Shopping In Fethiye: Erasta AVM – First Impressions

This post is going to be in two parts. For this one, it’s a ‘first impressions’ type of post – and the reason for this is, well, we can only give you first impressions of Erasta at the moment.

When we went with friends a couple of weeks ago, it was for a quick wander around the inside and then a sit down outside for our delightful (and it was delightful) soğuk Türk kahvesi at Kahve Dünyası. That’s about the sum total of our Erasta Fethiye experience so far…

Later today, we’ll be going to the shopping centre again to actually (hopefully) make some purchases – isn’t that what shopping centres are for, after all – so we should have a different experience to compare.

Fethiye Shopping Centre – Erasta AVM

The indoor shopping thing is just not our bag. When we lived in England, our friends would go off and happily drive down the motorway to spend the day in Trafford Shopping Centre.

I went along a handful of times and I even persuaded Barry to come along once – we did about 15 minutes before he made his vocal protest – best not repeated here – and we quickly moved on to hit the high street shops of Manchester, instead. Because we do prefer being in town, wandering the streets, being outdoors.

Way back in 2010, we even did a blog post giving our 8 reasons to go high street shopping in Fethiye. I’ve just reread that post and those reasons still stand.

Erasta Shopping Centre, Fethiye

It’s difficult not to spot Erasta shopping centre

But, we are also suckers for a fine piece of architecture – something that peaks the interest -and, whoever designed the look of the erasta building, well, it gets our vote anyway. It’s no blot on the Fethiye landscape as far as we’re concerned. It’s also on the dolmuş / bus route, it’s air conditioned and there are a few different shops to what’s on offer in the centre of Fethiye.

Erasta AVM, Fethiye

Seating area at Erasta AVM

The practicalities of this seating area – we have no idea, but we like this bit, too. And what about inside the shopping centre? Those are the bits we don’t usually like too much – packed with people, a world within a world. But this post is about first impressions, and first impressions were not unfavourable.

This is Fethiye. It’s population is not huge and we were there on a weekday in the morning…we practically had the place to ourselves.

Fethiye Erasta Shopping Centre

The interior of Erasta Alışveriş Merkezi

Despite there being two floors, it still feels low level – it doesn’t feel too high, narrow or claustrophobic because it’s a large open space in the centre with plants and water features.

In fact, the glass ceiling gives the whole shopping area a bright, airy feel. The magnetic pull of the shoe shops was too strong for me to repel, but, as we were en route to Kabak to stay overnight at the Olive Garden, no purchase was made…hence our return visit today.

Because I do struggle to get shoes (that I like) to fit me in Fethiye – I need a wider fitting. I have one go-to shop and that’s it. An alternative would be nice every now and then, so I’ll report back in the next post about my success or failure to find footwear.

We’ll also venture upstairs seeing as we didn’t do that on our last visit.

More shops have opened up over the last couple of weeks so we’re going to enjoy a good wander around, take in what’s on offer re: retail therapy and hunger-busting (there are places to eat, too) and hopefully, after all that, we’ll have a better idea of what we really think of Fethiye’s shopping centre, Erasta…

Can’t help but think that opinion might be determined in some way by my shoe hunt…

Erasta AVM (Fethiye Shopping Centre) – Useful Information

  • Erasta Fethiye in on Ölüdeniz Caddesi, next to Fethiye otogar (the intercity bus station).
  • The Taşyaka – Karagözler dolmuş passes there for those staying in Fethiye. For those staying in Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü and Ovacık, the Fethiye dolmuş will drop you off outside the doors.

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