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Paşa Fırını – Part Of Fethiye Cafe Society

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Paşa Fırını is one of many recent additions to Fethiye’s eating and drinking scene. And one of many recent additions to the Dispanser area of town.

Paşa Fırını is not to be confused with Paşa Kebap in the centre of town. No, these two places could not be more different!

Pedestrianised Dispanser Area
Enjoy the outdoors indoors at Paşa Fırını, Fethiye

Whilst the latter specialises in traditional Turkish kebabs like Iskender Kebabı and chicken şiş, tasty meze plates and pide or lahmacun (often translated as ‘Turkish Pizza’), Paşa Fırını has more of a feel of a continental cafe.

Comparatively, it is also a new kid on the block, having opened in July 2021.

Actually, these days, most of the eateries, cafes and bars around this area are relatively new.

With its newly-built and renovated hotels and residences, coffee shops, bars and burger joints, Dispanser has a completely different feel to the seaside and the old town of Paspatur.

Paşa Fırını sits on the corner and in the summer months is framed and shaded by lush green potted palms and banana plants.

The cafe interior at Paşa Fırını
A relaxed cafe atmosphere at Paşa Fırını

In colder months, as you can see in the photo, the outdoor area is covered.

Whilst there is alcohol available at Paşa Fırını and a section on the menu focussing on main meals that are better suited to evening dining, we use it more as a pleasant afternoon cafe.

Somewhere to stop off mid-shopping mission.

Looks like lots of other people use it for similar reasons, too. A pleasant buzz in the afternoons.

Evening meals include steaks and traditional Turkish recipes such as their take on hünkar beğendi and chicken schnitzel (very much adopted in Turkey).

The last time we went, we ordered the chicken schnitzel burger. But there are oodles of late-lunch plates to choose from.

Chicken schnitzel burger with fries and salad
Chicken schnitzel burger at Paşa Fırını

It’s a Turkish chain so we’d guess if you were in a branch elsewhere in the country, you get similar fare.

There are wraps filled with grilled köfte and the like. Salads and a range of pasta dishes.

And prices are really reasonable, too.

Brunch Bunch

In the daytime, you’re given two menus at Paşa Fırını. If you’re someone who loves Turkey’s vast array of breakfast and brunch choices, then there’s no shortage of that on the dedicated menu.

There’s full Turkish breakfast. But then there are also simit choices, börek (including yummy gül böreği), menemen, sahanda yumurta and sucuklu yumurta.

And the continental feel comes in with the ‘sandviçler.’ Sandwiches. Cheese and salami.

All can be washed down with Turkish çay, herbal and fruit teas, a selection of coffees and iced coffees. And, of course, Turkish coffee.

Not forgetting salep , too, of course. A favourite comfort drink on a cold winter day!

Salep topped with cinnamon
A comforting salep on a winter’s day

Despite the sunshine, there was an icy wind on this particular day, so salep was my choice.

Sweet Treats

For many, we would guess this is where Paşa Fırını comes into its own. A whole range of traditional Turkish desserts including baklava and sütlaç.

There’s kurabiye galore. (Think umbrella term for just about anything resembling a biscuit/cookie or shortbread). Various shapes, sizes and flavours.

And, if your idea of a pleasant afternoon out is an indulgent helping of dessert or cake, the display shelf in Paşa Fırın is stacked with a dizzying array.

This is of course being written by us – we who don’t indulge in many dessert-type foods – so we can’t tell you if this display tastes as pretty as it looks.

The diners in there at the time seemed to be enjoying the sweet offerings, though.

Some of us love a cake – some of us love a chicken schnitzel burger…

Paşa Fırını – Useful Information

  • Paşa Fırını is in the Dispanser area of Fethiye on Dispanser Sokak. See map below.
  • The cafe is open from early morning until around midnight and is open year round.
  • You can follow the Fethiye branch of Paşa Fırını on Instagram.
  • If you are looking for other places to eat and drink in the area, check out or list of Fethiye bars and restaurants. A personal list of where we like to hang out, sometimes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.