Another Meis Visa Trip – It’s All Food & Drink

They say time flies when you’re enjoying yourself and it’s certainly true for us. We can’t believe this is the third time I’ve written about the Meis visa trip on this blog – it doesn’t feel like we’ve been writing it long enough for that.

Yesterday was like clockwork. Picked up outside Tansaş as usual (I made sure I had my camera with me this time!) at 7:45, a couple more pick-ups along the way and then straight to Kaş to get the boat. You never know who is going to do the transfer from Fethiye or what they are going to transfer you in. We just wait for a random vehicle to pull up at Tansaş and we jump in. Yesterday was made much easier by the fact that it was a minibus with the words ‘Meis Visa Trip’ splashed across the bonnet in big orange letters. A good clue…

Kaş Harbour, Turkey

Overlooking Kaş harbour and across to Meis from the balcony

As usual, I was more than thankful to see a very calm sea on arrival in Kaş. We’ve actually been really lucky with the weather the last three times we’ve been across to Meis. We were greeted by an offer of çay (Turkish tea) from Turcan (the boat driver) which was lucky because he happened to be sitting on the balcony above the agency. We’ve been dying to have a look up there for ages so we accepted the offer – and we got to take a few photos of Kaş harbour.

The Greek island of Meis. Also called Kastellorizo.

A still, June morning in Meis harbour

And once more, we arrived in Meis. Some people had come from Fethiye just for a day trip and we’ve said before that Meis is one of those places that you either love or hate. One family looked completely bewildered and said, ‘Is this it? Where are the shops?’

‘Yes, this is it.’ And then we wanted to add, ‘Great, isn’t it?’ but we don’t think they would have agreed. It’s four hours of bliss for us. A stroll around the harbour, sometimes around the back streets, sometimes we venture a little further up the hills…

Olive Garden Restaurant in Meis, Greece

The Olive Garden – welcome shade and great food

…and if it’s the summer season, we always head here for lunch; The Olive Garden, run by Damien and Monika. A shaded haven set just back from the sea front. There are different beers available with glasses to match – a good glass is so important – and all your traditional Greek cuisine.

Greek beer, Mythos


We’re big fans of the Greek Mythos beer. Dry and crispy and most refreshing on a hot, sunny day. We only drink Efes Pilsen in Turkey (when we’re drinking beer, that is!) so Barry always has to make the most of the variety on offer when we hit Greece. He had a Pilsner Urquell and a Maisel’s Weisse, too – one of those cloudy wheaty-type beers that I just can’t get with. Your time on Meis goes by very quickly when you are whiling away the hours sampling beers and enjoying great food.

Greek cuisine - pork cutlet served with chips and salad

Pork fix 1 – The pork cutlet

Oh yes, the food. Ask Damien what he recommends and he quite rightly says, ‘If you’ve come over from Turkey, you’re likely to want pork.’ Yes we do. Barry went for the simple pork fix; pork cutlet. ‘Cutlet’ was an understatement because it was huge.

Homemade barbecues Greek sausage

Pork fix 2 – The home made Greek sausage

I debated long and hard. Did I want a pork fix (I did) or did I want calamari souvlaki? My desire for a pork fix got the better of me and I went for the home made Greek sausages – I always do! If you’ve ever had a good quality Cumberland sausage, a Greek sausage is like that – maybe even a bit better. I can’t decide. Next time we go there, I’ll force myself to order something different just so I can take a different photo for the blog!

(Monika and Damien also have accommodation and a gift shop on the island. If you want more information, you can visit their website here.)

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  1. Oh my my… What a great trip! I’m on my way to workout and you make me hungry!!! Argh… I love Greek food.
    But my favorite is he BEER ! :)) wonderful..

  2. Admittedly, not great diet food Juno…oh, but it was so good!

  3. Looks stunning! And why do you put so much food in your blog? I am always starving after reading. Last week I went in search of pide because of you. Sadly it wasn’t a success. If you have any suggestions where I can get really great pide in London please let me know.

  4. Our knowledge of London is woeful, unfortunately. There must a good Turkish area somewhere, surely? Life would be boring without lovely food, wouldn’t it?

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