Ölüdeniz Earthquake And Being With Friends

We’re sitting in the house and I’m uploading photos for a blog post. We’ve decided to write about one of the new restaurants in Fethiye and then, as the photos are uploading, the olive oil bottle crashes to the floor (and, miraculously, doesn’t smash) before the house starts to shake. We look up at each other, we’re very calm (I don’t know why) and we both go to stand outside until the shaking stops.

It’s all over with in less than a minute and we realise we’re both shaking. Fortunately, we’ve each got a bottle of Efes in the fridge. It’s not there for much longer.

6.0 Earthquake Fethiye Ölüdeniz June 2012

Fethiye Ölüdeniz Earthquake – June 2012

This is a screenshot from the Boğaziçi University Earthquake Research Institute showing yesterday’s earthquake off the coast of Ölüdeniz. Measuring 6.0 on the Richter Scale, it gave us all a good shake. Neighbours were in the street talking into their mobiles. There’s lots of relieved laughter so we know nothing too serious has happened.

Friends holidaying in Çalış phone to check in, cancel the planned night out, and then we all agree to just meet up in a bar there. There’s no power in the area but we’re all together and beers have been transferred to the freezer to keep cold. Our friends are still in their swimming gear – they were sunbathing at the time – and the kids are back in the bar’s swimming pool showing off their new diving skills and helping the landlord out by eating the quickly-melting ice-cream. Staff at the supermarket across the road are loading damaged goods into numerous shopping trolleys.

A few hours later, the electricity returns. The chef hits the kitchen and we all grab a menu. We’re starving! Food and beers go down a treat and we all part company. Me and Barry stroll home, back towards the harbour lights of Fethiye – it’s just another beautiful summer’s evening from now on. Life’s strange like that….

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  1. Glad to hear you are both ok! Although a little shaken by the whole experience. I heard about it from my friend Lily owner of the Turk Hotel in Oledeniz. They are all ok there too!

  2. Laurie Goldsmith says:

    good post and makes us feel better,we are arriving this afternoonin kaya God willing

  3. @ Tania: Thanks, yes all okay here and much calmer this morning. 🙂 Glad your Ölüdeniz friends are okay, too. Sounds as though they got a bigger shake than us.

    @ Laurie Goldsmith: Apart from a few people still talking about it, you won’t notice a thing. All back to normal – although I bet the Turkish staff will love telling you all about the science of earthquakes! 😉

  4. Yes, happy to hear you guys are alright too! So strange to have so many quakes happening around Turkey lately….well probably not so strange since we are on a major fault line. I’ve survived many tornadoes in the US, so I’m sure I could handle an earthquake if needed. 😉

  5. Glad you are both OK, and no one was badly injured. Sounds like it was a near miss!! Hopefully, it will take the pressure off the fault line for many years to come.

  6. Glad you are all okay. I have been in Taiwan when there have been earthquakes. We’ve felt it, but far enough away from the epicenter that there was no damage.

  7. I don’t imagine there is anything quite as unsettling as experiencing an earthquake. Glad to hear all is well.

  8. Hi Julia,
    Goodness, that’s not fun, glad that you are all ok. Unfortunately that’s a part of life at home – I was in Istanbul during the massive 1999 earthquake, and it is a shock to the system.. it is amazing how everything pretty much goes back to normal shortly though. Hope that’s the end of it – keep on enjoying Fethiye!

  9. We heard about the quake this morning. So releived there were no casualties.

  10. i had not heard about this on the news. i am glad there was no damage. we had one here for the first time in my lafe last year and it was very unsettling, literally!

  11. We were holidaying on Marmara Island during the 45 second long 7.3 Marmara earthquake in 1999. One of the most terrifying experiences of my lifetime. When you are in the middle of the shake, you realise that compared to nature, we are completely inconsequential.

  12. @ Joy: Yeah, there are people in other parts of the world who have extremes of nature. Being Brits, nothing much happens there.

    @ MBS01: Well, that’s the theory, isn’t it? Think we’d all like to believe it too, now! 🙂

  13. @ Nancie: We’ve felt tremors in the past but we could tell we were right on top of this one straight away. Glad it wasn’t too big! 🙂

    @ Bellini: It’s a terrible feeling. Completely at the mercy of what the earth decides to do and you still feel the shaking even after it’s stopped.

  14. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Don’t worry, this won’t stop us from enjoying Fethiye! 🙂 Can’t imagine what the Istanbul / Gölcük earthquake must have felt like.

    @ Jack Scott: No deaths, just injuries from people panicking, try to leave buildings. All is well now. 🙂

  15. @ Jaz: Earthquakes are not nice feelings at all, are they. Not something you want to experience by choice, anyway.

    @ Back to Bodrum: That’s exactly what you realise isn’t it. The earth can do exactly as it likes with us.

  16. Glad you are both ok. Thankfully I don’t know how it feels to be in the middle of a earthquake, it must be horrible. Just now the earth kept shaking for 2 weeks in Northern Italy, they are still considering the damages.

  17. @ Angela: Yes, the earthquakes in Italy have been awful haven’t they? Not a nice feeling to be in the middle of one. Thankfully, this one wasn’t too big.

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