Your 2013 Summer Holiday – Fethiye Is Waiting For You

It’s an inevitable question:

As a nation, the British people generally love to travel abroad, whether that’s for an annual fortnight in the sun or a more long-term affair. Summer holidays are generally booked well in advance and the countdown begins, every day at work…only 55 more get ups…54 more get ups…7 more sleeps and I’ll be in Turkey…

And then something happens; something that no one can ever give a start date for so that you can plan your travel around it (whether that’s to make sure you’re there or not there at the time). In Turkey, resistance has happened – uncountable people taking to the streets, overwhelmingly peacefully, to demonstrate against the government. Social media channels are flooded with updates and photographs about protests in the bigger cities all around the country – some photos make you laugh, some are inaccurate or misleading, some disturb, many enhance your faith in humankind…all of them make me teary.

A Peaceful Fethiye Harbour

Fethiye’s still here

The social media updates are there for all to see, but we’re not too sure what commentary and images you’re seeing in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Whatever you’re seeing and hearing, we’ve received a few messages and comments recently with the inevitable (and understandable) question: Is it still safe for me to come to Fethiye?

Well, we’re here. We’re in Fethiye. You can never guarantee anyone’s safety at any given time and the last few days have changed nothing as far as your holiday is concerned. The same familiar faces, the beaches, the views, the bars and restaurants are all still here. And the risks to your safety are still the same – standing on sea urchins, sunstroke, stumbling from the bottom step of a bar after a few too many – are ones that immediately spring to mind.

Cafe Park Teras, Fethiye

Fethiye, last Saturday evening, from Cafe Park Teras

These are the times we’re living in right now. If you’re a regular visitor to this area of Turkey, you won’t notice anything different – and the same can be said for much of the country. Certainly, no one is ignoring what’s going on, and the people of Fethiye have held their own very peaceful demonstrations in support, but daily life goes on in the town’s streets, hotels and restaurants. Fethiye is waiting for you, just as it always has been, and needs your support.

  • Most of the daily demonstrations – the ones that are making international news – are taking place in Istanbul (Taksim and Beşiktaş), Ankara (around Kızılay) and Izmir.
  • For British nationals travelling to Turkey, keep yourself up to date with the latest Turkey travel advice from the foreign office. As we write, it reads: “We advise British nationals to avoid all demonstrations.”
  • And if anything does change in the Fethiye area in particular, and we know about it, we’ll let you know.

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  1. Despite the demonstrations in the larger cities, Turkey remains one of the safest holiday destinations around. I really hope the disturbances, important as they are for Turkey as a nation, won’t put people off.

  2. Great post guys! As anywhere, use common sense and you’ll be fine. In Istanbul, tourists are recommended to avoid the Taksim and Besiktas areas where the protests have been taking place. Otherwise, friends say Sultanahmet has been quiet, and unfortunately, it does seem like some people have cancelled their Turkey trips. 🙁

  3. Well said and very timely! Nothing better than getting a local’s perspective – and it is you for Fethiye!: ) Such a great country, deserves to be explored and enjoyed – thanks for this.

  4. @ Jack Scott: So important for Turkey as a nation. People understandably get put off because all they see in the media is the demonstrations and not Turkey continuing to function in the meantime.

    @ Joy: Thanks. 🙂 That’s why we did the post. We know people who run companies who are getting cancellations.

  5. @ Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Thanks. Means a lot coming from you. 🙂

  6. We are due to come to Turkey for a month in just three weeks time. We are to be in Istanbul for a few days and then down to the Dalaman area. We have no plans to cancel our trip. Turkey is a wonderful country and a little common sense is all that is needed.

  7. If I had the means, I’d be on a plane tomorrow. Missing Fethiye.

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