Along Fethiye Harbour – Denizatı Restaurant & Bar

Eateries in Fethiye; it’s a never-ending, constantly changing, fluid tale. They come / they go / they stick around for years / they completely refurbish – this is how Fethiye rolls. So we’d like to tell you about Denizatı Restaurant & Bar in this post.

They’re right at the end of phase 2 of Fethiye harbour and we were happy to see their arrival last year. Denizatı Restaurant is our nearest watering hole, and we like to have good neighbours; somewhere where we can just drop in for a quick drink and a chat, somewhere to chill, somewhere familiar. We have places like this dotted all over the Fethiye area – and in other places in Turkey we visit often. We’re bar people – we live in Turkey – we need our Turkey havens.

Denizatı Restaurant, Fethiye, Turkey

Walking along the harbour towards Denizatı Restaurant

So last year, we’d got wind of the fact that new owners were coming to our nearest establishment – and then we saw the potential new owners wandering around, measuring, looking the furniture up and down – all the things that potential new owners do. And we knew their faces. Great!

Denizatı means ‘seahorse’ so, if you know Ölüdeniz at all, you’ll recognise the name immediately. Seahorse is a bar/restaurant on Belcekiz Beach and there is also Seahorse Beach on the lagoon. The businesses are run by the Özdemirs – and Fethiye people have known them for many years as the owners of Kral restaurant in the centre of Fethiye (Kral is one of those places currently undergoing a massive facelift).

Denizatı Restaurant, Fethiye

Sit by the sea at Denizatı Restaurant & Bar

So our new neighbours are actually old hands at all this restaurant malarkey. Brother Mehmet is the face that’s around here most. He’s a big Fethiyespor supporter, so most of our conversations with him tend to centre around that…and our other favourite topic; food and drink.

Not that we eat there much – we don’t eat out that often, especially in winter. Denizatı Restaurant is our watering hole, mainly, so we surprised the waiter a couple of nights ago when we said we were ordering food. The menu has a mixture of Turkish and international dishes – and they also have display fridges for meze and fish.

Food At Denizatı Restaurant, Fethiye

Saç kavurma and peppered steak

Barry had peppered steak and I ordered prawn saç kavurma. The steak was served with deep-fried potato wedges, vegetables and salad. The saç kavurma was served with rice and lavash bread (there was more lavaş than this but I took it off so I could take the photo). If you’ve got ‘chips-rice-salad’ fatigue, this was nowhere to be seen, at least for these dishes.

Warm, homemade bread with butter, hard cheese and olives was served before the meal arrived. We’re long time fans of Kral and Seahorse food so we’ll just tell you we like the food at Denizatı Restaurant, too.

Denizatı Sunset, Fethiye

Denizatı sunset

And, of course, we also quite enjoy the scenery around here. Who wouldn’t? This is Denizatı Restaurant’s sunset. Çalış is famous for its sunset – and rightly so – but since the harbour in Fethiye has been extended, the Fethiye harbour sunset is coming into its own, too. Not a bad view while you enjoy a meal and a drink, is it?

Denizatı Restaurant & Bar, Fethiye – Useful Info

  • Denizatı is open all year round
  • They serve breakfast, snacks and have a full restaurant menu
  • We should point out that the top two photos were taken first thing in the morning – those seats are usually full of people
  • Denizatı is at the end of Phase 2 of Fethiye harbour on Cahit Gündüz Caddesi. You can see it centred here on our map of Fethiye
  • For updates about any special events / menu changes / photos etc, you can click here to like the Denizatı Restaurant & Bar Facebook page
  • For more ideas about where to eat and drink around the Fethiye area, visit our Fethiye Eating & Drinking page

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  1. Denizatı. Never knew that. The Seahorse was our “Local” in Oludeniz. Good times!

  2. Really like this place, have eaten there a few times and its always been very good. Freshly cooked and a little bit different to the usual stuff you get. It was recommended by you when it first opened, thank you.
    Hope to be paying a visit there in a few weeks. :)))

  3. All duly noted for our next visit.

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