Fethiye Harbour: Strolling Phase 3 Towards Çalış

Well, that’s a bit of a misleading title as ‘strolling’ is currently impossible along the stretch of Fethiye harbour now known as Phase 3. Yesterday, battling a bracing breeze, we went out with camera and picked our way through rubble, diggers, steamrollers, piles of stones, workmen and traffic that insists on taking this (closed) route instead of just cruising down the parallel main road.

This traffic situation is a phenomenon that remains incomprehensible to our brains no matter how long we live in Turkey. Cruise along a main road or crawl through mass construction at a painfully slow rate, smashing bits off the bottom of your expensive car in the process. Main road every time for us – but each to their own, as they say.

Fethiye To Çalış New Harbour Road

Looking back towards Fethiye

Anyway, on with the construction of the remainder of the coastline between Fethiye and Çalış. We like to do the odd post such as this on occasion, like this one we did about Phase 2 last April. Christmas and New Year have passed, people’s minds have turned to summer holidays and so it’s good to see what’s in the pipeline for summer arrivals. Well, pavements, cobbled roads and parking bays galore. That’s what’s in the pipeline. Great stuff!

Fethiye Harbour Road

Parking bays and pavements

It’s amazing how much the whole area is opening up just from the creation of a few straight lines created by kerbstones. These houses above used to be hidden behind dense oleander growth, but this is all gone and they now overlook the sea. Some home owners may not be best pleased at being on full show to all, but aesthetically speaking, it looks neat, tidy…and we’re just big fans of open space.

Fethiye To Çalış - Coastline Work

It’s a big job

As you can see, there’s much to be done before Fethiye harbour developments are complete. The workmen were even busy all day on New Year’s Day, a bank holiday in Turkey. It’s exciting to watch because shapes are changing daily. And the most pleasing part about the harbour developments? Look at the sky in the photo above…

Harbour Work - Fethiye To Çalış

Kerbstones mark out the road

…And in this photo, too. What’s missing? …Oh the joy to watch the deconstruction of the overhead electricity cables. There are those who think the coastline along this stretch of Fethiye should have been left well alone – but surely no one can argue that clear, vast, open sky isn’t better than thick, buzzing cables (because they did buzz!) overhead.

Many a photograph in our Fethiye archives has been ruined by a cable cutting straight through the scenery. Many is the hour I’ve sat with photo editing software, airbrushing out a cable that went unnoticed at the time of taking the photo. Well no more in this part of Fethiye! The cables have been run underground and the concrete poles and cables are disappearing, one by one.

New Harbour Construction Work, Fethiye To Çalış

The sea will be connected to the new harbour for small boats

Now, last year, a mini marina suddenly appeared next to the sea between Fethiye and Çalış. Except, this mini marina wasn’t connected to the sea. Well, this is the process to unite it with the sea. A much bigger task than we assumed! We’re watching this one with interest.

And further along, still? At the moment, there is no work going on along the final stretch towards Çalış – and what the plans are, we have no idea. But up to this point, where the new mini marina is, almost everyone now has new drains, cobbled side streets and pavements, parking bays and underground electricity…and, for now at least, the construction teams are hard at it, all day every day. Happy days! Looks as though Fethiye harbour is going to make it onto our Fethiye Must Sees & Dos page some time soon…

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  1. we must be ‘modern’!

  2. @ Alan: We’re just glad to see the back of Fethiye’s overhead cables. Such a blot on any landscape.

  3. I don’t even recognise which part of Fethiye this is which shows how much it’s changed since the 1980s when I visited regularly.

  4. @ BacktoBodrum: It’s changing all the time. This is the stretch of coast between Fethiye and Çalış that used to be reeds and wetland. One bit of it is protected so hope it stays that way. 🙂

  5. The last time I was in Fethiye was in 1995! Am coming to stay in Calis Beach this summer, so it is interesting to see the progress that is being made. Please continue to keep us all updated, as I’m looking forward to strolling in the evening summer breeze between Fethiye and Calis.

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