Meis Express – Kaş To Kastellorizo

A day trip to the Greek Island of Meis (Kastellorizo), whether you’re on holiday in this part of Turkey or you live here, is an absolute essential as far as we’re concerned. We wrote about Kaş a while back. A 20 minute sail from lovely Kaş and you’re in another world. It’s a tiny island, the people are Greek, the buildings are Greek, but the nearest Greek island is Rhodes (70 nautical miles away) and Turkey is almost within touching distance. Borders are funny things.

We’ve been going to Meis for years and have always used the same guy to take us there because he was recommended by a friend. He used to take you across on a little fishing boat but times are changing and he now takes you there in 20 minutes aboard the Meis Express. Not being a sea-faring bird, I much prefer this method of travel – bigger and quicker and you can sunbathe on top in summer. Yesterday, we lounged on the bean bags.

Getting From Kaş To The Greek Island of Meis

Meis Express Kas Turkey

Meis Express sails to Meis from Kaş

So this is the company we use to take us to Meis. Normally, we take the first bus of the day from Fethiye to Kaş and Turcan (the boat owner) sends a car to Kaş bus station to pick us up. I have no idea if this is a permanent arrangement but the company have now started a shuttle bus from Fethiye. So yesterday, we got picked up from our local supermarket, taken to Kaş, across to Meis and back and then we got a lift back to Fethiye. This was 80 lira including our £10 visa fee. Bargain. If it changes, I’ll let you know – enjoy it while you can!

Meis Express Turcan

Turcan is your captain

Meet Turcan – the little smiling guy. He’s your boat skipper. The man next to him is always around – something to do with the Late Breaks company that Turcan runs his trips through. We think he must have have had an early start yesterday because he drove from Kaş to Fethiye to pick us up at 7:45am.

Now we reckon they have employed a new marketing guy. Either that or all the staff were in a good mood because the weather was so good and we all got a Turkish çay before setting off. Lovely!

Greek island Meis Kastellorizo

Meis viewed from Kaş

We couldn’t have picked a better day yesterday. This is the view of Meis from Kaş as the boat pulled out of the harbour. We’ve never seen it so clearly before. You can just about make out the buildings nestled into the hillside.

And I was a bit nervous about the crossing – you might have noticed I’ve mentioned it a couple of times recently. Well – just look at that flat, calm sea. The smoothest crossing we’ve ever had. We just sat back on our beanbags, sun on our faces and chugged along…

Kaş Turkey

Sailing between Kaş and Meis

…leaving Kaş behind to head towards Meis. Barry was a tad on the bored side as he likes ‘a bit of fight to his sea.’ As you can see, it was more like a lake yesterday and I was in my element. I’m more than happy to have as little ‘fight to the sea’ as possible.

Turcan was probably a bit disappointed too. He told us about last Friday (when our friends sailed to Meis with him). There was definitely a twinkle in his eye when he told us how good the 3 and 4 metre waves were! No thanks.

Greek island of Kastellorizo

Arriving at the Greek island of Meis

After 20 minutes or so you suddenly arrive in the perfect, stereotypical Greek harbour that is Meis. It resembles an idyllic a setting from a holiday brochure – except this is definitely real.

The Rough Guide to Greek Islands describes the island as a place that you will either want to leave after one hour or you will want to stay for at least a week. We’re definitely in the latter category. We keep meaning to stay overnight during the summer months but we just never get round to it. Think that might have to be a 2010 New Year’s resolution.

Meis Express

Meis Express anchored on the island

This is the Meis Express that ferries you between Kaş and the island. In the summer months, the path you can see along the harbour is lined with tables and umbrellas. We normally go to these restaurants for a pork-fix (they do an amazing home-made Cumberland Sausage style Greek sausage) but yesterday, due to Christmas spending, we made do with a packed lunch. Of course we still made sure we had enough Euros for a couple of the local, lovely, cold, refreshing Mythos beers. (Can you tell we like Mythos?)

Kastellorizo and Kaş

A large ferry approaching from Rhodes

If you like a bit of stroll round and a nosey (like we do) then you can head up and away from the harbour and you get some fantastic views of the island and back to Kaş in the distance. Many of the houses on the island are now being restored to their former glory and there are some beautiful buildings. The ferry you can see coming in sails to Meis from Rhodes three times a week and carries cargo and passengers between the islands. It always amazes us how it gets into the harbour – it’s massive. I’ve got loads of photos but I’ll save those for another post…

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  1. what fantastic reading…we will go with you one day.

    Merry Christmas to great guys who we love very much.

    Great talking to you this morning.

  2. Kaneez said.. I enjoy reading your blog as it remind me about my visit to Instanbul and Bursa and makes me wish that I can go again. I just love Turkey and love reading and looking at at its pictures too. keep us posted.

  3. Hi Denise. Thanks for reading the blog. We went to Bursa a few years ago in January! I’d like to go back when it’s spring time. We’re intending to return to Istanbul in February for my birthday so I should get lots of photos for the blog. Best wishes.

  4. Awww, thanks Anna. It’s about time you came to Meis with us!! You’d love it. The perfect Greek Island. This summer???

  5. Sounds like a lovely trip. Enjoy your Visa run!

  6. It is Nancie, thanks. Hopefully all will go well. It usually does. 🙂

  7. Much better than some other visa runs I’ve heard about in other parts of the world. Who wouldn’t want to “have” to go to a Greek island?

  8. Oh yes, the visa run. In my part of Turkey it’s Kos or Samos. Your little island looks soo enticing, I’ll have to come visit one day.

  9. What a lovely way to combine a bit of bureaucracy with a nice trip 🙂

  10. Yes, not a bad thing to ‘have’ to do is it Adam?
    Inka, Meis is just lovely and peaceful. We keep saying we’ll travel up to your side of Turkey to go to Kos or Samos for change…one day. We can go to Rhodes too from Fethiye, which we do sometimes.
    Robin, sometimes bureaucracy can work very well can’t it – especially when there is duty free involved.

  11. If only all visa runs could be so beautiful!

  12. Kaş to Meis is good Ayngelina, but Fethiye to Rhodes is good too.

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