Ambling along the Karagözler, Fethiye

The weather in Fethiye has been perfect today so this afternoon, we decided to go for a walk along the Karagözler. We love to look at all the fishing boats, yachts and gülets and also the boat yard, which is really busy at this time of year. Many of the boats are being put back in the water now – another little sign that the summer season is slowly approaching.
Fethiye hotels Turkey

The new Yacht Classic Hotel

A while back, we did a post about different Fethiye hotels along the Karagözler that are being renovated. Work is still going on at pace on the Mediteran Hotel (update: this hotel is now Marina Vista) and the Yeni Yacht Hotel (update: this hotel is now the Yacht Classic). The top photo is of Yeni Yacht and it’s starting to look very posh inside. It looks like the heavy deconstruction and construction is finished now and tiles and paint are being done. The wooden scaffolding you can see seems to be there solely for the workmen to climb and dangle from in various precarious positions while they paint the nooks and crannies. Rather them than us. The Mediteran Hotel is pretty hidden behind corrugated metal fencing so we can’t see too much. The new roof is on (it’s looking higher) and they’ve made the swimming pool into one of the overflow ones rather than one where the water doesn’t quite reach the top.

Ece Saray Resort Hotel Fethiye Turkey

The Ece Saray swimming pool

And we just had to post this second photo. Is this the first hotel in Fethiye to fill its swimming pool? And more to the point, who in their right mind is going to use it in this weather? Well, it’s not being heavily used in this photo is it? Granted, it is lovely weather at the moment…but it’s lovely Spring weather. We’re only just venturing back into the world of t-shirts and are at least two months away from braving a dip in the water. Anyway, this swimming pool belongs to the Ece Saray Resort Hotel and if they’ve filled it purely for ornamental reasons, it was a good idea because it looks great and summery.

I took scores of other photos yesterday while we were wandering around. We’l put them in a future post because there’s lots of little improvements going on around Fethiye at the moment that we might not have noticed if we hadn’t seen them happening. Too much to write about and not enough days to squash it all in.

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