023 holiday.

Turkey's For Life

Thursday 26th of January 2023

Hi Estyn, thanks a lot for your comment and glad you like Nefis Kordon, too. We love sitting there, whiling away a bit of time. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.