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Autumn Is Upon Us – October News From Fethiye

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Yes, whilst the October Fethiye weather is still sunny and warm and the sunbathers and boat trippers are still enjoying the last throes of summer, this is the month where we dare to feel cosy and autumnal.

A few downpours and cloudy skies amidst the sunny blue skies have helped to cement that feeling.

Çalış Beach Autumn
October is the month when the beds and umbrellas are put into hibernation

And, of course, the beds and umbrellas from Çalış Beach being put into winter hibernation tells us that the change of seasons is most definitely upon us.

So, with the cooler weather, and the change in seasons in mind, let’s take a look at our Fethiye news update from the past few weeks…


We get lots of comments from people saying they wish they could be around for some of the many Fethiye events that take place throughout the year.

If you’re one of those people, autumn and spring are the seasons you need to be in the area. Summer is for the outdoor beach parties and barbecues.

It’s just too hot for much else.

International Ölüdeniz Air Games

The big event of October – at least for us – was the International Ölüdeniz Air Games.

Cancelled last year for obvious reasons, this year’s event was much anticipated. Especially when it was announced Türk Yıldızları (Turkish Stars) would be doing an air display over Çalış Beach.

We were due to go over to Ölüdeniz on the Saturday. Until we looked at the programme of events.

There was going to be a paramotor display along Çalış Beach. So we headed to the beach to watch those guys glide up and down the shoreline.

Paramotor Display Çalış Beach
Çalış Beach gets in on the action for the Ölüdeniz air Games

As an added bonus, Türk Yıldızları were doing a bit of a dummy run that afternoon, too. So we got a sneak, not very crowded, peek into what we would be witnessing the following day.

And the following day was certainly no disappointment.

Never have we seen so many people crowded along the promenade at Çalış Beach.

Naturally, some of us are still trying to avoid areas that are very crowded. So we made our way further along the promenade where there was more space.

Türk Yıldızları Turkish Stars Çalış Beach
Türk Yıldızları on a practice run before the main event

Parked outside Calısto, we had access to the bar, clear blue skies and the long awaited return of the famous Turkish pilots doing their air display.

After the last 18 months, it was just the day that Fethiye needed. And, after an earlier forecast of cloud and rain, we were blessed to have the bright sunny day we all wanted.

Cumhuriyet Bayramı – Republic Day

And the gatherings and feel-good factor didn’t stop with the Air Games. 29th October is Cumhuriyet Bayramı – Republic Day in Turkey.

Free live concerts in the main town square. Beşkaza Meydanı; flag waving, horn beeping vehicle convoys and torch-lit procession.

And More

Well, we did say October was a busy month for the town.

Earlier in October, we had famous Turkish rock singer, Haluk Levent, performing in the town square with the Russian Red Army Choir.

On the 16th of the month, off road vehicles were displayed in the town square. The following day, they were taking part in the first leg Akdeniz Offroad Kupası (Mediterranean Offroad Cup) at Fethiye’s Esenköy offroad track.

And, for tennis fans, we had the Lycian Cup, played at the tennis courts in Çalış. This was a men’s amateur event with 55 players taking part.

What Day Is It?

There’s a national or international day for everything now, isn’t there?

We could fill a calendar with them!

And, whilst we don’t want to get caught up with following all these special days, October threw up three which lent themselves nicely to the blog and what it’s about.

Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs, Turkey
Fethiye’s Lycian rock tombs

Out & About

It’s been a busy month for events and general daily comings and goings. So we don’t have any new places to tell you about. Or add to our places to eat in Fethiye list this month.

It’s been about meetups with friends at Calisto along Çalış Beach. And Gustorante along Yerguzlar Caddesi.

Gustorante has had a facelift And they now have a new menu, too. So that article will also be updated soon…

In The Kitchen

We look forward to the beginning of autumn for seasonal eating. The vibrant colours of the fruits and vegetables on the markets are so tempting.

Pomegranate season is upon us. The sunshine colours of the citrus fruits contrast against the vibrant greens of broccoli and spinach.

And the cauliflowers are plump and white.

Turkish Pumpkin Dessert With Tahini
We serve our pumpkin dessert with tahini

And let’s not forget the autumnal oranges of pumpkin season. In October, we added the famous Turkish pumpkin dessert to our recipe collection.

Moving over to our comfort zone – savoury foods. We also shared our recipe for ekşi balık; a zingy lemony fish stew. This fish stew is a current favourite in our house.

Turkish Fish Stew
Ekşili balık – lemony fish stew

And autumn, even if the weather is still warm and sunny on most days, heralds the start of soup season.

As I type, there is a pan on the hob containing last night’s leftovers of potato and broccoli soup. An amazing colour because I added a good dose of turmeric to it.

That’s lunch sorted out!

Turkish Spicy Red Lentil Soup
Spicy red lentil soup is one of our favourite Turkish soups

Pumpkin goes a long way. So when we made our dessert, we also made a big pan of pumpkin soup.

And, of course, first soup of the season always has to be spicy red lentil soup!


What to say here?

Fethiyespor are absolutely smashing their way through the first half of the season.

So well are they doing that last week the team were third in the list of clubs with the most goals throughout Europe. Third behind Ajax and Bayern Munich!

In Other News


Whilst all of the above has been going on, the belediye (local council) have been busy asphalting the roads of Fethiye.

If you live or holiday on a street that is currently a dusty track or just in a terrible state, they could be en route to you soon.

Household Names

We’re anything but celebrity spotters but…

If someone chooses to go on holiday and they happen to choose the Fethiye area, they chose well. Job title or celebrity status ıs irrelevant.

But for October, we’ll wish a speedy recovery to British actress Sarah Parish who had a nasty fall and fractured her back while holidaying here.

And, yes, guess we all know the news that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have been holidaying in the area on their yachts.

Büyük Boncuklu Fethiye
Looking down on Büyük Boncuklu Koyu, now Sea Me Beach, from the road

Jeff Bezos is said to have helicoptered to Bill’s yacht (anchored at Büyük Boncuklu on the Fethiye peninsula) to celebrate Bill’s birthday.

Like we said, they have good taste in choice of destination.

As do all the other people who have given the Fethiye area – and other regions.

A much needed late summer tourism boost throughout October and into the first part of this month!

That was October. Let’s see what November brings…

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Nick Greenwood

Friday 5th of November 2021

I've just discovered this page, and very good it is to. There is one small thing that may make this page even better.

Once you have reported on the events that has happened, how about a list of up and coming events. This way, for those adverse to looking through Facebook (me) we can think, yes I'd like to go to that. I know its extra work for you but it would be very welcome and worth while.

As an aside, I'm thinking of starting a motorbike club. I did this in the UK. The idea is meet up and have a nice ride to a places that has good food, chat and yarn then make our way home at our own pace. Destinations could be to some ruins, the beach, beauty spots etc. For those who want high milage at high speed this is probably not for you. However it's open to all bring wife's and partners the more the merrier.

Turkey's For Life

Friday 5th of November 2021

hi nick, thanks a lot for your comment. We have an events calendar on the blog that we linked to in this articke. Granted, it doesn't include every last thing - that would be impossible as lots of events are easily missed :) - but we do fill it in when we can. Here's the link: Sure you'd have some takers for your motorbike club. :)

Diane Conti

Thursday 4th of November 2021

I am interested in renting an unfurnished apartment in the town centre on an annual basis, not for holiday. Is there an agency you can suggest? I am living in Turkey since 1990 and have dual nationality.

Turkey's For Life

Friday 5th of November 2021

Hi Diane, we've never had dealings with any of the rental firms or estate agencies sorry. You might be better asking in some of the local Facebook groups. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.