Weather in Fethiye Bad? Go Bowling

As usual, we had a different post planned for today but we’ve just got back from an afternoon of ten pin bowling with friends so we’re going to give that a mention instead. Everyone associates going abroad for their holidays with sun, sea, beaches, swimming pools and a bit of sightseeing thrown in. But sometimes, all doesn’t go according to plan and you get those days where it just absolutely pees down all day. You’re bored, the kids are bored and the bowling alley could be the answer to your prayers!
Fethiye Bowling

Fluorescent lighting at the bowling alley

We normally go to Kumsal Bowling in Ölüdeniz but there’s also a bowling alley in Fethiye (called ‘Fethiye Bowling’ originally enough) and that’s where we’ve been today. It’s just across the road from Tansaş on the main road to Çalış. The Sahilden dolmus between Fethiye and Çalış goes right past it so it’s easy to get to. I’ve really enjoyed it today because I scored over 100 – a rarity for me – so it’s always going to be a little happy memory for me now. As well as the bowling lanes, it’s also got two of those fantastic air hockey games that you used to see everywhere in the ’80s and a couple of decent pool tables and a billiard table.

Fethiye bowling

Ladies beware…

In summer it’s about 5 lira per game, per person. You can get drinks in there as well but we’ve slipped up today. We didn’t ask the price of an Efes beer! I’m not concentrating because I’m not drinking alcohol in the week. We had a çay (Turkish tea). What’s the world coming to at all?

So, if you’re on your holidays in the area and the Fethiye weather isn’t behaving as it should, you can save your sanity by going for a game of bowling and after that…well, you’re just going to have to find a good bar and get comfy!

(A word of warning to the ladies: Choose the colour of your underwear carefully! Look at the lighting in the photo and you’ll understand why.)

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  1. Hiya,

    How long has that been there? Our apartment is a 5 minute walk and I didn’t realise it was there even though we do shopping at Tansas lol

  2. Howdo?

    It’s been there about eighteen months or so – we reckon. It’s not too noticeable though when you are trying to cross that road in front of it! You might be chuffed to hear that there’s a Pork Shop opened a few doors down as well!


  3. Thanks for that. Does that mean I won’t have to bring my sos and bacon over 🙂

  4. Might save you a few bob if you do tho…

  5. Oh it sounds amazing!

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