Bowling in Fethiye – Tree Tops Bowling Club, Çalış

Update 2012 – Treetops Bowling is no longer open but there are now other bowling clubs elsewhere in Çalış.

I’ve already done a post about bowling in Fethiye but this is a different kind of bowling. Not ten pin bowling but bowling of the outdoor variety. The sort that pops up on telly sometimes.

Calis Fethiye Bowling

Tree Tops Bowling

We spent a very pleasant afternoon down at the bowling club yesterday afternoon – sitting in the gentle, sunny breeze with a glass of wine and soda, getting burned without realising and watching the members play a league game. The club’s called Tree Tops and although we’re not part of it, we know Mike who loves bowling and has pushed and pushed to get all this set up. A job well done too – all green loveliness, a bar (always a winner) and there’s a swimming pool as well which should be filled in the summer months.

Crown green bowling in Turkey Being a northerner like us, Mike likes his Crown Green bowling (where the green has a gentle hump or slope) as opposed to flat green bowling. So the crown green is up and running and Mike is taking great pleasure in coaching all the ‘flat green’ players in how to play real bowls. Apparently, this is the first crown green in the whole of Turkey, as well. A claim to fame for Çalış. The flat green is being built at the moment for those who just can’t face the conversion process. Didn’t realise there was such a difference between the two codes, personally.

They were playing a mini-league game yesterday afternoon, hence the yellow t-shirts, and they’ve got quite a few members now so it had been divided into two days. Yesterday was more for the beginners. All very good-natured if anyone fancies going down there or if you fancy joining. Oh, and if you’re living here and a bit shy about joining something new, this might be the place for you. We only went down to visit Mike and have a little mooch around and we were hoping to slope in and out unnoticed. Before we knew it, we’d been shown to the bar, had the future plans of the club explained to us, taken to the green, shown the new benches and had a couple of chairs brought for us to sit on to watch the games – and Mike wasn’t even there at that point!

If you do want to join, they have got plans to do bowling holidays and the like so they’re hoping to go abroad to play other clubs and then get clubs from abroad to come to Turkey to play. Should be great once that’s all up and running…of course it’s already great.

If you just fancy having a nosey about like we did, the most direct route we know to get to Tree Tops is to get on the new main road out of Çalış, going in the Dalaman direction. Take the immediate right after the bridge, just before the Pelin Hotel. The river should now be on your right and after about 200 metres, you’ll see another bridge on your right. Cross that and turn left so the river is now on your left. The Tree Tops bowling club is another 200 metres or so ahead on your right, just after a group of lemon coloured villas. You’ll see the gateway, little whitewashed chalets and the swimming pool. That’s Tree Tops.

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  1. that looks like an incredible amount of fun, like giant marbles!

  2. @ Anonymous: Yes, I guess you could call it that. 🙂 Very popular in the UK, bowling.

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