Visa Trip – Fethiye to Kaş to Meis and a Great Big THANK YOU!!!

Well, that’s us back in Fethiye for at least the next three months then but we don’t mind saying we’ve had a stressful day. All we can really say is, at least the sea was calm. Today’s photo is of the Greek island of Meis (pretty isn’t it?) but it’s a photo from 2008, not today.

Meis Kastellorizo Dodecanese Greek Island

The idyllic Greek island of Meis

Let us tell you why…

I packed the bag this morning (and made sure we had everything) and then we wandered to Tansaş supermarket to wait for our transfer to Kaş. While we were waiting, I had to get something from the bottom of the bag so I took my camera out and put it on the bench next to me. As I was rummaging around in the bag, our lift arrived – you can see what’s coming can’t you – so we ran across the road, jumped in the car and off we went to Kaş.

Kas Antalya Region Turkey

The type of photo I was hoping to take of Kaş

We were stood on the top deck of the Meis Express because it was a lovely morning so I thought I’d take a photo of Kaş. I opened the rucksack – no camera. I knew straight away where it was. I knew it was on the bench outside Tansaş but we were telling ourselves maybe it was at home on the table and I’d forgotten it. It wasn’t working. I take my camera everywhere with me and I just felt sick because there’s no way we can afford a new one and what were the chances of someone handing it in?

We normally like to have a wander around on the island but neither of us was in the mood. We just wanted to get back home to see if the camera was there, so we skulked around the harbour with a sausage roll (pork fix), had a couple of drinks in silence, got some duty free and then got back on the boat early, earphones in, music blasting, eyes closed and pretending the day hadn’t happened. When we got back to Fethiye we even went into one of the camera shops to price them up and then I felt even more sick because they’re much more expensive here than in the UK.

And then it was the last ditch hope of going into Tansaş to ask if anyone had handed a camera in…THEY HAD! I’ve had my faith restored in human nature. So a great big thank you to the staff member who saw my camera on the bench outside and took it into the store. We asked who’d handed it in so we could thank them but no one seemed to know. I wanted to kiss someone! So after all our skulking about and stress, it all magically disappeared and we bought a bottle of red (which I’m working my way through as I write) and some beers (which Barry is working his way through).

Tomorrow’s a new day. Back to normal. We can pretend today never happened right up to the point where we were reminded there are some fantastic, honest people out there who rescue me from my stupid forgetfulness by picking up after me…

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  1. The kindness of strangers! So happy to hear it turned out well.

  2. Oh wow! What a day you have had! It really amaze nowadays when people are honest or friendly or helpful or care other people, sadly getting more rare. Or maybe we just don’t see it, I don’t know.

    Ayways great that you found your camera! And that Meis place looks soooo lovely and peaceful!!! Is that already “poisoned” with tourism?

  3. Thanks both. Heli, Meis (Kastellorizo) is just another little world. There are a lot of Aussie Greeks there in the summer months but their families own the properties there. 2 little hotels and rooms above homes are the only places to stay. No souvenir shops.A couple of the shops sell postcards and that’s about it. Bliss.

  4. istanbulblogger says

    this happened to us last year however we didnt leave a camera behind. we were at kabatas waiting for the tram after hard days shopping at grand bought some fake designer t-shirts so pleased to find them i bought quite a few . anyway cut it short ,we realized that we had left the bag of t-shirts at kabatas when we were in eminonu ,it was rush hour ,so we headed back to kabatas looked out the window has we pulled up on the tram and nothing ,asked the security guy sitting in his box and voila !! they had been handed in. !! reading your story reminded me how we were so miffed when we realized and so happy when we got them back.brian

  5. I can’t believe you got your camera back. Except in a way I can, because sometimes people are incredibly decent.

    I almost threw up when I realized I’d lost my purse at Sanssouci in Potsdam. My camping card, credit card, IDs, everything I need for this trip…gone. Searched everywhere I’d been(the place was packed), but nothing. I finally tracked down a small office and discovered someone had actually turned it in. Was so relieved and grateful I burst into tears.

    Also once at street festival in Chiang Mai, I left my wallet at a street vendor. Remembered an hour later, went back, and discovered the Thai girl who had found it was out looking for me & had left her cell phone number. We rang her and she brought my wallet to me.

    Thanks to all the honest folks out there!

    Sorry to hear you had such a scare though.

  6. @ Renee: We hear all the time about how nasty people can be so we assume everyone is the same and in actual fact, most people in the world are good folk. Well, we think so, anyway. 🙂 You’ve been lucky twice there and I’ve been lucky three times with my camera. I think that means people are generally honest and good.

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