July in Fethiye – It’s A Strange Old (Hot) Summer

Another month behind us. So let’s have a look back at what’s been going on in Fethiye during the month of July. It’s certainly been a July like no other – that’s the case for many around the world right now – but our daily life ticks on in its quiet way. So much so that it’s another month that seems to have passed really quickly.

Flights & Holidays

To holiday or not to holiday. That is the question!

We’ve got friends who were coming over to enjoy all that is Fethiye but then decided to cancel or postpone. We’ve got friends who were coming over on holiday and had their flights cancelled for them so can no longer come.

Not To Be Defeated

We’ve got people who were determined to get here and had flights cancelled. They booked another flight and that was cancelled…so they booked another flight. These people are going to be here for a few months so their situation is different, but we’re certainly living in a world of such uncertainty at the moment.

Quite a few hotels in the area have decided not to open this season and some bars and restaurants, too.

For Fethiye centre and a few places along Çalış Beach, life ticks on. And most of the shops, bars and restaurants are busy. But for those that focus particularly on foreign tourism; they’re the ones who are really suffering.

Domestic Tourism Boost

For the places that are open for business, domestic tourism should give them a bit of a boost, especially with the Kurban Bayramı festival that is now upon us. If last night’s visit to the supermarket is anything to go by, we have a lot of new arrivals in town.

For us, personally, we’re still just keeping our heads down and staying local.

No big deal at the moment because this year’s summer temperatures mean we’re happy to sit in front of the fan and not venture much further than town. Or down the beach for a leg stretch.

Eating & Drinking Out

Those leg stretches don’t occur without a little stop here and there for food and refreshment so we’re still doing our bit to help try and prop up the local economy.

Most of that has been the Çalış economy purely because we get a bit of respite from the heat with the lovely breezes around there.

Motif Restaurant

In July, we welcomed the reopening of Motif Restaurant along the beach. We commemorated their opening day with one of their famous infused gins.

Lamb Mutancana At Motif Restaurant

Barry had the lamb mutancana for his birthday meal

Barry’s birthday was also this month. The original plan was to go for a steak treat at Çarıklı Et Restaurant but the day of his birthday was a heatwave and a steak all of a sudden didn’t seem too appealing. Down the beach it was then to Motif for some flavours of the east.

The Usuals

We’ve also visited some of the usuals on our walks and wanders: If we go for a slightly longer walk, it’s drinks at Bahane or Bambu along the beach.

Gustorante Cafe And More, Çalış

The very smart Gustorante is on Yerguzlar Caddesi

If it’s just a short trip out involving shopping at the Sunday Market or at some of the shops along Yerguzlar Caddesi, Sarge’s and Gustorante are both places we like to sit and chill for a while.

New Kids On The Block – Welcome, Drink House

And, even closer to where we live, we have a new bar and eatery, Drink House. We can’t think that now would be an ideal time to open a new business but that’s what they’ve done and we like to sit there.

We had lunch there recently and their food is great. Bar-style food with a bit of a twist, including some Mexican dishes.

Drink House, Fethiye

The Tex-Mex burger at Drink House

I ordered the Tex-Mex burger which is a large, homemade burger with cheese and served in a tortilla pocket rather than a bun. We love their cubed fried potatoes, too.

So, fingers crossed for them, along with everyone else trying to keep afloat at this difficult time.

Oh, and if you want to check out Drink House, they’re also on Yerguzlar Caddesi just behind the big Migros supermarket, near to the courthouse.

On The Blog

Four new articles were added to the blog throughout July. We took you to Mezgit Cafe, our favourite place in Fethiye for a balık ekmek!

Balık Ekmek, Mezgit Cafe, Fethiye

Balık ekmek with a view at Mezgit Cafe

Sizzling summer temperatures mean we’re always looking for ways to keep cool. Fortunately, hot weather coincides with nectarine season so, at the moment, it’s nectarines for breakfast. And that’s always followed with a mid morning Greek-style frappe.

Life is very foodie at the moment so we now have an ode to Turkey’s famous bread ring, the simit.

Real Eating, Virtual Travelling

If you follow us on Facebook, we often share articles from the archives to give you a reminder of the places you can visit in Turkey and the foods you can eat.


In July, we took you to the ruins of Myra and ancient Patara. Then it was off to the tranquility of Akyaka.

Myra Lycian Rock Tombs Demre

You can get up close and personal with the Lycian rock tombs at Myra

In this month, due to popular demand, extra services were also announced for the Bodrum-Datça ferry – such a great way to travel between the two peninsulas. Oh, and we also took you off to other-worldly Salda Lake.

We wrote about Salda’s similarities to the planet Mars in that article and, perfect timing, NASA announced yesterday that they were using their understanding of the lake to help guide their 2020 Mars mission.

Salda Gölü Burdur

Salda Gölü was in the news in July

Salad Life

In the kitchen, you won’t be surprised to know we’ve been living off salads and cold dips.

Our menu has consisted of cooling cacık, refreshing green lentil salad, tasty chickpea salad and I’ve also created two of my own salads over the last couple of weeks, too.

Easy Green Lentil Salad

We’re living off green lentil salad at the moment

They may well pop up as recipes here sometime as we both agreed they were winners.

Pide Surprise

And we can’t not mention our (happy) pide surprise. Earlier in July, I did some more homemade pide. This time, I experimented with kıymalı filling (minced meat) and added egg.

Being quite pleased with the result, I put the photo on our Facebook page – and it went crazy! Over 1,400 Likes and over 100 shares.

Homemade Pide

My homemade kıymalı pide

We both love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and if people like the look of what we make, too – well that’s such a happy bonus! Thanks a lot if you were someone who hit the ‘like’ button.

Beach Life

Because beaches were off limits during lockdown, we didn’t update our page and map of Fethiye beaches. We’ll be working on that very soon.

For us, we’ve just had an early morning dip in the sea along Çalış Beach – a perfect time because the temperatures are still lower and the sea is so clear and calm before the summer surf arrives to churn everything up.

Karaot Beach Near Fethiye

Karaot Beach is both sand and pebble

Some private beaches have changed names and management and the belediye (local council) have also taken control of two local beaches to make them available to the wider public. Inlice, near to Göcek, and Karaot Beach now have the label ‘Halk Plajı’ (Public Beach).

For various reasons, beach control is always a contentious issue along the Turkish coastline and adding facilities to Karaot has raised concerns amongst environmentalists. We love this area so hope it’s respected for the special place that it is.

Into August…

And that just about sums up July. If you missed any of our twice-weekly online jigsaws, you can catch up with them now. We’ve virtually travelled again this week and given you two puzzles from the fabulous city of Istanbul.

If you’re travelling to Turkey anytime soon, safe journey and may your flight remain uncancelled.

And, of course, we are in the midst of the Kurban Bayramı (Feast of the Sacrifice) festival. If you are celebrating:

Kurban Bayramınız kutlu olsun. Sevdiklerinizle nice mutlu, sağlıklı ve huzurlu Bayramlara. İyi Bayramlar! Eid Mubarak!

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  1. So so miss this flights cancelled and so sad
    Keep posting please as you keep me happy

  2. The perfect cure for House Arrest in the Land of the Free (?????) and the Home of the Wimps. You guys are as close to Turkey as I’ll ever get. Even so, U still get my Turkish Word of the Day from a couple of sites and go to my Turkish Vocabulary List a couple of times a week. Thanks for bring to me thse fabulous stories and journeys.

  3. derek agnew says

    Like everybody I am really looking forward to a Turkish holiday, but when???
    Do you have any information on the virus outbreak in Fethiye, official or otherwise.???

    • Hi Derek, if you’re in the UK, there are no restrictions on travel to Turkey. It’s just a case of whether you want to travel or not. 🙂 For purposes of counting, Fethiye is in the Aegean area which is a huge area and we have very few cases compared to some other regions. Fethiye’s open for business. 🙂

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